Thursday, August 02, 2007

I Have No Rights, but I Do Have the Gospel Jerry Bridges

I have known Jerry Bridges for a number of years; and there is no one one the evangelical horizon who speaks with such humility, biblical-grace based sanctification, and authenticity. He is the featured speaker on our first AudienceONE Cruise coming this January 20-27, 2008 called The Worship Centered-Life.

Listen to this powerful video for so much of it verbalizes the heart and soul of this ministry.

In the Gospel of His Grace,
Gal. 6:14


gigantor1231 said...


I love this, all for Jesus and nought for me. I will gladly give my rights for the King, He is worthy, He is more than worthy. His Gospel is all that I need!
This reminds me of my friend Brian and his wife Haley. Brian was burned over 97% of his body, third degree burns. He has no arms, no legs, and he is blind. Confined to a wheelchair and dependent upon the mercy of others. I have never heard Brian demand his rights, I honestly have never heard Brian complain. I envy Brian in some ways, he is one of the blessed people that I know.

donsands said...

Jerry is a fine writer. My favorite book is "The Discipline of Grace".

" learn to "preach the gospel to yourself" every day, and the joy and strength of knowing your sins are forgiven and sin's dominion is broken, press on to become holy as He is holy."

This was a blessing for me. I have never heard him before.
Thanks for sharing this.

Unknown said...

I'm trying to find out if he teaches a Sunday School class in Colorado Springs because we'll be in the Springs in a few weeks. We would love to attend. If you have any leads could you email me?