Sunday, August 24, 2008

DO YOU SPEAK OBAMA? dee ba dee ba dee, that's all folks!

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Anonymous said...


I wonder if CAROL MARIN, Sun-Times Columnist has seen this.

She wrote today:

But Obama is a guy, wide smile and well-crafted message notwithstanding, who seems to give the electorate more of his head than of his heart. And though, lord knows, after George Bush we need a president with a head, the heart part is not incidental.

The media salivating over this guy is too much.

Only Look said...
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Only Look said...

That's funny.

This is funnier:


Jus passin the fun on:-)

KarensFaith said...

That was funny and only look, that one was hilarious! Thanks!


Kurt Michaelson said...

He stutters an awful lot when he doesn't have a script in front of him or a telepromter.

If he could only speak with such conviction about the Holy Bible as he does about "change we can believe in!"

Rick Frueh said...

Barak Obama is a decent guy who has made something of himself starting with some real disadvantages.Don't be too hard on him, he's just lost.

We as believers can watch as the soveign God works his will in the world, and do not be surprised if God lifts Obama into the presidency. That is not our worry, our calling will still be the gospel of Jesus Christ the only REAL agent of change!

Anonymous said...

Barak Obama is a decent guy

I don't think decent guys support Obamacide.

Rick Frueh said...

Stan - you are correct in that this "murder a living baby" is utterly barbaric. I did not believe it could get any is worse.

Anonymous said...

Sad times. And we (the USA collectively) have the audacity to look down our noses at Nazi Germany.

SJ Camp said...

When life begins is a simple thing: it begins at conception. If it doesn't, then why take the pill? If it doesn't, then why wear a condom? Barack is morally confused on this issue.

No wonder he doesn't reach out to his brother in Africa who is living on 1 dollar a month? Life is only a four letter word for this presidential candidate. IMHO.

littlegal_66 said...

Did you guys catch the cut to Rick Warren at about :41? He has this expression on his face as though he's struggling to follow what Obama's saying and as though he's thinking: "Just say what you want to say, man! (For crying out loud, I feel like I'm talking to Bob Newhart or something)."

P.R.E.Z. said...

This was funny. But the Never Gonna Give You Up mash...funnier. :-)

The Truth Manifesto

thekingpin68 said...

From up here in BC it seems Obama is stating similar material to Kerry and Gore, but he has a style and look that is more popular.

For me a truly Christian politician should at least state, 'I think abortion on demand is wrong', even if he or she acknowledges that a majority of persons support abortion on demand and therefore it is law, such as in Canada I would deduce. For Obama to think that women that reason in personal cases abortion on demand is fine, thus makes the process morally acceptable, is to miss the importance God places on human life. The commandment (Exodus 20: 13) states that one should not commit murder as God does not want persons making decisions on life which should be left to God alone.




satire and theology

Anonymous said...

Good points.

Murderers will not inherit the Kingdom of God.