Saturday, August 23, 2008



gigantor1231 said...


This is no surprise, Brian McClaren is a un Godly false teacher and that is oh so clear. So, why would it be a surprise or concern to you that he would endorse Obama?
Look, the bottom line is that God is sovereign! Brian McClaren and all of his ungodly cohorts can make all the noise they want. Same with Rick Warren, he can beat his false little drum as well but the bottom line is that God will have his chosen man or woman in the place of leadership in the end. We need to pray for wisdom that God will direct, if we so choose to vote, in how to cast that vote in our crooked system.

The Blainemonster said...

Wow. No surprises here, I guess. gigantor1231 has it right: God directs the affairs of men and nations and in the end will have the man He chooses in office.

Rick Frueh said...

What will have an impact upon the inhabitants of this land are bold, humble, and separated men of God preaching and heralding the everlasting gospel with passion and sacrifice. That is the calling of the Holy Spirit in these desperate days.

Politics? Straightening the tie on a corpse.

SJ Camp said...

McLaren is not only a political liberal, but theologically unorthodox on many of his convictions. When one like him denies eternal hell, original sin, penal substitutionary atonement, justification by faith alone, the veracity, authority and exclusivity of Scripture, etc. - it is fair to say that this man is outside the purview of historic, biblical Christianity and must be treated as a nonbeliever. Too many cardinal and essential doctrines surrounding the faith he either denies or puts into question.

AND, these are his words which we can document and evaluate.

Per the "other pastor" - this is simply not the case.

SJ Camp said...

Politics? Straightening the tie on a corpse.

Quote of the day!

Only Look said...

Wow! The emergents truly are emerging with the Obamanation. Truly a spiritual force of Lucifer as an angel of light is deluding minds and casting spells on those deceived to believe lies. Of course I am not surprised either but I am surprised today at the level of broad acceptance that is occuring even among other conservative evangelicals that are being polled and are considering voting for Obama.

Grace upon grace,


gigantor1231 said...


So according to you Warren is still a brother even with his unabashed torture of the Word of God, his continual proclamation that God is pleased with those that are unregenerate if they are doing what God has created them for, of course not mentioning that apart from Christ fulfilling what you are created for is impossible!
Warren proclaims a new and false Gospel. Warren continually omits the need for repentance and lordship and his ecumenism, even to the point of unifying with Muslim idolaters, is undisputed. To be frank with you I see little difference between Rick and Brian and it would not shock me to see them share the same pulpit proclaiming similar or the same doctrines. Then again, what can I say? It seems that you have chosen to overlook these heinous blemishes.
Obviously McLaren is antichrist in his doctrine and teaching, which I think speaks volumes with regards to his endorsement of Obama. Obama might as well accept the endorsement of the devil himself, hmmm, maybe he has!

John Kuvakas said...

I agree with Steve on this one concerning Warren. I don't agree with very much of what he says and does but I don't question his salvation. Paul did not deny Peter was saved when Peter fell into some bad teaching, he gently but with authority corrected him. I just don't see Warren denying the fundamentals of the faith the way McLaren does.

Anonymous said...

Warren may not out right deny the fundamentals of the faith, but he waters them down, distorts them, and perverts them to the point that they are meaningless. It has been said, and proven I think, that the best way to deceive, is to present information that has 90% truth, and 10% lies. Just a little leaven....
Only God knows his heart and his salvation. But he will be held accountable for all the false converts he's responsible for. Tamara Hertzel did a fantastic meticulous expose on Warren and the PDC paradigm called "In The Name Of Purpose", it's an ebook, and I highly recommend it. Here's a link:

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the link I provided is not coming up in it's entirety. If you'll do a search on Tamara and In the name of purpose, it should come up.

Also I wanted to say that when Paul corrected Peter, Peter allowed himself to BE corrected, and brought back to the correct teaching. Rick Warren does not do this, and goes so far as to say that detractors of the Purpose Driven program should leave, and he does some name calling of those of us who are bereans. If anyone is not seeing Warren denying the fundmentals of the faith, then I would suggest they do some more research.

gigantor1231 said...

S.J. and Y'all

Forgive me for getting off topic here but I feel that it is necessary to leave one final explanation as to my comments about Rick Warren. Although closer to topic, I do not see that there is a huge distinction between Warren and McLaren, I just see McLaren as more transparent and clear about what he believes.
As I have said countless times, I have never said that Warren is not saved, although that is what has been insinuated by Steve and others. What I have said is that I do not know the state of Warren's heart before God, I do not know if he is saved or unsaved now and I do not know the future state of his salvation. I simply refuse to call a man a brother who lies and distorts the truth, P.D.L. stands on it's own as proof with respect to twisted scripture, syncretism with worldly philosophies etc.... I will treat him as if he is unsaved and my prayers for him will be in that direction. I also will do all that I can to discourage others from following his teachings because his teachings are false!
If you want Warren as your brother then you hold to him as such. I will continue to warn others of what he is and what it is that he stands for. You need to keep in mind that you bare a certain amount of responsibility for giving credibility to a man who blatantly twists the word of God, via eisagesis etc., for his and his ministries own purposes!

Chris said...

Yes, Obama will stand for your family. Even if the family decides they want to kill the newest member while still in the womb (or out of the womb if the little critter survives the abortion attempt).

That these so-called Pastors endorse this savage is beyond me. Just absolutely appaling. You cannot be a Christian and support infanticide.