Thursday, July 21, 2005


Dear Blogionados:

It has been a joy in the past three weeks of being in the blogoshpere to interact and "meet" with so many of you. I have enjoyed every minute of it--even when the "heat is on." I do read every comment even though I don’t post to every comment.

Some of you have asked me about the rules for this blog... I haven't posted any so far for a couple of reasons: 1. there is an "understood ethic" when entering "blogland" pertaining to "commenting" and I didn't think there was the need to rehash; 2. Phil Johnson has some excellent rules on his site which I echo wholeheartedly at CampOnThis as well and I didn't think it necessary to reinvent the wheel; 3. the need hasn't arisen so far and I think that most, if not all of you, have honored a godly attitude in content and tone.

But for those who want to know my rules, here they are:

1. Keep on topic--this is not a chat room;

2. No cursing allowed

3. No character assassinations of a personal nature allowed. Keep it topical, keep it biblical;

4. No anonymous posting allowed. If some of you have not filled out your profile, please do so. If you don't have a profile filled out and a real name behind the "blogname" with bio completed, you will not be allowed to post in the future and all current posts with "your name" attached will be deleted. (Please have this completed by the end of tomorrow evening, Friday the 22nd-thank you).

5.. No posting in "book form;" say what you need to say, but keep it a reasonable length. It will foster better discussion and allow more to contribute. (A few shorter comments encourage further discussion than writing one very long comment.)

6. Your thoughts on any given topic on this blog are very welcomed, but must be posted in the form of an actual comment, not as a link, in the comment section following each article. "Links" posted as comments to redirect people from the discussion of an issue away from this blog is unacceptable and will be deleted immediately.

7. I reserve the right to delete any post that is not honoring to the above.

8. Lastly, all that is said and shared here I hope will bring glory and honor the Lord, encourage each other in the Word, spur us all on to "love and good works."

Grace and peace to you all...
Let the games continue!
Col. 1:9-14


Bhedr said...

10-4 do we all then get a mulligan for Monday? Thanks

Jus Divinum said...

I just want to say that, despite the lengthy exchange on the other thread, I highly respect Mr. Camp as a Christian musician, and I can hardly find a better example of theologically sound contemporary Christian music, than him. He is extremely gifted and blessed of God in this area.

Although Michael Card is definitely up there too :-)

Jus Divinum said...

Oops, correction. Mr. Camp is an example of a Christian _musician_, not "music". I don't literally think he's a soundwave or something :-)

SJ Camp said...

Dear Jus:

Thank you brother... that means a great deal to me. I appreciate those kind words. Been a trying day...


PS - Mulligans for everyone! :-)

Jeremy Weaver said...

Is it I?:-)

Jeremy Weaver said...

I think Phil is ready to add another rule on his comments. Do not comment in book form. Outline is fine.

johnMark said...

Steve, you are a wonderful example of a Christian musician because he truly is a Christian muscian and not just a musician who is a Christian. Your theological soundness shines through in your music. I wish more Christian musicians had a better understanding of Scriptures so we would not have all of these "God is my girlfriend" songs. I learned that phrase from you on the cruise. =)

You also give a great and worshipful concert. I look forward to seeing you soon.

God bless you,

littlegal_66 said...

Aye, Aye, Captain Campi.

(Rule Number 6 scares me; I will have to select just the right syntax in future comments.)