Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Eye'll Be Watching U

Eye've been spending so much time at meye computer lately responding to emails; comments on the blog; working on the website; writing songs; composing a new CD; reading commentaries; working on a book or two; & daily visiting my top 25 news agencies and dozen blogsites every day to stay current, that eye think eye'm suffering from a slight case of eye fatigue. Some rest and new reading glasses would help ease the strain possibly. What do you think?

Music really relaxes me. Some "old school R&B" or classical is very cool. Jazz is also a must from teyeme to teyeme. And Springsteen always finds a way in the mix of it all somehow. Treyeing hard to find some relief to the "7.2 on the Richter Scale" headache eye'm having right now by gently singing to meyeself some of meye favorite songs: "My Eyes Adore You"; "Eye'll Be Watching U"; "Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue"; "Eye'll Be There"; "Eye'll Take You There"; "Eye'll See You In September"; and my favorite--the Partridge Family classic... "Eye Think Eye Love You." Who among us just doesn't love David Cassidy?

Well, keep on fellow blogentators... Great to be in the "eye" of the storm with you all. Here's to putting the "fun" back into dysfunctional.

PS - Do you think some Visine will help this?


mrclm said...

Why doesn't anyone add the "dys" back into dysfunctional anymore? I've been specializing on adding the "ion" back in myself...

Big Chris
Because I said so

Bhedr said...

Eyes baby! Eyes!

That picture can't be real can ut?

Eye don't know. Maybe eye will go look in the mirror.

It hurts as I meditate on it!???

theinscrutableone said...

Eye most certainly emphatize with you, Steve! :-)

Incidentally, I appreciate your mention of the Partridge Family. I was a big fan of the show when it first came out (Danny Partridge was one of my earliest role models, I'm sorry to say, but my excuse is that I was only ten years old myself :-) ), and lately I've been enjoying the Season One DVD set that came out a few weeks ago. Sure, the lip-synching is pathetic, but the acting is not bad at all and the show is very clean compared with today's garbage. The most noteworthy episode so far: the Partridge Family goes to church on Sunday and meets a folk singer who's singing a song that mentions Jesus by name. No, the episode isn't exactly a strong witness for the Gospel, but the fact that a popular network sitcom of 1970 could show the stars going to church _and_ mention Jesus is such a contrast with today's Christianity-free media environment.

fade out

Eye think Eye love you...



littlegal_66 said...

Campi posted:
"Music really relaxes me. Some 'old school R&B' or classical is very cool. Jazz is also a must from teyeme to teyeme. And Springsteen always finds a way in the mix of it all somehow."

Yes, I'm in agreement on that point- vintage R&B, classical, and jazz all have "charms to soothe a savage beast" (and no, I'm not calling Steve a savage beast!) : ) As for Springsteen, it has to be "old school Springsteen" for this Boss listener--"Hungry Heart," "Dancin' in the Dark," "Fire,"--(sigh) those were the days. I can really kick back with any of the above music; but please, please, spare me the country, rap, or new age stuff. (In fact, I'd rather suffer through a root canal with no novocaine than listen to the latter two.)

And also, Campi posted:
"and my favorite--the Partridge Family classic... 'Eye Think Eye Love You.' Who among us just doesn't love David Cassidy?"

Funny Campi should mention David Cassidy--I just last week acquired the newly-released CD: "Come On Get Happy!: The Very Best of the Partridge Family." (My personal favorite? "Stephanie," of course!)

Have a good evening, all. It sounds like most of us could use some rest.

Bill said...

yikes....that picture weirded me out severely...

Jeremy Weaver said...

'Shock-Rock' really relaxes me.:-)

Wyman Richardson said...

Good night that picture hurts!

Eye think eye may be sick.

Bhedr said...

Eagles anyone?

"Welcome to the Blogtel can check out anytime you like; but you can never leave"

Phew pray for me guys I think I'm becoming a victim of my own device.Maybe tomorrow I'll step away and give it a rest for a while. Just one more read and one more comment please please.