Monday, December 29, 2008

CHRISTMAS TIME of my favorite Larry Norman songs

HT: Tom Ascol


Repent and Believe said...

My hope is that this mind would also be in us that we would love the Christ more than the holiday which bares his name. That we would constantly keep the incarnation and the reason for it before all men everywhere until we are called to glory.

SJ Camp said...


littlegal_66 said...

What have Wii done to Christmastime?


Beethovensings said...

I didn't put ornaments on my tree this year...never got around to it. The lights on my house were not even half done, my son having lost interest or run out of time. We exchanged presents (the few there were) on the 22nd. It was the best Christmas ever!! It was Christermasgiving. To think, the angels actually REJOICED over the Holy Birth, even though they knew the pain and suffering that was to come. It boggles the mind; it secures the heart.

Beethovensings said...

You know, we didn't have many presents this year because we couldn't afford it. But it really simplified things. And exchanging presents early gave plenty of time to ponder the profundities of His amazingness.

SJ Camp said...

You know, we didn't have many presents this year because we couldn't afford it. But it really simplified things.

Same at my home too. The slogan for this year was: lean trees, but full hearts!

Beethovensings said...

I liked it better that way!! My kids were great about it, too. A precedent has been set: Here's to lean trees and full hearts...Happy Christermasgiving and God bless us everyone.

Anonymous said...

Larry Norman had some really good messages in his music, saw him a couple times in concert and really enjoyed it.

This year I was moving from one City to the other, its the first time my wife and I actually did nothing for Christmas, not even a present swap.

I did see lots of presents being purchased as I am a General Manager in the largest electronics retailer in North America lol.

I think the History Channel did a great job in their presentation of "The History of Christmas", you can watch it here >>>

I like the holiday but I think I would lean more towards the puritans take on it.

SJ Camp said...

Thank you for the link to the History Channel. They usually do great work and I will look forward to watching that documentary.

Candleman said...

Wow... can I thought I had heard just about every Larry Norman song there is, until I listened to this. Great tune... never heard it before. For anyone interested, here are some more Larry Norman Christmas Tunes


Derek Joseph said...

Wow, I'd never heard Larry Norman before. Good stuff. Reminds me of the Stones.

Littlegal, I have a Wii. And I like it. :)

Bob said...

About ten years ago I came across an article accusing Larry Norman of living in a homosexual lifestyle. Is there any truth to this?

SJ Camp said...

I have never heard that before ever and to me it would be a lie and an attack against Larry.

I am not sure the publication you read it in, but It seems that there are those in the Christian community who have nothing better to do with their time than write gossip about others.

Don't know if you are aware of this or not, but here in the south, gossip - by many is considered a spiritual gift. Very sad indeed and will not be furthered on this blog.

To All: in the future, questions of this sort should be addressed to me off forum through email.