Tuesday, October 14, 2008

...another failed Obama alliance - he has much to explain

UPDATE: Stanley Kurtz at National Review Online has an excellent article on Obama and his alliances concerning the election. Obama funded extremist Afrocentrists who shared Rev. Wright’s anti-Americanism and as Kurtz said, "it looks like Jeremiah Wright was just the tip of the iceberg." IT IS A MUST READ.


Just when you thought you could trust voter registration organizations to really vet out those "signing up" to participate in the upcoming Presidential election - this kind of blatant fraudulent activity takes place. But Mickey Mouse? The world's most famous mouse WAS actually registered to vote in Florida this past summer. (Personally... I always liked Daffy Duck better.) I guess community organizers DO have something to answer for...

Initially, I thought this was political satire or spin; but no, it is the real thing. Read about it here. This does bring into question again Barack Obama's full on endorsement of ACORN and his $800k that he gave to them to register new voters before the primaries and his legal defense of them several years ago. It is no surprise that ACORN has fully backed Obama for President and it has been suggested by some pundits that they don't register Republicans. Barack has tried several times to Nashville two-step his affiliation with ACORN. The Maverick must confront him at the debate tomorrow night on this issue. If innocent of any conflict of interest, then Obama should be able to give the American people a reasonable defense of his involvement with them and publicly decry such practices as this.


OBAMA at a Heartland Democratic Presidential Forum on December 1, 2007 referring to ACORN when he said:
Yes. But let me say that before I even get inaugurated, during the transition we're going to be calling all of you in to help us shape the agenda. (cheering) We're going to be having meetings all across the country with community organizations so that you have input into the agenda of the next presidency of the United States of America!
Anyone getting just a little bit nervous yet?

Last evening on FOXNEWS, Greta Van Susteren did a powerful interview with a representative from ACORN. With only three weeks to go till the election, this is potentially catastrophic in determining the next President of the United States. This concern is dramatically compounded especially when considering early voting taking place in several key battleground states. Regardless of who wins this election, the integrity of the voter process must be guarded and protected.




Chris said...

I am still waiting for you to start your TBN show called "Camp Fire."

Detoured By Travel said...

We REALLY need to pray for this election...there seems to be no one whom we can fully trust.

Except of course the Judge of all the earth, who will do right in the end...the One for whom our earth is His footstool. Be encouraged brethren, He is still on His throne and nothing any man can say or do will remove His absolute truth.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I have been "on the fence" during this election. I have felt that there is no "clear choice." I have been praying like crazy for wisdom. I realize that I am only one vote among millions, but I want to make sure that I vote according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit through the Word and prayer.

Thanks for keeping us aware of things like this.

Dawg Doc said...

Ok, so now Barack Obama is responsible for the misdeeds of an organization that fraudulently registered fake voters?

Have you applied the same standard to the current administration and its support for the removal of legitimate voters from the rolls? How about protecting the integrity of the voting process from abuse by Republican operatives in 2004 who distributed flyers in poor neighborhoods claiming that democrats had to vote on Wednesday, the day AFTER the election?

My point is: trying to link Obama with ACORN's misdeeds is simply another case of partisanship rising to the top in our politics. We should care about the truth more than we care about Greta Van Susteren's "devastating" spin of the facts.

Let's ask some real questions as Christians. What percentage of the registrations were fraudulent? Was this encouraged by Barack Obama? Did he have knowledge of it? Could he have known? If Obama can be held accountable for the misdeeds of his supporters cannot McCain be held accountable for the liars who support him making claims that Obama is an Arab? Or Palin lying and saying he "pals" around with terrorists?

As Christians we are obligated to tell the truth, the whole truth. Not the version that best matches up with our partisan predispositions.

Unknown said...

Maybe Mickey heard that Obama holds in his grasp the solutions to the world's problems.... increased healthcare costs, for instance.... (Mickey gets led away in cuffs at around :44).

He can dance the “hustle” if he wishes, but this association with ACORN is no casual one. Investor’s Business Daily is reporting that Barack has been involved in ACORN’s leadership training seminars in the past, leading their sessions on “power.” (Whatever that means). Another Obama quote, this from his address to ACORN in November of last year: “I've been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran (the) Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.” Senator McCain missed some opportunities during the last debate; I hope he makes up for it this go-around.

“Anyone getting just a little bit nervous yet?” Oh….gettin’ there…

SJ Camp said...

dawg doc
Drive-by's don't make cases or arguments, they just vent.

such venting has graced my post here today.

Now for reality: these things I have written and documented here is not partisanship, but fact. Refute them; but don't just vent - in oding so you sound like Berry.

These are serious issues facing our nation; and as its citizens we should address them with truth.

Now, let me ask you a question: how can you support "the most extreme pro-abortion candidate ever to seek the office of President of the United States. He is the most extreme pro-abortion member of the United States Senate. Indeed, he is the most extreme pro-abortion legislator ever to serve in either house of the United States Congress...

Yet there are Catholics and Evangelicals—even self-identified pro-life Catholics and Evangelicals—who aggressively promote Obama’s candidacy and even declare him the preferred candidate from the pro-life point of view.

What is going on here?

I have examined the arguments advanced by Obama’s self-identified pro-life supporters, and they are spectacularly weak. It is nearly unfathomable to me that those advancing them can honestly believe what they are saying. But before proving my claims about Obama’s abortion extremism, let me explain why I have described Obama as “pro-abortion” rather than “pro-choice.”
-Robert P. George

Is that issue not disturbing to you? Explain your passion for one who stands against the slaughter of unborn children - even live abortions.

Vote for truth,

Anonymous said...

Steve: After your last comment, I am no longer on the fence. Thanks for making things much clearer for me. How can I possibly vote for a candidate like Obama and call myself a follower of Christ?

SJ Camp said...

dawg doc
As to your questions:

Let's ask some real questions as Christians. What percentage of the registrations were fraudulent?

About 50% or greater the last report I read.

Was this encouraged by Barack Obama?

You would have to say yes; maybe not by direct directive, but by corporate participation and philosophical embrace. He has and continues to support ACORN through CSI AND he has not refuted any such activity from them. It goes to deep to his audacity of hope.

Did he have knowledge of it? Yes. It has been reported for some time now of ACORN's activity - this is not new. He has represented them in court and is on record of granting them a "predisposition of influence" without preconditions to the presidency if he is elected.

Could he have known?
You can't be this naive?

If Obama can be held accountable for the misdeeds of his supporters cannot McCain be held accountable for the liars who support him making claims that Obama is an Arab? Or Palin lying and saying he "pals" around with terrorists?

He has ties to Arab roots AND he does have alliances with those who have damned America in the name of God; who have bombed our government; and have stood for racial divide.

Even economically, he has not called for the firing of Chris Cox; the resignation of Christopher Dodd or Barney Frank. One of his advisors was/is F. Raines who brought about the Fannie/Freddie demise and still made 90 million over the last five years.

And you still think this man if fit for the oval office?

SJ Camp said...


Unknown said...

I have not been able to compel myself to vote for McCain, however, a story I stumbled upon today may change that. It is a story from McCain's time as a POW. After reading this, I respect Senator McCain more than I ever have. Not as a Senator, or future president, but as a Christian. The article can be found here:


Arthur Sido said...

What is disturbing is that many people, faced with Obama's inexperience, far left policies, anti-life stance and dubious associations simply don't care. They think their wallet will benefit from an Obama White House, so it doesn't matter how he wins as long as he socks it to the other guy and gives some dough to me. This election is all about self-interest, country be damned. People are lining up to at the trough for a government handout already.

Only Look said...

If McCain had of been involved in anything like this the liberal media would have been all over it and never giving him a break. Truly the liberals lay burdens on conservatives that they are not willing to bear.

Rick Frueh said...

Against the backdrop of some of the voters I've seen on TV, and the ones I've heard personally, and the ones interviewed after the debates, I find Mickey Mouse to be measured, thoughtful, and quite a well informed voter. Take the confusion of the Star Wars bar room scene, add the sophistication of the first OJ jury, and sprinkle with the ambiance of Woodstock, and - "POOF" - you have much of the American electorate. :)

Susan said...


That was just GREAT!!! I needed a good laugh.

After all I hear and read, God help us all.

"And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings; He gives
wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding."
Daniel 2:21

Praying for our nation like never before!!!

Dawg Doc said...


1) I'm not an Obama supporter

2) I don't do guilt by association.

3) I don't define serving on a board with Bill Ayers, who got $50 million from Republicans...the Annenbergs) as "palling around" or having "ties"

4) ACORN was paid to file voter registrations. I think the Obama camp may have been victimized by them because they paid based on the number of registrations filed.

5) Mickey Mouse won't vote in the next election even if he is registered by ACORN

6)John McCain was very happy to appear at a rally with ACORN officials 2 years ago.

BlueDeacon said...

In context, dawg doc is absolutely right. This flap over ACORN represents a phony charge by the McCain campaign and/or its conservative allies which they would not allege if 1) they weren't polling behind in several swing states, in one of which I live; and 2) most of the people being registered weren't lower class and thus likely to vote for Democrats in general and Obama in particular. This is nothing more than a failed publicity stunt by a desperate political apparatus realistically faced with losing not just this election but power -- it's supposed not really to prove anything (how can you this close to election day?) but simply to create doubt in the voters' minds because it's losing on the issues. That didn't work in 1992 and it won't work today.