Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Drive-By Comments
don't hit and run post; make the case, honor the rules, and engage

I have a great appreciation for the internet and thus, the blogosphere. It is an excellent tool for communicating truth; and in specific, the biblical worldview on all matters of life and godliness. It is the new media; up to date information; interactive; and provides instant verification of facts, knowledge and assertions foreign to previous generations.

The blogosphere doesn't allow someone to hide behind the convenience of an ivory tower self-protectionism (old school media). All are fair game; all are venerable. This is not a place for cowards or the too sensitive. If you're going to state your views and make a case on any number of issues be prepared to be challenged, affirmed, scrutinized, scorned, given the occasional cheap shot, passed around the blogosphere in forums, discussion boards, and chat rooms.

But as Christians, we have a higher standard than that to uphold, don't we? We are here representing Christ and His truth. We must watch our life and doctrine closely; instruct in sound doctrine and refute those who contradict; and to speak the truth in love. I really do like this venue for the exchange of ideas between Christians, the advancement of the gospel, and dialoging from a clear biblical worldview.

But as with all great media tools, there are some who abuse it and make it difficult for the whole. Because of some people lately that have not complied with the spirit nor the rules of this blog, they have forced me to reevaluate the rules of engagement that I originally listed to insure and protect the integrity of this site. These rules were established in order to promote and further Christian discussion from a biblical worldview and to provide an atmosphere where in these familiar words we can pursue: "in the essentials, unity; in the nonessentials, liberty; and in all things charity."

If you have not read the rules of engagement on this blog before, take a moment to familiarize yourself with them. I am listing them below so no one can say that "they were not aware" or didn't know the meaning of the word "anonymous."

95% of you have respected this blog, its host, and the orthodox theological/biblical views presented here and I do apologize for having to put you through these unnecessary hoops. I appreciate your patience and understanding and hope that I will not have to address this issue again.

Rules of Engagement:
1. Keep on topic--this is not a chat room.

2. No gratuitous cursing--our speech should be seasoned with grace.

3. No character assassinations by making unwarranted slurs about ones personal life.

4. No anonymous posting allowed. For those who are "confused" about what "no anonymous posting" means let me help you: you must fill out and complete the Blogger bio form on all the essentials completely (first name only is acceptable-last name can be included at your own discretion, valid email, etc.) AND, you may only post under one name at a time--no multiple "nicks."

5.. No posting in "book form;" say what you need to say in a reasonable length

6. All posts must be in the form of an actual comment; no, "links only" comment allowed

7. No drive-by posting allowed. Say what you will, but be ready to be challenged and to support your views and/or claims; or simply do not post.

8. Titus 1:9 says, "instruct in sound doctrine and refute those who contradict." Though I allow diverse discussion to take place here, unsound doctrine will be confronted fearlessly and error will be refuted relentlessly when it is expressed.

9. Any current posts, past posts, and/or all future posts in any article(s) will be deleted at my sole discretion that are not honoring to the above

10. Lastly, all that is written here is to bring glory to the Lord; equip believers to think biblically; spur fellowship in Christ; proclaim the gospel of sola fide; edify those who participate; and strengthen the local church

So with that said, let us continue on in this "conversation of faith" from the Word of God about everything pertaining to life and godliness. I am honored to engage with the many who frequent this blog... To God be the glory... amen?

I appreciate you all.
2 Cor. 4:5-7


4given said...

Yikes. My last post had a link to a hymn. I sincerely apologize.

SJ Camp said...

4given< You're fine. Some people have posted by using a "link only" listing--usually promoting their own blog or the attempt to direct traffic away from the discussion taking place here to their own site.

BUT, a link within the context of a comment is permissible.

I always appreciate your posts; they are biblical and theological. Keep on...

Col. 1:9-14

Mike Ratliff said...

Steve I really appreciate your ministry and this blog. I have been sort of hit or miss on my comments because of the trepedation of getting clobbered in a feeding frenzy simply for making a comment. I will try to be more diligent. Along these lines I was wanting to comment on your last post, but I didn't have time to read it all last night so I refrained until I get it all digested.

In Christ

Mike Ratliff

SJ Camp said...

Mike: Always a pleasure to have you aboard. I hope you don't feel "clobbered" by myself here?

Frankly, I didn't expect the amount of discussion on an important theological/biblical issue such as imputation. They usually and uniformly don't generate this kind of reaction. It caught us all a bit off guard.

BUT, needless to say that I was delighted with the response to all the articles on this. Unfortunately, I am going to have to monitor this very closely in the future. The feeding frenzy you speak of will be reigned in immediately if I see it get out of hand like it did with some as of late.

I am honored you are a frequent visitor here--thank you again.


Anonymous said...

My problem is usually #7. Yesterday I made a really good comment and can't remember where...(my ADDiety strikes again)

Seriously, I read your blog daily, but by the time I read, if all I can think to say is "what he/she said" I let it pass.

(by the way, your theses are playing a role in a group project my daughter and I are doing in a music appreciation class next week...)

Mike Ratliff said...

Steve, you have never "clobbered" me. :-)

By the way, I am really enjoying my "Steve Camp Collection CD."

4given said...

Steve wrote: "Some people have posted by using a "link only" listing--usually promoting their own blog or the attempt to direct traffic away from the discussion taking place here to their own site."

I have quite honestly done that in the past when I first started blogging. Done in complete ignorance, learning quickly how quite rude that is. I have learned much in this blogosphere. May we women that blog here, one of which I have especialy grown respect for (You know who you are... :-D )
grow to know our Lord more intimately in keeping with Biblical womanhood for the glory of our precious Lord. May we all come here with teachable hearts knowing that we still have much to learn.

Jeremy Weaver said...

What's with all the rules? I thought we were under the 'dispensation' of grace!

boxcarvibe said...

I happened along your blog by accident (accident?) several months ago, doing interent searches on the seeker friendly church topic. I found a thread on Calvinism and was gripped by the views and discussions raging on! I've been hooked ever since.

While I'm no mental-midget, the depth and breadth of recent theological discussions quickly went over my increasingly receding hairline!

However, just by lurking and reading what others have to say, I've found a new intensity to my own study and desire for God's Word.

Steve, you put a lot of work into this blog. Sometimes I wonder how you have the time to churn out what you do. It's a blessing to me and I really do appreciate it.

Steve Sensenig said...

Steve, I'm trying to be real understanding with your responses and requirements, but since you assured me the other day that there were no double standards here, I have to ask this question.

Why is your friend "donsands" still posting here without any of the required information in his profile and you are permitting it?

If this question is out of line, please forgive me and delete it. I will not be offended. I would have asked "donsands" this privately, but there is no way to contact him or even know who he is.

steve :)

littlegal_66 said...


Thank you, dear brother, for the "amendment."

For the record: I don't walk in fear of man, & trust in God for safety, but still, He gave me a little common sense, and I see no reason to put my family at possible risk unnecessarily.

(Of course, I do have the Lord [and also the trusty "Taurus," :-)] on my side).

2 Timothy 1:7

SJ Camp said...

Donsands: Thank you brother as always for your kind, thoughtful and biblical responses.

In keeping with the rules of the blog and not to be biased towards anyone, I must delete your comment until you fill out the Blogger bio information.

When you have done so, it will be a delight to have you post again at COT to the benefit of us all.

Grace and peace,
Steve Camp
2 Cor. 4:5-7

SJ Camp said...

Doxo: LOL... I deserved that!!!

One correction: we're under a "covenant of grace" :-). Now that will get them talking again!


donsands said...

steve s,

I must apologize. I am quite the inept computer geek. I was not aware of my no profile. In fact, I wanted to give one, but didn't know how.I am still learning computer skills. I do need to repent of my laziness toward learning.

I really am glad you brought this to my attention. Thanks.

I am humbled.

Steve Sensenig said...

Steve and Don,

Thank you both for understanding my spirit in asking that question. There were probably five times today that I stopped by the computer and started to type something about that, then changed my mind.

Your attitude of humility on this blessed me today. I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings.

Steve, you may not be able to tell by some of my comments here, but in my heart, I desire to be a peacemaker in situations like this, and I was concerned that this blog not suddenly get a reputation for being unfair. I know some have been upset with the events of this past week or two, and I sincerely hope we can all move forward now and have fruitful dialogue.

Thank you for responding so positively to some of my criticisms over the last few days. We may not see eye-to-eye on some points of theology right now, but I really do want to be able to come here and read and dialogue.

Be blessed today. Oh, and as an ex-dispensationalist, I'm ok with the "covenant of grace" terminology!! ;) hehe

steve :)

littlegal_66 said...

I meant to type, "and I do trust in God for safety," in that last comment. (And I'm hoping everyone just pretty much assumed as much).

Carla said...

Does anyone else besides me find it most curious that us Christian bloggers have to list a set of rules for commenting?

Considering, the vast majority of our readership are professing Christians anyway, I find it disheartening at times that we have to remind our readers to post like a Christian.

Exhorting fellow believers to a higher standard is something we should be always doing, but that's not what I'm talking about.

Granted, most readers & commenters are gracious and never needed the list to begin with, but there is still that small percentage that has to be reminded "you don't cuss in front of Grandma". (As if they didn't already know it?)

I appreciate your blog Steve, and although I rarely comment here (in part for the same reasons Mike Ratliff expressed), I'm glad you run a tight ship in the comment section.

Just a few thoughts. And no linky-link or novel. :o)


SJ Camp said...

Thanks Carla. I hope that others in the future will not feed the trolls.