Friday, March 31, 2006

The "Pulpit Crimes" Cruise with Phil Johnson, Dr. James White, Don Kistler, David King (and myself)

SPECIAL OFFER for CampOnThis and AudienceONE Ministries Supporters:

Have you ever thought about taking a cruise that combines a tremendous vacation with great Bible teaching, encouraging worship through song, rich fellowship and a chance to have face to face late night theology talks with Phil Johnson, james White, Don Kistler, David King and myself on a myriad of issues facing us in the church today? Then bring the blog to life and join us on the Alpha/Omega - AudienceONE cruise this November!

Sovereign Christian Cruises has negotiated a special rate with Holland America that will last for 48 hours or until Category M Cabins are sold out.

Category M: $394.00 per person + Port Taxes and Government Fees

Category M cabins are spacious, inside cabins with beds that either can be converted to two twins or a queen sized bed. The rate includes your 7 day luxury cruise aboard the Holland America Line Veendam, all meals while onboard, all fees for the onboard conference, stateroom, admission to the White v. Spong debate in Orlando, and the 2006 National Conference on November 2nd and 3rd.

This offer is good for new bookings only and will only be offered while supplies last. Offer expires 4/1/06 at 5pm. Don't miss this great opportunity to join James White, Phil Johnson, Don Kistler, David King and myself for our "Pulpit Crimes" cruise! CLICK HERE FOR THE OFFER!

If any of you have researched what it costs to take a cruise these days, you know what a tremendous offer this truly is. I look forward to seeing you on board!

Grace and peace,
Steve Camp
2 Cor. 4:5-7


Tim Challies said...

Hmm. Do you think he needs anyone to live-blog this one? ;)

Jeremy Weaver said...

Awaiting confirmation. Is there an additional discount for frequent commenters?

littlegal_66 said...

"Then bring the blog to life and join us......"

I know this is a sincere post bringing everyone's attention to a great opportunity for a generously discounted luxury vacation on the high seas, but......
:-), I just keep getting this mental picture of us all sitting face-to-face in the onboard Internet Cafe, feverishly blogging and emailing away to each other, because it's what we've grown so accustomed to doing. :-D

Seriously though, that really is an exceptional cabin rate for such a nice ship; the Caribbean cruise I took several years ago was easily twice that....(and on a cruiseline that wasn't on quite the same par as Holland).

4given said...

Littlegal, I was picturing the same thing. ha.
Though my husband said he would love to go, 5 out of 6 of our children's birthdays are in October and November.

Bhedr said...

Must be nice guys:-)

No I am happy for you if you get to go on this cruise.

My family and I are finally getting to go on a vacation. My mind is just boggled and thankful to God as to how it happened.

A couple from church came up and gave us a free package to a resort in Orlando Florida. That same week a check from a company came for over $1000. We called them and let them know that we had nothing to do with this. The discovered a mistake had been made somehow but insisted that the money needed to be cleared and they insisted that we cash the check.

God is good. We may not be going on this cruise...but...For the first time in our lives our family...

"We're going to Disneyworld!"

and Universal and SeaWorld.

Walter said...

I think it will be a wonderful opportunity. I only wish that there was a better rate for singles. Having to pay nearly double the rate kills cruises for me. I will look forward to the reports though and to getting the audio if James can make it available at

littlegal_66 said...

Say, Brian:

This thought occurred to me....are you required to use that Orlando vacation package within a certain time frame, or a specified date? If you're able to use it anytime through the end of 2006, (and by mentioning this, Campi, I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds here, but), I believe you can sign up for only the Alpha and Omega (pre-cruise) Conference/Debate that is being held at the Disney World resort on the two days just prior to the cruise. And I don't think you're required to stay at that particular resort to attend the conference.

Here's a link to the conference ticket reservation form: Conference Ticket/Admission.

Hope that's some "news you can use...."


Bhedr said...

Awesome Little gal I will look into this. We are having to go by the time available as they bought this timeshare for us, but we still can plan inside the weeks that are available. I will definately look into this. Thanks!

littlegal_66 said...

Brian-you're quite welcome, I'm always honored when I can be of service to fellow believers. And BTW, the first link I gave you doesn't seem to be working, so try this one: The 2006 Alpha and Omega Conference at Walt Disney World, and if it works, then click on "Topics/Schedule."

(So very glad to have an opportunity to help out). :-)

Uncialman said...


I really do wish that I could *make* Holland America Line give us a better rate for single cruisers, but they don't budge much on the rates - especially ones that are deeply discounted. On the other hand, Holland America Line is the ONLY cruise line that does give a special rate for singles - and it is very generous. We also have several singles of all ages looking for roomies, so let me know if you need some assistance.


I'm quite sure you can use your time share opportunity with us at the conference. The conference site is on Walt Disney World property, so there should be great ease in getting to the conference and back into the chaos at the theme park of your choosing.

My contact information is below if you need any help.

Michael O'Fallon
Sovereign Christian Cruises LLC
877-SOV-CRUISE ext. 3