Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dr. Russell Moore Addresses "The Cartoon Riots"
speaking the truth in love to Muslims

If you have been as disturbed as I have watching news reports from around the world of the thousands of Muslims rioting in the streets in violent protest against some cartoons a Danish cartoonist drew about suicide bombers and the Muslim faith, you might be wondering how do I address this with friends, coworkers or even Muslim friends intelligently from a biblical worldview? Here is a very helpful place to begin.

Dr. Russell Moore, of The Henry Institute at Southern Seminary, gave an amazing analysis of the cartoon riots by Muslims this past week as guest host on Al Mohler's radio program. It was not only a spot on commentary of this disturbing demonstration by Muslims, but he offers an excellent defense of the gospel of the Christian faith and the one triune God of the Bible that will be a valuable lesson in apologetics to you.

Far from being politically correct, Dr. Moore was brilliant in further helping Christians understand the events of the last few weeks from God's Word. This broadcast will also equip you to be better prepared to enter into this discussion with others and share the gospel with a Muslim in your community.

I highly commend this broadcast to you. You can listen to it here. It is the February 9th program called, "The Cartoon Riots: Speaking the Truth in Love to Muslims." I am grateful for Dr. Moore's ministry as he speaks from the truth of Scripture to help us understand more fully how to respond biblically to our culture.

Grace and peace to you,
Steve Camp
2 Cor. 4:5-7


Jessica Jo L said...

Dr. Russell Moore,
This was a great listen thanks! My sister is musslim and my parents are in the (world wide chuch) now united church of God. So when Dr. Moore explained how we don't believe in the same God I agreed so many people I know try to start by saying Alah and God are the same. My parents do to - but they say their God is the same as Allah because they don't believe in the trinity - they say they are the only true church that truelly has one God. Anyway it is important to know what we believe so we share the truth.

In the begining was the Word and the Word was sith God and the Word was God.

Shawn L said...
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