Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dr. Al Mohler on Larry King Live
...faithful, biblical, and unashamed

I have written extensively about what I have termed, Evangelical Co-Belligerence on this blog and the audienceONE website. In short, it is trying to use political remedy for the moral malady facing our nation. I have openly challenged evangelicals (Dobson and Company, the Justice Sunday's, etc.) that are trying to restore family values absent of the transforming power of the gospel, but using the pragmatic means of politics to turn the tide of moral decay in our nation. As we know, this is an effort in futility. Though I have agreed on the condition of our nation with "the ECBers", I have not agreed on the cure. The only hope for Americans is through regeneration by the gospel of Jesus Christ--the gospel of sola fide. The sovereign work of our holy God is what truly transforms lives and makes all who are granted saving faith to believe in Him new creations for all eternity.

Life transformation, not behavior modification is what is needed.

Some evangelicals say this cannot happen in the cultural climate we live in--we must boycott, picket, and fight through the political process for just proclaiming the gospel is to offensive, limiting and people won't tolerate it. But, proclaiming the gospel in a secular environment can be done effectively with gentleness and reverence and was wonderfully personified for us this past Tuesday evening.

Al Mohler was on Larry King Live this past Tuesday evening along with Chad Allen (actor and gay activist), Janet Parshall (conservative radio talk show host) and Guy Padgett (former mayor of Casper, Wyoming and gay activist). They were discussing gay marriage, the movie Brokeback Mountain, and homosexuality. Al and Janet were nothing short of brilliant. In particular, Al was thoroughly biblical; he shared the gospel and defended family values - not poliitically, but biblically! This is Mohler at his best--in the marketplace speaking about cultural issues from a clear and distinctive biblical worldview.

Here are two of my favorite quotes from the interview:

"is not with the gospel of heterosexuality, even though I think that's very important. It's with the gospel of Jesus Christ and what I find lacking in the movie, the screenplay and in the short story is any resolution that really brings these persons to know why they were created and how God really intends them to live and how they would find their greatest satisfaction in living just as God had intended them for his glory."

"What I hope for is that persons, heterosexual and homosexual, will come to know the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, would come to know new life in him, would come to understand that sinners can find the only help that is -- that is worth finding and the only salvation and solution to our problems by coming to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and then understanding that God, our creator, has the right to define every aspect of our lives including our sexuality."
I am so grateful that we have a brother like Al "contending for the faith" and "giving a reason for the hope that is in him" from the Word of God in the marketplace.

What was disappointing was Chad Allen's comments at the very end of the interview concerning what Steve Saint said to him prior to appearing on Larry King Live that evening :
"Steve Saint called me today, and he said, 'I need you to know that I'm sitting here with Mincayani. We'll be watching you tonight. We love you. We are on your side. And I know that we have those differences, but we are walking through this together. That's where we're going to go.'"
This is politically correct speech that may be appealing to Larry King, Chad Allen, and Guy Padgett, but certainly is not honoring to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is one thing to be friends with someone--to love your neighbor; it is quite another to affirm them in their sin--"we're on the same side"--rather than confront it as sin

We can only hope that Steve Saint was listening to the entire interview that evening and learned from Dr. Mohler's and Janet Parshall's faithful witness of the gospel.


ambiance-five said...

Good post Steve.

Confronting sin without letting another know how the Lord pulled you from the same sort of positions (sin), only make one look like they believe they are better than the sinner they speak to.

It was done well on his part.

SamWhick said...

Wow good word Steve

Ken Fields said...

Thanks for drawing our attention (by way of Dr. Mohler's comments) to the gospel of grace. This is the only hope for homosexuals and heterosexuals -- God has chosen to display His grace in redeeming lost mankind. Dr. Mohler emphasized the gospel of grace over the gospel of morality...and our churches would do well to echo this message!

Thanks for the are a true asset to God-blogdom!!

Jimmie W. Kersh said...

Dr. Mohler is the sole reason I am considering going to SOuthern Seminary to work on my Doctrate. He is a brilliant thinker and worthy of the title gentleman.

Tom said...

I can remember the first time I heard Dr. Mohler at the Shepherds Conference at Grace Community Church. That day he became one of my favorite pastors. To have the ability in that one conference to here John MacArthur, Al Mohler and Eric Alexander was truly a blessing. That was the conference that Steve Saint was the final speaker on the final day. I can only hope and pray that somehow Steve's comments were misunderstood. If this was what Steve intended to say, we can all be praying that he would learn something from Dr. Mohler and his unabashed proclamation of the Word of God.

DJP said...

Totally agree about brother Al. I was concerned that he'd cave or waffle, and he did neither. He was lovingly truthful, and kept bringing the discussion around to the Gospel, and to Christ.

Allen's remarks are sad. This movie about a Christian missionary is putting Allen in the role of a missionary -- to Christians. Only his Gospel is a Badspel, and his evangelism is dysangelism.

Michele Rayburn said...

I watched Larry King last night and the one thing I found glaringly omitted was that the penalty for that and all sins is death.

The word "hell" was not mentioned, I fear, for politically (or religiously) correct reasons. Janet Parshall and Al Mohler kept saying "You're gonna get hurt". Whereby, Larry and all the others simply argued the point that no one was getting hurt (which is not true...they just don't realize it).

"Getting hurt" in this life is not the only point that should have been made. Going to hell because you have rejected God's Word concerning sin is the vital point. It is, after all, a matter of life and death, not just about momentary "hurt".

The unrepentant, unregenerate man will never see Heaven. The gospel is encapsulated in John 3:16, but last night they left "should not perish but have everlasting life" out of the conversation.

There was no warning about going to hell and there was no mention of the hope of heaven. So, why should they repent if the only penalty is "hurt"?

In His Love,

Des71 said...

I WAS looking forward to seeing the movie, End Of The Spear. Now I could not be dragged to it kicking and screaming. It is sad to see how in this age of compromise that this screen depiction of this powerful story has become tainted by the inclusion of Chad Allen. I do not hate this man for I pray that GOD would bring him to repentance and salvation by the power of GOD's Holy Spirit.

I was also planning to attend a Mission Fest Northwest starting tomorrow. The Fest will feature Steve Saint as a speaker. I did not see Larry King Live Tuesday. But after reading what Chad Allen said Steve Saint told him, I am greatly disappointed. I no longer have any desire to attend this Mission Fest.

Once again GOD has used our dear brother Steve Camp to ruin my plans for His glory. Just like when he published the 107 Theses. You should have seen my music collection shrink after reading that in 1998. Praise GOD!

GOD Bless,

His Afflicted Ambassador
Psalm 119:107, 2 Corinthians 5:20

"Most of God's people are contented to be saved from the hell that is without; they are not so anxious to be saved from the hell that is within." - Robert Murray M'Cheyne

Jeremy Weaver said...

Go and hear Steve Saint. All we have so far is Chad Allen's version of the story. Maybe he'll say something to clear the air.

Bhedr said...

Very Sobering words Michele, but I fear it not to be politicaly correct to make much mention of hell anymore.

Jesus spoke of it often and in the most public of places.

Des71 said...
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Tom said...


I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that even though I do not endorse "End of the Spear" it's publicity has opened up an avenue for me to share the gospel at work with peopel who would normally not even talk to me about religion. The converstion I had with one co-worker has opened the door to getting him the diary of Jim Elliot and getting him the CD of Steve Saint at the Shepherds Conference a few years ago. So even though we as believers do not endorse the use of a homesexual in the role of Nate Saint, the Lord is using this movie to open doors.

Praise God for His Grace adn Mercy!!

Des71 said...


After reading about the bounty of books that Dr. Sproul sent you I am suddenly in the mood to read 'The Holiness of GOD'. Holy, Holy, Holy, The Insanity of Luther...Riveting Reading!

As far as 'End of the Spear' is concerned I due to my conscience will not support something that has become tainted. Certainly as today's events unfold and this once great nation continues to crumble, I look at what happened today in Maryland and grieve. I believe it will not be much longer until the USA will legalize same-sex marriages like our neighbors to the north, Oh Canada!

GOD Bless,

His Afflicted Ambassador
Psalm 119:107, 2 Corinthians 5:20

Bhedr said...

Oh please guys...Spear me!

ScottyB said...

A little over the top questioning Steve Saint, don't you think?

As for the "we are on your side" comment--Do you think Rachel Saint was on the side of Mincanyi as she went to preach the gospel to him?

I don't think your looking at this through gospel eyes Steve, with all due respect.

I know your passionate about clear gospel preaching but in the same way that you contacted Joel Osteen maybe you should contact Steve Saint before you talk anymore on your blog about what he should and should not do.

In the same way that the spearing of Nate Saint wasn't a wise choice so the choosing of Chad Allen to play Nate Saint wasn't a wise choice.But the foolisness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men. It is the sovereign move of God to take a "foolish" choice and turn it for good and glory.

The whole nation is now watching how Steve Saint and Chad Allen interact.
Through this relationship- Steve Saint has been able to become close friends with Chad.
I see the purposes of God in evangelical's learning how to love sinners where they are at and without compromising truth.

This love that Jesus had for sinners was compelling to the sheep scattered without a shepherd.

This dialog has been healthy for the American church.

Steve loves his "grandfather" who murdered his dad in the same way. Both are divine intervention.

johnMark said...


Good post. I have come not to care too much about End of the Spear since I've heard there is no Jesus nor His Gospel. Not to mention I am not seeing it strongly endorsed as a Christian film. Even after reading Steve Saint's interview:

Again, I see more people worrying about men's words than about the clarity and accuracy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I would rather offend them with the Gospel than please them with a compliment. One day then maybe they would understand that this sharing of the Gospel was the actual loving act and not the compliment.


Tim said...


From earlier........Good points!

Steve and company,

I have appreciated your comments in the past. However, I think everyone misses the entire point of the perspective of the film. The perspective was not the perspective of Through the Gates of Splendor, but was indeed a compliment to it in order to understand the position of the Waodonis. Therefore, I might ask, since foreign missions is altogether different than sharing the gospel with people in America. You have language barriers and communication issues that have to be sorted out. So you can't just jump in there and present the 5 points. There is time. Let us note that Paul was on the road to give an accurate presentation of the gospel, but he started where the people were. Fortunately he didn't have to learn a new language:)

As far as the choice of Allen: Yes, it probably was not the best choice. According to ETE they didn't know of his homosexuality before, yet they chose to continue to use him even after they found out. Seems to me they simply held to their word in their offer (ie. their yes was yes). Though many were up in arms over the Passion of the Christ, I don't recall anyone making the point of naming the various sins of Jim Caviezel who played, not a great missionary man, but the Lord Jesus Christ. Maybe we should be a little more consistent and simply judge the movie based on its own merits.