Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Calvinist Gadfly is Still Buzzing
...a new partnership for biblical ministry


The Calvinist Gadfly blog is one of my favorites that I have listed here at COT since our inception. Alan Kurschner, the founder and curator who gave creative birth to The Calvinist Gadfly (TCG), announced a few weeks ago that he was going to be shutting this excellent blog down to pursue further theological studies. While I was grateful to the Lord for His leading in Alan's life and ministry, I was also disappointed that The Gadfly was no longer going to be buzzing around the blogosphere.

So, in order to protect this valuable and necessary blog for future ministry, Alan and I began to discuss the possibility of keeping TCG buzzing for others to enjoy for many months to come. Graciously, he agreed to allow myself to moderate the Calvinist Gadfly and that we would make TCG a multi-authored blog--while still keeping the focus on the Reformed/Calvinistic faith. What follows below is our "mutual press release" and continued enthusiasm for The Calvinist Gadfly. We prayerfully trust the Lord that He will be glorified in all that we do in service to Him at The Gadfly. If you have never checked out The Calvinist Gadfly please do so--it will bless you tremendously. We are very excited at COT and AudienceONE to have The Calvinist Gadfly as part of our ministry team. -Campi

"Steve Camp proposed to me recently that we turn the blog into a multi-authored group of seasoned theologians and pastors who can bring a lot to the table. I agreed that this was a good idea. Isn't that the nature of a gadfly? Once you think that buzzing has left your ear, it's back for more! And that fly usually brings back more of his fly friends with him the second time.

As for myself, I am going to shift down on the gears and have these other gentlemen take the steering wheel and bring some of their rich and seasoned thoughts on the Calvinist-Reformed tradition to the Gadfly. I may post from time to time, but only at a minimum. Steve Camp will be writing and posting for the Gadfly as well. Further, I have asked Steve to moderate and manage the Gadfly for the most part---and he was kindly all too willing to do so. Thanks Steve.

I would like him to say a few words about the new multi-authored blog:
As I am delighted that Alan is pursuing the Lord's call in his life, it would have been a great disappointment to many of us to see this wonderful blog cease to be no more. The dire need for the proclamation of biblical Christianity is as great as it has ever been in evangelicalism. The gospel is being assualted, the character of God attacked, the ministry of the church distorted, and the authority of God's Word minimized - and this not only by expected liberals, but sadly, by other professing evangelicals. Therefore, to protect the integrity of this blog in a distinct Reformed tradition is a necessity worth protecting. As I have come to know Alan, I so appreciate his zeal for the Lord, the doctrines of grace, and His truth. We all thank you Alan for the fruitful work you have done so faithfully. On a personal note, I am humbled and honored for trusting me to carry on the work with this blog and that, by God's grace, we will see continued fruit in the weeks and months to come.

A Few New Things 4 U
As you will notice there are some new additions we are introducing to "the Gadfly." There is now an active comment section so that we can hear from you daily on the articles being posted (you must click on the "more" link at the bottom of the article or the "title" of the article to access the comment function until we add this option to the main page in the next day or two). I have also contacted a few friends that are strong in the Word of God and the Reformed faith that will be contributing weekly as well (a few more to be added soon). This will be a multi-authored blog in the future which should provide for great instruction and discussion. The coveted Gadfly Award is not going away and will still be given out peridodically to those deserving entrance into the Arminian Hall of Fame. Lastly, it is our desire to dedicate Fridays and weekends to featuring an article or sermon from one of the great reformed, calvinistic divines. To begin with, an article below from one of our favorite Puritans: Richard Baxter.

Good to be buzzing at the Gadfly...
Steve Camp
2 Cor. 4:5-7


Anonymous said...

Steve, I have an interesting "thing" in my life that I believe you can help me with.

I have to do a 20 minute project relating to music on some (any) way and what immediately came to mind was a report on the history of church music, focusing on the last few years in which big business has gotten their fingers into the whole thing.

can you e-mail me? I think that you can point me in the right direction.


Hessel-Man said...

Wow... this and the Alliance of Confessing Pyromaniacs all in the same week! My head is reeling. I'm glad to hear about it, though. I'm sure with multiple contributors involved there's even more opportunity for "Iron sharpening iron".

$teve H.

pilgrim said...

Thanks for your part in keeping it going!