Thursday, September 18, 2008

...are these eggs really safe? avoiding Romanistic "salmonella"

this is a "reheated" post

I "cooked" this list up last evening, thinking we all needed a bit of reprieve from the intensity of the last several days. So, let’s turn on the "biblical blender" and see what kind of eggs we can "whip up" that define Rome's culinary palette. My personal vote is for number 12.

This post is not meant to be an "eggs"positional or "eggs"egetical treatment of any one passage of Scripture. However, I do hope that this is an "eggs"citing time in the theological kitchen with some “eggs”ceptional” insigts while shopping at the apocryphal market of St. B's.

Have a little "pun" with this...
"Chef St. Campi"

1. Eggs Benedict – The most conservative and rigid brand of Romanism; worthy to once again bear the title of antichrist in their assertions
2. Over Easy – John Paul II’s Ecumenical Catholicism
3. Hard Boiled –Basic Romanism - entrenched, ensconced, and enshrined in Tridentine tradition
4. Soft Boiled – I would affectionately call them "bad-Catholics" meaning those catholics that are genuinely ignorant of what Romanism truly teaches and stands for
5. Poached – Evangelicals and Catholics who partner together for ecumenical co-belligerence in fighting the culture wars absent of sound doctrine and the gospel of sola fide
6. Scrambled – Confused Romanists who are in a real quandry about what the Vatican teaches vs. what the Bible teaches on the essentials of the faith
7. Au Gratin – Spicy, argumentative Romanists who only react according to issues through historical revisionism, rather than according to the truth claims of Scripture alone
8. Deviled – Self-explanatory: THE main influence of all Roman doctrines
9. Fried – Romansits who are completely committed to a works righteousness gospel, anathemas, church legalism, man-made papal doctrines, councils, asceticism, ceremonies and decrees - this is what you are when you die in Roman error...
10. Omelets – Romanism, Neo-Evangelicalism, Islam and Babylonian Mysticism all rolled into one
11. Quiche – The sweet side of Rome; the “mass-appeal” seeker-friendly, charismatic, TBN, "The Passion of the Christ" movie version of Romanism
12. Sunny Side-Up – Romanists who by God's grace are given the gift of saving faith from their sins and delievered out of the Roman church by grace alone, through faith alone, because of Christ alone!


littlegal_66 said...

Clever, Campi, very clever. I assume we'll see a chain of these Italian egg bistros popping up all over the world, now? : ) It IS franchised, right? (Move over, McDonald's......your egg McMuffin has been dethroned!)

Now, I'm going to the kitchen to crack an egg for breakfast.

MTG said...


Jeremy Weaver said...

That list will win you lots of Catholic friends.
Do the Mormons now.:-)

SJ Camp said...

There is only "one egg category" that thoroughly describes Mormonism - rotten.

MarieP said...

"There is only 'one egg category" that thoroughly describes Mormonism - rotten.'"

Gives new meaning to "gods in embryo"

Or maybe Mormon leaders go to a "stake" and eggs breakfast

MarieP said...

Guaranteed to give you heartburn...

DOGpreacher said...

You thought this would give us a break from the intensity of the past few posts? Maybe a little levity on this side of the post, but I am poised and ready for the barrage from the other side!

Tolle, Blogge said...

I was thinking that TBN qualified more as Egg Substitute.

Jeremy Weaver said...

The picture of eggs that you posted offends me.
What's next? Are you going to post a picture of bacon?
What if I posted a picture of a biscuit on my blog? How would you like that?


Joel said...

No barrage from this quarter, dogpreacher. It's obviously false on all counts, but it's cute.

I would add
Fertilized Eggs: Those rare Catholics who still honor the Church's teaching on contraception.

DYEGYE1000 said...

What about Knothole eggs? You know, yolk in the middle of a hole in a slice of bread? Maybe those Catholics who have no viable info but rather shut themselves off from the world...

Bhedr said...

I think our friends have eggsited.

Jeremy Weaver said...

Your corny pun offends me. 'Egg' is not to be used in such a flippant manner.

Sparks said...

What an "egg"regious overuse of a pun!
So might accuse you of being an "egg"omaniac.

Jeremy Weaver said...

'Egg'O. 'Egg'K. 'Egg'I 'egg'confess. 'Egg'I 'egg'don't 'egg'get 'egg'it.

Bhedr said...


Whatever you post to defend your offence...please keep it pithy! Please. For or two short eggsplanations.

SJ Camp said...

All I can say is that I am so sorry for egging you guys on. :--).

The fertilizer line from Joel was really good--I'll be quoting you. Doxoblogist gets the EGG of the day for all his creative posts. Littlegal takes the egg to a new commercial level. TBN--eggs substitute--LOL, great!

Thank you all for helping lighten and brighten my day. I haven't heard a thing from Rome today... very sad :-(.

In closing, please forgive me for the picture of the eggs. It was all meant in good fun and I'm so so sorry for the offense it caused several of you. Tomorrow I'll deal with something totally non-offensive and positive and maybe you all could help me with this: what are your favorite Neil Diamond songs? :-).

Leggo my Eggo,

Jeremy Weaver said...

I got egg on me.

Tim said...

I don't know Campi,

It seems that you were pouring it on a little thick, maybe we should re"eggs"amine things a bit and find out who the real "egg"stremists are:)

P.s. I like the pic. Who did the hair on the little egg in the back row?

Joel said...

"I haven't heard a thing from Rome today... very sad"

What does that make me, non-eggs-istent?

Sorry. I think the time for egg puns is ova.

pilgrim said...

Hmm, could that pun be the best ovum?

Douglas said...

What does that make me, non-eggs-istent?<<<

Surely not, eh cobber?

Sorry. I think the time for egg puns is ova.<<<

They will be removed immediately, no more "egg puns" will be re-produced.

Are you still fiddling around while rome burns? Flee that wicked evil sinful place, a haunt of all sorts of devils, eh?


love from your friendly .......

Steve Weaver said...


Who made you an "eggs"pert on "egg" puns?

Just wondering? I would like to become an "eggs"pert too!

Joel said...

Douglas, ya jackalope! Good to see you.

So how do you cook kiwi eggs? Under-easy? :)

littlegal_66 said...

Eggs-cuse me (I have my hand up in the back of the room).......what happened--when did you guys become egg-istential thinkers? ; )
Anybody remember the Egg Council's little ditty, "The Incredible Edible Egg?" (And what exactly does an "Egg Council" do, anyway? : )
But seriously, folks----
Campi posted yesterday:
"Thank you all for helping lighten and brighten my day. I haven't heard a thing from Rome today... very sad :-(."

Well, I hope I didn't frighten Philvaz away Wed. evening by posting that he'd be in my prayers.

Jeremy Weaver said...

That's not how kiwi reproduce. We need to talk.

SJ Camp said...

If one separates the white from the yoke, is that considered to be an "eggs"orcism?

If you are preparing a meal with a non-Christian for a dinner party, does that mean you are unequally "yoked?"

I am so sorry, but it's Friday :-).

From the cracked shell,

littlegal_66 said...

Okay, I stand wasn't the "Egg Council," it was the "American Egg Board," which, strangely enough, is headquartered in Illinois. ( this is really beginning to make sense--
Campi, did you consume a lot of eggs, growing up? :-)

Ephraim said...

Yoke around if you must, but this conversation seems scrambled to me.

All these eggsamples are eggsgregious and will not stand up to intense candeling.

Shalom my little chickadees, may your nests be full

MarieP said...

Just don't tell John H"eggy" or Benny "Hen"

It will just boost their "egg"o

Tim said...


I wonder if I might be "eggs"empt from Purgatory if I wear a brown scapular? Oh, wait, I don't believe that stuff or the "shell" game played by those who do.

Deb_B said...

"Sunny Side-Up"

My beloved. [::contented sigh::]

Deb_B said...

"It will just boost their "egg"o"

But would that be "egg"o syntonic or "egg"o dystonic?

Eggs-istential, inquiring minds wanna know!

Re: Fertilized Eggs

Requires Papal Bull for candling.

Derek Joseph said...

This is a riot. Thanks for the levity, Steve! It's a much needed reprieve.

winslowlady said...

Eggscuse me but Rome's wealth has been ignored. Some of the eggspensive and eggsciting eggs are being eggscluded.

Eggs Sardou-mindless priests who are caught with Spinach in their teeth!

Broccoli Egg Timbales-those who appreciate the foul stench of incense during a mass.

and most Eggsquisite,

L'’Oeuf de Pouille (eggs with caviar)--the money and wealth of Rome paid to get people out of Purgatory.

Coddled Eggs--those who kneel by the pew and allow priests to pour boiling water of hell on them and they sit, and sit until they are done.

Shirred Eggs--girls being confirmed whose faces are veiled with white lace head pieces.

Egg Fried Rice - Anyone who likes a little rice with their eggs. Can take the heat or have it mild.

Egg Salad Sandwiches--Southern Catholics who marry Baptists.

Egg Fu Yung - Charasmatic Catholics who follow eastern mystics.

Very Fun! :) Susan

Stephen said...

Last week, on holiday, I was visiting Coфия (Sophia, Bulgaria) and went to see the great St. Alexander Nevski cathedral and saw the markets leading up to it, selling anything from souvenirs of Bulgaria to some long lost Nazi compas from the Second World War. I stumbled across a stall that was selling stone eggs with a painted saint on them. I thought it quite strange! You had anything from a saint to Jesus. The only difference here is that it is not a eating egg! Surely, if one would have to eat these they would surely gag and not recover!

SJ Camp said...

Really clever... I might have to borrow some of those for the future.


That is a priceless story. Is there a place online or a link to see those painted stone eggs?

Thanks bro,

Matthew Bellisario said...

When you dont have a good argument then you have to mock. Just remember, you will have to answer to God for mocking His Church. Anytime you want to debate a real person with real arguments instead of just posting mocking egg jokes on your blog, you can email me at the website. My email is on it. You may end up with egg...on your face.

Deb_B said...

"You may end up with egg...on your face."

Matthew, I cannot concur. Neither does my beloved spouse, who was as educated and steeped in the works-oriented, legalist, semi-Pelagism of Romanism as it gets ... until God mercifully apprehended and saved him out of it.

Deb_B said...


My husband indicates he is willing to dialogue with you privately if you wish to have such a discussion. He only asks your patience and willingness to do so around his work schedule (which is kind of off-beat, varying from the more typical M-F work routines).

SJ Camp said...

Thank you for stopping by and for posting your comment. It is appreciated.

If you were offended that was purely intentional. The correct Bill Murray quote from Ghostbusters is: "we mock what we don't understand." :-).

I believe the yoke would be on you my friend, but it isn't really funny at all. Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, because of Christ alone. The Romanist apocryphal doctrines of faith + works; grace + merit; Christ + Rome is not the gospel - it is another gospel, it is anathema (Gal. 1:6-9; 5:1-3; Eph. 2:8-9).

Let's begin with how Vatican I and Vatican II still codifies Tridentine doctrine. Nothing has changed since Trent.

Still pounding on Wittenberg's Door.

Col. 3:23-24

Joel said...

Let's begin with how Vatican I and Vatican II still codifies Tridentine doctrine. Nothing has changed since Trent.

Trent, which affirmed that salvation is not earned by works. Steve, once again, you really should read Trent before you cite it.

Psalm said...

My people raise themselves up with swords sharpened with words they do not understand, to draw blood they cannot drink. From where does the bread that poisons my people come, that they should find joy in the fruits they have thrown to the ground and tread upon. Why is it that wisdoms fails and the mercy shown them has not flourished, for out of the mouth they do vomit the bread rotten with discontent and evil in the eyes of the lord. The words of the spirit are the bread of life and the humble man shall have his fill....

SJ Camp said...

I have.

Please answer this:

SIXTH SESSION, CANONS CONCERNING JUSTIFICATION: "If anyone says that the justice received is not preserved and also not increased before God through good works, but that those works are merely the fruits and signs of justification obtained, but not the cause of its increase, LET HIM BE ANATHEMA"

(Canons Concerning Justification, Canon 24).

Joel said...

I can, Steve.

First, an anathema is not a blanket condemnation nor automatically incurred. It's a ceremonial excommunication applied to an individual. Since I'm fairly sure you've never undergone one, it doesn't apply to you per se. (Especially since it's not used anymore.)

What the use of the word in the canons means is that any Catholic who persists in denying the doctrines defined at the council is subject to such an excommunication, not that it's already happened. It's to draw a sharp line between orthodox believers and heretics.

Second, the single canon you cited is very out of context by itself. The entire decree lays out the Catholic position on justification in detail, and the canons are more like a summary. They kind of anticipate the errors into which it's possible to fall on the subject so as to head them off. If you take into account the body of the decree rather than just the canons at the end, you'll find that while it's not Calvinist soteriology, it's also not the works-based system the single canon would make it appear to be.

Incidentally, even if the Church were to repeal the anathemas from Trent, it wouldn't be at a later council. Doctrines are determined by councils; penalties for heresy and such are a matter of canon law.

Deb_B said...

"It's a ceremonial xcommunication applied to an individual. Since I'm fairly sure you've never undergone one, it doesn't apply to you per se. (Especially since it's not used anymore.)"

foolish. not ceremonial at all.

applies to me. i have been exc'ed. anathema means anathema. game playing, stop.

sorry sjc deb is better with words. romanism i know very well.


Joel said...

Better than the Catholic Encyclopedia? I'd be curious about your "anathema," Rich. I'm surprised the pope had time to do it. :)

Anathema remains a major excommunication which is to be promulgated with great solemnity... The Roman Pontifical reproduces it in the chapter Ordo excommunicandi et absolvendi, distinguishing three sorts of excommunication: minor excommunication, formerly incurred by a person holding communication with anyone under the ban of excommunication; major excommunication, pronounced by the Pope in reading a sentence; and anathema, or the penalty incurred by crimes of the gravest order, and solemnly promulgated by the Pope. In passing this sentence, the pontiff is vested in amice, stole, and a violet cope, wearing his mitre, and assisted by twelve priests clad in their surplices and holding lighted candles. He takes his seat in front of the altar or in some other suitable place, amid pronounces the formula of anathema

It's not the same thing as an ordinary excommunication, which is conferred by the local bishop. (Unless it's automatically incurred, which may have been the case if you formally left the Church.)

Rich, I'm not playing games at all. I've commented here in the past to defend Catholic teachings or to clear up misconceptions, and I don't think I've ever said anything that cold be considered trollish. The anathema in the canon simply doesn't mean with Steve thinks it means.

Deb_B said...

"Better than the Catholic Encyclopedia? I'd be curious about
your "anathema," Rich. I'm surprised the pope had time to do it. :)"

oic we weren't really exc'ed? you must play games. you cannot defend the indefensible.

i don't like to type. but a fool i'm not. romanism i know.

depraved man by nature is spiritually dead. dead in sins is not 'ceremonial' with god.

romanism says dead man must resurrect himself to help god save him. how does a spiritually dead man cooperate with god to save himsef?

explain what must one do to be saved by romanist standards?

Deb_B said...

to point of issue. just to be clear.

you consider not being allowed to receive sacraments just 'ceremonial'?

work awaits.

Joel said...

you consider not being allowed to receive sacraments just 'ceremonial'?

No, and I apologize. I was using the word "ceremonial" incorrectly. I meant, not "purely symbolic," but requiring a ceremony. An anathema is pronounced by the pope, against a specific individual, with a formal ritual. There are other kinds of excommunication, some of which require a formal action by the local bishop and some of which don't. You say you were excommunicated, and I have no reason to disbelieve you. But that's not necessarily the same as an anathema.

romanism says dead man must resurrect himself to help god save him.

Actually, the Council of Trent specifically says that he cannot resurrect himself.

"CANON I.-If any one saith, that man may be justified before God by his own works, whether done through the teaching of human nature, or that of the law, without the grace of God through Jesus Christ; let him be anathema."

The decree of Trent on justification is here if you'd like to know what it actually says. Just because I'm a Romanist doesn't mean I'm ignorant of Romanism. :)

Joel said...

Just so we're clear, I do consider excommunication more than symbolic, because I consider the sacraments to be the real thing and not mere symbols themselves. I'm curious, though (if I'm not being too nosy) why being excommunicated would make any difference to you. It wouldn't to Steve, because he's never ben in communion with the Church (as far as I know), and it would to me, because the sacraments are vital to my walk with the Lord. But does it matter to you that you are barred from receiving sacraments?

Deb_B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deb_B said...

Initial post deleted to correct a plethora of typos - geesh, I really still feel lousy today.-Deb

Joel: "But does it matter to you that you are barred from receiving sacraments?"

Joel, this is Deb. My husband has been called out of town on business (and I'm a down bit with some kind of virus).

He can - and will with considerably less virtual verbosity than I usually do - answer for himself when he returns - and while I normally function as his faithful scribe Baruch when I'm feeling up to it insomuch as typing goes, he's quite well able to discuss Romanism from a very learned, equally personal viewpoint.

That said, I can attest to the fact that being excommunicated and ineligible to receive Romanist sacraments doesn't matter to him.

However, the fact that you appeared to rather arrogantly dismiss and "ceremonialize" what is indeed an excommunication and the fact there IS excommunication without a Papal pronouncement of ANATHEMA appeared a bit disingenuous and, thus, dishonest, to him.

Pardon if his further response is delayed. He'll engage further as soon as he gets back home.

Joel said...

However, the fact that you appeared to rather arrogantly dismiss and "ceremonialize" what is indeed an excommunication and the fact there IS excommunication without a Papal pronouncement of ANATHEMA appeared a bit disingenuous and, thus, dishonest, to him.

I can understand that. I certainly didn't mean to be either arrogant or dishonest. If you or he would rather, my e-mail is jbmartin (at) nwi (dot) net.