Thursday, August 04, 2005


I have added one additional rule of engagement per some emails that were sent to me asking for clarification. Here is the additional rule:

6. All posts must be in the form of an actual comment, not as a link. "Links" posted as comments that redirect people away from the discussion of an issue from this blog is unacceptable and will be deleted immediately.

In other words, if you have something to say, just say it... all comments are welcomed and encouraged. Here is the exception: if there is a news article, a theological paper, etc. posted at another blog or actual website that assists in helping to clarify a point being made in a particular discussion, that 's one thing. But a comment "only in the form of a link" is unacceptable.

Thank you all in advance. Keep on with "guns a blazing!"

Grace and peace,
Jude 3


Shawn L said...


Where can we request certain perspective from you on certain topics? I know that you have alot to keep you busy, but I don't know how that fits with the rules.

This is the busiest blog I have ever seen and the one of the most helpful as well.

I know you have enough topics to kick around for years and they all seem to keep me biblically grounded and seeking Christ let me tell you, but where exactly do we get your insight on say topics like the following if you have already written about them I don't want to bug you either though :

1) How you write songs
2) Practical Family Worship with different ages
3) Sound Doctrine
4) Staying Passionate about Reading the World
5) Important theological truths that have affected you for some time
6) How you came to Christ
7) Prayer
8) Revival in the World
9) Missions
10) Attributes of Christ
11) Overcoming Temptation
12) Sharing Christ faitfully
13) Pilgrim's Progress

Shawn L said...

Also someone like should write some software that can index your scriptures and your topics so that they can be put in some kind of searchable format. There are years of stuff from A1M.ORG that would be useful for everyone searching on a book of the bible or topic.

Breuss Wane said...

Shawn wrote:
> there are years of stuff...

Steve's goal is to "out-Puritan" Richard Sibbes, Thomas Boston, John Owen, etc. :-)

Jeremy Weaver said...

There's probably a fourteen volume set in the works titled,
'The Works of Steve Camp in Which He Alienated 99.9% of Pop Christianity in the Years 1997-2005'!
I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for there:)

Bhedr said...

Who's got the ball now?

Whats the score?

Campola University 21

Co-be popular 0

I wonder who's watching Larry King right now?

Matthew2323 said...

Speaking of the 'works of Steve Camp', I am new to his ministry as of about two months ago. Would any of you mind sending me an email suggesting your favorite Steve Camp album and why. I acquired 'Consider the Cost' and 'Mercy in the Wilderness' at a home school curriculum fair and the heart for revival in 'Open Heaven Lord' just made me so grateful to the Lord!

My email address is:

With a prayer that God will revive us again! (Psalm 85)

Shawn L said...


(Steve forgive me for really breaking the rules and if you delete it I understand)

My favorites in this order

1) Mercy in the Wilderness
a)All of the songs we use for family worship

2) Desiring God (his most recent)
a)Kiss the Son
b)My Help
c)My Sins My Sins My Savior
d)The Sovereign Hand (awesome!)
e)Desiring God
f)Because He is God
g)My Help
h)Crucible of Grace
i)Every Sparrow
j)All of the rest

3) Abandoned To God (his second most recent)
a) All of the songs that really affected my whole life back in 2000

4) The Steve Camp Collection CD 1 & 2 - (Older stuff mostly in the 80s and early 90s.)

It's also awesome to put his songs on a playlist with all of your Keith Green CD's if you have any and it will be quite a worshipful time at work.

To God be the glory,
Shawn Lynes

SJ Camp said...

Per Jus's question as to length:

No one else seems to not understand what reasonable length is and what "not posting in book form" means.

But for the sake of the one... I would think a good rule of thumb for your future posts would be to keep your comments around 400 words or less.

The brevity of your replies will also cause a few good things to occur: more will post and enter into the discussion; when you just can't vent but your words have to count, you will choose them more carefully; and it will force you to think through what you are posting a bit more carefully as well.

We all win.

I appreciate you Jus... Hope this helps you per your question. Don't be legalistic with this guideline--engage, edify, encourage, exhort and exalt (the Lord).

Grace and peace,
James 3:1