Thursday, March 19, 2009

...salvation by cooperation

(sing to the tune of Amazing Grace)

Amazing Graceworks! How sweet the sound
that saved a blissful bloke like me
I was kinda lost, but now I'm found
Was a bit blind, but now I see

Twas graceworks that taught my heart to cheer
the best that lied within;
And it was graceworks that calmed my fears 
And conquered all my sin

Both God and I have done our part
To make redemption mine 
My freewill faith removed my stoney heart
And earned me eternal life

So when we’ve been there ten thousand years
'Cause of all the graceworks we have done
We’ve no less days to share God's praise
Than when we first begun

New lyrics by Campi - adapted from another parody;
Sincere apologies to John Newton


The Blainemonster said...

Ahhh yes - brings to mind those other great hymns of the church, "How Great My Part" and "Great Is My Faithfulness". :)

Dave Miller said...

If we sing this Sunday, do we owe you royalties?

~Mark said...

I dunno whether to laugh at your creative humor or cry at the truth behind it!

Anonymous said...

Good work (no pun intended).

Darrin said...

I just needed some help to discover my full potential!

I must have been better than the heathen down the street, cause I made the right choice and he didn't!

No, as Packer observes, even faith flows from the cross. I did not generate it or add anything to what Christ has done.

Anonymous said...

"Ahhh yes - brings to mind those other great hymns of the church, "How Great My Part" and "Great Is My Faithfulness". :)"

How about "Some of the Way, My Savior Leads Me", or "And Can It Be That I Should Earn".

SJ Camp said...

Really great comments here from all. Like the hymnody parody as well.

But the seriousness of this issue is profound isn't it... We must understand and get the gospel right. All of grace and nothing but grace through faith in Christ alone is the gospel and we can never relax about.

Some who frequent this blog emailed me off-line and knew of the original version of these words from about 6 years ago. It was called "Arminian Grace." I think I might have mentioned the original at one time on this blog too (though i can't find it).

I wanted to change the title and content the parody for two key reasons: 1. I didn't think the original lyrics captured the heart of what Arminianism really is about and was therefore straw-manish for the sake of trying to be humorous; and 2. the issue is greater than being an Arminian or not. It is about salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, because of Christ alone - IOW, not a works plus grace gospel.

Hope this helps clarify.

Thanks again everyone for the most excellent comments again.

Michele Rayburn said...


In light of what you just said, maybe the title of your song should be "Amazing Works" because, as Romans 11:6 says "if it is of works, it is no longer grace".

And if by grace, then it is no longer of works; otherwise grace is no longer grace. But if it is of works, it is no longer grace; otherwise work is no longer work.

SJ Camp said...

Good thought!

I guess most people aren't full on Pelagians though. Works only. It is a blended faith: grace + works; faith + merit; Christ + my own righteousness. You know what I mean?

Thanks for the insight though. Spot on.

Unknown said...

This reminds me of Al Franken's pathetic character, Stuart Smalley (with a slight twist): "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, I've done enough, and doggone it, now God likes me."

Anonymous said...

I think calvinists and arminians tend to misunderstand each other...

but the song was funny in a sad sort of way.

Peter said...
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Peter said...

Deleted my previous comment as it contained a grammatical mistake! Try again - my comment on you Amazing Graceworks parody of the Arminian gospel that it actually parodies the Pelagian or semi-Palagian heresy of salvation by work or participation. Arminian theology espouses no such belief. I am not an Arminian but their beliefs are not heretical. Please extend a little grace...