Sunday, June 10, 2007

Look How I Began the Lord's Day...
with a gentle dusting of "summer snow"

When I woke up this morning preparing to get the kids ready for church, I opened up the front door with my fresh made coffee in hand to sit out front and enjoy this beautiful day when to my surprise I discovered that some other people had already ministered to my front yard sometime during the night.

I was TP'd. Now that doesn't mean TeamPyro'd :-). Though Frank's and Dan's rants do draw some ire from this site from time to time, I am pretty certain they didn't venture into Nashville sometime during the night and have at it. (BTW, the reason I like Pyromaniacs is because of Phil Johnson. The thought on several people's mind these days is "where's Phil, why hasn't he posted much lately, where did he go?" I say with an ever growing chorus of fellow bloggers: “bring back Phil to TP--we all miss him.")

With four teenagers and the fifth to become 13 this time next year, who knows which group of their friends did this. I am certain it wasn't Sheryl Crow - she would have only used one square sheet neatly placed on one leaf. At least the toilet paper was white, double ply, and soft to the touch. I'm thinking Charmin.

My neighbors (who were really enjoying the moment with me) reassured me that this is a great sign of affection. And if they're right... boy do I feel loved :-).

All in all it's cool--it's all good. In fact, in all honesty, I love this kind of stuff. Whoever did this did a really great job. They were quiet (not even the dogs were barking); they were thorough; and the TP was evenly proportioned. IOW, they had some real good clean fun.

As you can see, even the mailbox was made into a work of art. The front door was also plastered with plastic bag in tow as well. If I was in High School again--I'd be envious of the excellence by which they did their deed. Very impressive.

Now to the dreaded clean up... but it must wait until after church.

I really like the fact that our church has three Sunday morning services (all of which have about 800 people + attending): 8:15am, 10:00am, and 11:45am. Today, we're doing the 11:45am service. Though the pastors haven’t said so, I think it was in part designed for those unexpected moments just like this.

Have a great Sunday y'all. Worship in spirit and truth; pray Psalm 119:18 before the pastor preaches; and with humility and love, hold your pastors accountable to their heavenly charge as you also submit to and honor their leadership in your lives.

From the front lawn...
Acts 2:40ff


ann said...

Sorry about that ;) - sort of ...
Pranks and normal people - I love these small pearls of humor when you describe them.

Carla Rolfe said...

And let that be a lesson to you!

Just kidding. :-)

I hope it doesn't rain.