Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Does God Hear the Prayers of All People?
...or only the prayers of those who are His children through Jesus?

Does God hear the prayers of all people?

It's an important question. Since the tragedy of 911 and most recently the terrible, insane massacre of 32 people at Virginia Tech, all kinds of prayer gatherings have taken place with representatives from virtually all major religions in the world today. There is an equilateral tone to whom God is and how we approach Him--prayer being the most easily demonstrative. Even nonbelievers may say out of sympathy or condolence for others, "our thoughts and prayers go with you" or "we are praying for you."

Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer sanctioned by the government and has been practiced as early as 1775 that "designated a time for prayer in forming a new nation." Is heaven pleased with this kind of national acknowledgement? Does it accomplish anything for the kingdom of God? Is it biblically sanctioned? And can it bring glory to God if the prayers are not offered through Jesus Christ our Lord?

What say you? Does God hear the prayers of all people of all religions?

Before you answer, read these revealing words:

"For what is the hope of the godless when he is cut off, when God requires his life? Will God hear his cry, when distress comes upon him? Will he take delight in the Almighty; will he call on God at all times?" (Job 27:8-10).

"The LORD is far from the wicked, but He hears the prayer of the righteous" (Proverbs 15:29).

"We know that God does not hear sinners; but if anyone is God-fearing, and does His will, He hears him" (John 9:31).

Only the prayers of His own children through Jesus Christ our Lord, will the He ever hear (except the prayer of any sinner crying out for mercy and repentance to be saved from sin through the hearing of the gospel and the conviction of the Holy Spirit).


Terry Rayburn said...



Re John 9:31, Jesus didn't say that. It was the uninspired comment of the "man born blind", reflecting the common understanding of the Jews of the time. (Of course, John was inspired by God to accurately record the incident.)

SJ Camp said...

My bad.

I cut and pasted something from my notes where the words "Jesus said" were from a previous sentence.

But as you pointed out, it is still inspired by God to accurately record the incident.

Thank you,

Denise said...

Yeah, I don't think a National Day of prayer especially in these modern ecuenical times, is worth much. It might make some feel like they did something...a religious trifle. But what of the 364 other days? To whom or to what do most people (professing Christians or not) turn to FIRST? For the professing Christian, is God and His Word the last resort?

Scripture definitly says God doesn't hear the prayers of the wicked and the wicked certainly don't hear Him.

I guess I will expect the Imams to direct the Muslims tomorrow to pray alongside every other religious group...which is very sad and very empty.

It would be far more effective to have a National Day of Proclaiming God's Unadulterated Truth from Scripture.

And then continue to proclaim it every week (day, minute,).

I won't hold my breath. =)

Rick said...

God heard the prayers of Cornelius in Acts.

JLynn said...

So, Cornelius must have been save - one of God's, right? Just because he was a Roman centurion doesn't mean he wasn't one of God's.