Tuesday, December 06, 2005

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On Evangelicals Boycotting Undesirable Activity in the World... Again.

The big debate in the media these days involving evangelicals is over the phrase "Merry Christmas" vs. "Happy Holidays." This is a distraction at best, but, can be used for good to bring people's attention to "the reason for the season." Why not try, as one on this blog suggested, calling this day, "Merry Incarnation Day"? I like that. You'll surely get people asking questions as to what you mean and in turn, you will have the providential opportunity to explain yourself. That means telling about the Virgin Birth (which you'll have to biblically explain its importance); which means you'll have to also tell about His sinless life, atoning death and bodily resurrection from the grave. In short, you'll have to proclaim the gospel message itself.

This could be exciting... don't you think!?!?!

Here are two great quotes on the issue of boycotting (which many evangelicals unfortunately think is a spiritual gift.) These men offer a few helpful alternatives to boycotting that still engage us in society and call us to remain obedient to God's Word.

Merry Incarnation Day!!!
John 1:1,14,18

"IMHO, part of our Christmas cheer should be: boycott the boycotters. :-) The todo list would include: shop at Target, wear Levi jeans, brush with P & G, drive a Volkswagen, fly American Airlines, eat Kraft foods, vacation at Disney (oh... that was last year), play with American Girl dolls, watch Harry Potter, read Reader's Digest, and drink Starbucks." -Chad Bresson, The Vossed World

John Gerstner recommends a different method of 'boycotting'. This method could be called 'Christianity.' Using a different definition of boycotting from the Oxford dictionary, "refuse to hold relations with", he bases this method on 2 Corinthians 6:14. Gerstner says that Christians:

1) Refuse to hold relations with non-believers in religion, in marriage, and in their immoral activities.
2) Are not to refuse to hold relations with unbelievers in their normal, outwardly-moral activities.
3) May eat at a fast food restaurant, a given motel, etc., as long as we do not condone, approve, or support any immoral activities. (Do not buy their alcohol, cigarettes, dirty movies, pornographic magazines, etc.)
4) Continually boycott after this model all of the time as an essential of being a Christian!

He concludes like this, "I strongly favor true, biblical boycotting of all evil all the time." I say... AMEN!
-John H. Gerstner: The Early Writings Volume One. 'Christians and Boycotting' Morgan PA: Soli Deo Gloria Publications, 1997


Jeremy Weaver said...

I posted on Gerstner's view of boycotting here.

If this is inappropriate, delete at will.

SJ Camp said...

Inappropriate... you?

Thank you for the link,

Matthew2323 said...

In reading a few of the blogs about Christians boycotting I have seen little Scriptural support either for or against this activity.

Anyone care to share some verses?

bluhaze said...

lol...love ya campi!

Denise said...

This hit the newslines today:

The conservative Christian group Focus on the Family has closed all its Wells Fargo accounts because the San Francisco bank contributed to a gay rights group that promised to use the funds to "fight ... the anti-gay industry."



Dobson thru his psychology:
thinks like the world
talks like the world

But he tells the world to
Think like Christians
Talk like Christians
Behave like Christians

Something isn't right here.

No wonder they don't make much headway, eternally speaking. Very sad.

JRODFOSS said...

Thanks for addressing this issue. Recently I have avoided shopping at Target more or less as a personal decision, not so much based on an official "Boycott". My two reasons for doing so is their refusal to allow the Salvation Army to set up outside their stores and the companies anti-American military policies. My beef is with their policies not the products they peddle.

My question is how should I approach these two issues since Target is not neccessarily doing something bad but instead they are refusing to allow or do certain things that reflect an anti-Christian view as well as an anti-American view?

Shawn said...

Great idea Steve Camp,

What a great opportunity to share Christ with others.

I've been not posting on this site lately, but I read your stuff everyday.


Yes I remember your boycotting post, it was helpful. I'm about ready to finish up our articles on saving faith (thanks so much for starting without me as I'm still trying to defend stuff at Rose's blog). Interesting to talk with some people about Zane Hodges, I didn't think anyone read Zane Hodges. Hodges' confuses me as much as Finney with his scripture gymnastics.

All By His Grace,
Shawn Lynes

littlegal_66 said...

Okay. (True story): I just got off the phone with Radio Shack's customer service department. While I was "on hold," I was forced to listen to Barry Manilow's "I Write the Songs." If this is not a valid reason for boycotting a retailer, pray tell what is? They won't see another dime of my money!
Heads are gonna roll at the Tandy Center.......that switchboard's going to light up like an Incarnation Tree.

Jeremy Weaver said...

And he needs to shave his toe-knuckles.

littlegal_66 said...
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littlegal_66 said...
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Mark Andrew said...

I'm not sure if Gerstner is being fecetious or not. The attitude behind his words almost makes non-Christians seem like lepers.

Also, I'm not sure if Christians should associate with Jesus anymore since he was known to enjoy a glass of wine now and then.