Tuesday, March 31, 2015

...but as for me, I will never boast about anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ

by steve camp

Glory in the cross, our faithful High Priest
Went beyond the veil as our Prince of Peace
Clothed with our sin, its guilt and shame
Our sinless Substitute, Jesus His name

Glory in the cross, the law now fulfilled
Righteousness displayed on Calvary’s Hill
He, Son of Man and God the Son
The Lord and the Lamb, our victory won

Glory in the cross, where grace doth abound
Where the Man of Sorrows wore transgressions crown
Wounded and chastened for our iniquities
Our faithful Redeemer, God the Father pleased

Glory in the cross, marked by sin’s crimson stain
Grace and forgiveness flows from His precious veins
Perfect redemption once for all sacrifice
Salvation made secure by the Lord Jesus Christ

Glory in the cross, Satan’s power of death destroyed
Rendered impotent by The Incarnate Word
He crushed the Serpents head upon Golgotha’s tree
Our great and dreadful Sovereign, Champion is He

Glory in the cross, the elect have been redeemed
O covenant of grace from eternity decreed
Worthy is the Lamb slain from all ages past
Sinners reconciled, true worshippers at last

Glory in the cross, “It is finished”, the Victor, cried
God propitiated, forever satisfied
Once enemies now brethren, estranged but brought near
His judgment assuaged no bondage nor fear

Glory in the cross, God forsaken of God
Smitten and afflicted, bruised with Heaven’s rod
Resurrected triumphant, our Lord, God and King
Grave where is thy vict’ry, O death where is thy sting?


pilgrim said...

YOu know, it's just like God to Glory in something we wouldn't on our own. This song sums that up.

Unknown said...

Where is the link to the MP3 of this way cool tune? :-)

SJ Camp said...

Don't have one yet... forgive me for the temptation. Am working on it.

littlegal_66 said...

When Campi gets this wonderful prose set to music, recorded, and makes it available, it's going on my "personal Reformation playlist" (which already consists of "Here I Stand," "We Stand in Grace," and "Cornerstone." If you haven't heard those already, check them out!)

baldtrainer said...

Excellent lyrics, brother...hopefully, we'll soon find your music in our hymnals...

Jeremy Weaver said...

That's beautiful.

This isn't a pun. Have you heard 'O Pilgrim Come'? There's a verse in taht song that goes,
O Pilgrim come, here is the cross,
Your pardon and your peace,
What I could never do myself, My God has done for me,
O Pilgrim come, here is the cross.

Good stuff.

Jeremy Weaver said...

Speaking of Steve Green, when will he ever come out of musical Babylon?

dogpreacher said...

I don't know much of Steve Green, but the song "Grace, And Nothing More" is one I have no problem singing with gusto!

I was looking through performance Soundtracks and had never heard it. Talk about a gem midst the junk.

I just wish I could find a lot of Steve's songs to sing (performance soundtracks) for my Church, etc. (hint, hint).

The hymn is beautiful.

grateful for grace,
The DOGpreacher

SJ Camp said...

I have music for this lyric already. People have really responded well in concert when I have sung it on occasion.

I hope to record it in time for Resurrection Sunday (Easter) next year.

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement.

Jeremy Weaver said...

Two questions,
Do you plan on having a new album out at that time?, and
Can we start a 'Save Steve Green From the Mammon of the Music Industry' campaign?

Terry Rayburn said...

We wanna hear it!
We wanna hear it!
We wanna hear it!

Seriously, folk, this is what Christian music is all about...Christ and Him crucified. Not just the Gospel for the lost, the Gospel for the saved.

Beautiful. Thanks.


littlegal_66 said...

Oh, now see, sledge....now you have everyone's mouths watering (actually, ears yearning) for some new, worshipful hymns and songs from the prolific Campi inkwell. ;-)

I still maintain that Steve's modern-day hymn,
"My Sins, My Sins, My Savior," serves as an excellent appetizer while his entree of new hymn(s) are being completed.

It appears we're starving out here......poised on the edges of our computer chairs in anticipation......at least, Stevebo, you're letting us sample a few spoonfuls, and maybe that will stave off the hunger for a bit (but it seems that it may have left us eager for more). :-)

Bhedr said...

Every word given to Yeshua as a song born in affliction rises with wings and soars and makes sweeter the voice who sings it.

olan strickland said...

Glory in the cross, the law now fulfilled
Righteousness displayed on Calvary’s Hill
He, Son of Man and God the Son
The Lord and the Lamb, our victory won

Matthew 1:1 - "The record of the geneology of Jesus the Messiah, the son of David [the sovereign Lord], the son of Abraham [the sacrificial Lamb]"

Wow! A musician with theology!

Steve, may your "camp" increase.

Deb_B said...

"...It appears we're starving out here...".

Aye, musically speaking, we are, at least from where I sit. C'mon, Steve, more, more, please.

"Keith Green with theology" ... (none of that "bubblegum" stuff, right?)

The cumulative, contextual evidences of Scripture certainly indicate music IS a ministry. If I'm not mistaken, is not "music" derived from the Greek root "muse"?

The lyrics are powerful even just in the reading of them. However, I have no doubt whenever you set them to music and make the recording available, the song will minister even more powerfully.

Thank you.


Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to hear it.


SJ Camp said...

deb b
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I am prayerfully and actively trying to raise the funds to do another project.


SJ Camp said...

the spokesman
Thank you brother. Putting the great truths of God's Word to song has been a lifelong calling and mission. Your continued prayers to that end are graciously appreciated.


Rachel said...

That is beautiful.

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