Wednesday, April 29, 2009

...President Obama claims he didn't know - found out when we did

One wonders how much smarts you have to have to authorize this kind of insensitive, frightening, and ridiculous stunt. President Obama is content to spin it, calling it "a mistake." A mistake. Ordering a Diet Coke and getting a Dr. Pepper is a mistake. Listening to Paula rather than to Simon is a mistake. Watching Olbermann instead of Hannity is a big mistake. But this... a mistake? Hardly. I can't figure out if this represents the height of arrogance or the depth of stupidity? 

Just for the record, Air Force One just doesn't take off for a low altitude joy ride over NYC with accompanying fighter jets by accident; and certainly without clearance from several top level officials - needless to say... the President himself. But President Obama claims he found out when we did; that he didn't know about it. Says he's mad and is going to launch an investigation to get to the bottom of this and find out who is responsible for this gross derelict of duty. (Now how long does it take to look into the mirror?)

What was the primary purpose for the flyby? To get a new photo of AF1 with the Statue of Liberty in the foreground. Maybe the White House Staff should be briefed on an amazing tool called PhotoShop. Government employees... they never studied.

This raises a more pressing and important thought: I wonder who's in charge of national security? Just another reason as to how we should for pray for our beloved Commander in Chief.


Michele Rayburn said...

Maybe this was a diversionary tactic so we wouldn't talk about his latest teleprompter incident, which was on the same day. Because that, too, was tragic.

P.S. I hope he knows where the "football" is.

KarensFaith said...

Oh, good grief! He didn't know?! How could he not know? Someone can just take the plane without permission? LOL!!! I doubt it!

Yep! Definitely praying for him here!


cyd said...

What man doesn't know where his wheels (or wings!!) are at any given moment 24/7? Puhleez.

Michele -
I hope he knows what a football is! ;-)

Michele Rayburn said...


That's what I was thinking after I posted. Scary!

Patrick said...

The claim of they didn't know is just totally incredible. Their planning & contingencies of the presidents movements outside the White House & their vehicles are scripted to almost the second. The only thing I missed was the seething and fits the media would have had if this happened during the Bush admin.

Rick Frueh said...

"I wonder who's in charge of national security?"

Same type of sinners that were in charge during 9/11, just with different names. How we view any administration is always refracted by our moral comitments. We will defend vigorously those with whom we agree, and vice versa.

In the end politics usually alters our redemptive spirit, which, should be what always defines us.

Susan said...

Do you know Alex Jones, from

Your thoughts?

donsands said...


I'm glad the people in New York were shocked. 9/11 is still fresh for New Yorkers.

Many Americans have become numb to 9/11 I fear. Even our leadership.

I would hate to see another 9/11, or worse than 9/11 perhpas.

And I think it surely is being planned by our enemies.

Maybe we need another catastrophe to bring the Church back to the Lord, and turn this nation around as well.

President Obama is a dishonest man. He has played the politician quite well.

I do pray he would come to Christ, and see his sin, and behold the forgiveness of the Cross.

There's forgiveness for sin no where else. Jesus is the holy Lamb of God, who was made sin, and a curse for us sinners, and children of wrath.

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