Wednesday, April 15, 2009

...the citizenery finally speaks out

Over 1,000 cities across the fruited plains held anti-tax and spend protest rallies today. They are called T.E.A. Parties - Taxed Enough Already. 

What do you think? Are we over taxed? Have politicians forgot about balancing their own government checkbooks before asking more from ours? Is printing billions of dollars the solution to the economic crisis? Should banks, automakers, big business get TARP funds and bailout monies while average American individuals are losing their jobs at the rate of over 650,000 per month?

As one TP attendee so aptly painted on his sign today: "I'll keep my freedom; you keep the change!" One little girl at the Franklin rally that I attended had a great poster she made with a very clever slogan. It said, "Your pork has broke my piggy bank."


This is an historic day beloved; a real sea-change has occurred in American politics. The citizenery are returning to the fundamental constitutional belief that government should be "by the people, of the people, and for the people." What is impactful about these TP rallies is they are bi-partisan events. A broad base of Americans (Democrats, Republicans, and Independents) alike have had enough and are letting the good elected folk in Washington know their unfettered and unfiltered thoughts.

So don't miss out! Try and get to a
TEA Party near you today...


roadwolf said...

Typo on Title of thread Steve... it is "Citizenry"

SJ Camp said...

Thank you my brother; but actually it is not misspelled. That is a Bushism (i.e. former President George W. Bush). He was fond of saying that at the most interesting times. It is now evolved as part of the nomenclature of American politics.

This is similar to when he introduced the word , "...strategery" into the political landscape. (My personal favorite of all Bushisms.)

Sp enjoy...

Dave Miller said...

I could be wrong, but I think strategery was not a "Bushism" but a Will Ferrelism - when he was imitating Bush.

It is true that in his early years in office, President Bush struggled greatly with the English language. Of course, he was from Texas, so English was his second language.

Arthur Sido said...

We had 5000 people or so in Lansing, which is a lot for a town that size. I think people might be finally starting to wake up and realize that this country we love is about to be no more.

cyd said...

Tonight the local news announced that "dozens" of these TEA parties were held across the country, all promoted by conservatives...the media often struggles with reality...maybe its part of their strategery. ;-)

SJ Camp said...

Both in some ways are correct. Bush originated it; Ferrel made it famous... along with Rush Limbaugh.

SJ Camp said...

5k is huge for Lansing! What a great statement that people are tired of a government that is not acting in its best interest nor constitutionally.

And all of these rallies today were orderly, clean, and unified across party lines.

Wonderful day.

SJ Camp said...

The liberal; media does struggle when true independent Americans exercise their constitutional right of free speech and lawful assembly and do something that is the right thing to do and that benefits all its citizens.

Good comment - spot on. Thank you!