Wednesday, March 25, 2009

...I wish someone would have had the conviction to say this

Anyone else notice that President Obama failed to allow not one media commentator or reporter employed by any financial news organization to ask him even one single question?


littlegal_66 said...


It's like watching the "Paul Washer" of British Parliament...

Don P said...

For 20 years, I spent about 105% of my income, buying new cars, tv's, taking vacations, never saving a dime. Then the nice union job that had paid for that lifestyle moved out of state, leaving me with the sobering task of attempting to pay back all that I had borrowed on a substantially reduced income. These days I often tell my adult son "If I can't buy it cash, I don't want it"
What frustrates me greatly is watching politicians in Sacramento and Washington approaching their budgeting in the same foolish way that I did. The real trouble lays just ahead.

James Hunt said...

Bravo! Well, then, is there someone in our country's leadership that can say this to our current Debt-accruer-in-Chief?

Oh, wait, yes, Rush Limbaugh has already spoken an American version of this speech and was castigated for it. Remember the "I hope Obama fails" line of recent days? It was in reference to a desire for Obama to fail if what his agenda is is to make us move toward Socialism and away from the American ideal.

Geesh, for a political moderate I surely am sounding like a party line pundant.

Oh well, it's the truth.


SJ Camp said...

Exactly, Quote of the day! No politics - just truth.

SJ Camp said...

Don P
You're not alone - we all live in the moment thinking our current employ or financial station will somehow be immune from "hope and change."

I'm also on a cash basis. Tore up the credit cards years ago and have been paying them off slowly.

Isn't it interesting the one question not asked of Obama was: "how much out of your current budget have you reduced and/or cut in spending for operating the federal government? AND, will you live up to your campaign promise to go line by line and eliminate all the pork from these bail-out bills?"

IMHO, that would have been a great place to start.

SJ Camp said...

James Hunt
Bravo! Well, then, is there someone in our country's leadership that can say this to our current Debt-accruer-in-Chief?

Buy "Liberty and Tyranny - A Conservative Manifesto" by Mark Levin. Just out. Number one already... I've read some excerpts and read some great reviews. Limbaugh calls it a one stop shop to regain conservatism within our nation. Levin is a brilliant attorney and sage political pundit.

This is THE book for answering and understanding our current nation's issues, the current administration, and upholding a constitutional government.

Tom S said...

Surely you're not trying to blame our current national debt on a president who's been in office two months, are you? Take a look at the national debt graph and tell me who has brought about this problem. And be honest, Steve...

donsands said...

Tom S,

I copied this from your link.

"Obamanomics represents change with unconscionable deficits leading us to the brink of national insolvency. And to what end - to remake the United States into a mirror image of a European social democracy?"

Also: "The road to insolvency is paved with red ink. How can the United States become insolvent? Easy, just add the Obamanomics deficits, as laid out in the President's ten-year plan, to the existing $11 trillion national debt and it will not be long before the US is unable to meet its financial obligations. Presently, debt held by the Social Security Trust Fund and other governmental agencies is $4.4 trillion, plus the remainder of the debt (owed to citizens or "foreign" owners) is $6.6 trillion. Approximately 50% of US debt is owed to foreigners, up from 31% in 2000, and this debt will undoubtedly continue to climb. If China and other foreign creditors lose their appetite for US debt, the result will be catastrophic for the dollar.."

Scary stuff. Obama has no idea what he is doing in my opinion, or does he?

SJ Camp said...

Tom S
The Bush administration did over spend. I don't know any conservative that would say otherwise - even Limbaugh and Hannity.

But his deficit was 1.2 Trillion over an eight year Presidency (which also included a war on terror as well). Obama has more than tripled that amount in 60 days and he is doing so by trying to socialize government, nationalize the banking system, and through the purchase of toxic assets.

Can you be honest my friend? Obama is getting a lot of negative support even from his own party. The CBO doesn't even support his budget and they are nonpartisan. And let's be honest as well, the Dem's have controlled Congress the last two years plus; they also share in this out of control spending. But Obama has taken it farther than anyone in such a short and accelerated period.

How do you feel about him giving one European bank 89 billion recently? Or about giving ACORN 5 billion? Or about the 185 billion in pork in the original stimulus package?

Bush was wrong in some areas of spending. But this current issue Obama didn't inherit from Bush, he owns it. AND, he has only Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to thank for the Fannie Freddy demise.

Can you handle the truth? :-). Let me know your thoughts as well.

SJ Camp said...

Taking a cue from the MEP's most insightful words: would it be out of line to refer to President Obama as The Devalued President?

Not looking for a fight...

Anonymous said...

wow!!! Someone actually speaking truth to power!! I usually cringe when I hear/read that phrase, but I usually see it on Jim Wallis blog.

Steve, do you think that this would be something the church should be addressing with politicians? Having not only our churches financial houses in order (an issue I remember you passionately addressing years ago) the congregants of individual churches having their financial houses in order, and our local, state and federal governments having their financial houses in order.

GUNNY said...

Wow, he got served.

I particularly gravitated toward the bit about fewer private sector jobs, but more public sector jobs.

R W S said...

The road to recovery to reduce government overspending is going to be painful and hurt. I do not agree with the government throwing money around like its Monopoly currency. However I also know that means a loss of jobs that would be propped up with government cash. Families will be displaced and the human toll high in terms of divorce,suicide,alcoholism etc.. but , I love that word ,what a better time than for the church to shine. Reaching out with the gospel of Christ that should change a persons interest towards heaven and not so much this earthly life and possessions that rust . I like Dr.John Piper's way of thinking concerning money , that we are in a war , so just as they lived during the wars , so should we ,frugal and giving at the same time.

SJ Camp said...

Excellent comment; and I agree with Piper here as well.

We need to pray for our leaders in all areas of government that they would have uncommon wisdom the courage to do what is right and not just politically expedient.

Thank you again.

Bhedr said...

Yeah, wow!He has guts and true and well articulated; But like the man said..."We are all headed for a squall".


Living outside of our means.

It's what got us all there. Not the Prime Minister, not Bush and not even Obama...though I would love to blame it on him; It would really serve no purpose.

So many of us have been guilty in spending outside of our means, but hopefully we are learning from our lessons and paying our debts and not using them CARDS anymore. May we all find satisfaction and contentment in Christ alone.

Perhaps some vessels are in better order than others but we are all headed for a squall and everyone is robbing Peter to pay Paul everywhere. We just found out yesterday that everyone in our plant is getting a 10% decrease in pay. I am already bailing water in the Hedrick vessels; My wife along with my three kids. I will be dropping health insurance, but thankfully I have the Veterans hospital and we can find a lower plan for my wife and kids, God will provide. Our boss lost a million bucks last year and he is not happy still, even though we had a slight boom these last couple months. He shut down the Shelby plant and we as a plant are actually going strong, but we have to compensate for the plant in northern Virginia since the cost of living is higher up there, they tell us.

Fact is, three years ago so many of the designers and salesmen were living high on the hog and lording it over many of us. The man second to the vice-president of the co. got fired to save money and they have been making cuts like no ones business.Lots of layoffs last year. It is all just a matter of time. I am thankful I still have a job, but truly the Lord has got to be coming back or something.

This world is ripe for its Anti-Christ.

After we found out our pay was getting cut yesterday, one of our dispatchers went on in a mocking tone about how we at least have a job and should be thankful and then began cursing the name of Christ in the same breath in a very loud tone knowing that I am a Christian.

Everyone still is angry about losing the blessings while trying even to count the blessings, but they still curse the blesser.

Grace upon grace,


May the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be praised forever!