Wednesday, March 11, 2009

IS BARACK OBAMA PURPOSELY TRYING TO DESTROY THE U.S. ECONOMY? and former White House employee James Simpson says yes

Topic: Barack Obama is Destroying Our Economy on Purpose.

Listen to Brannon Howse's interview with James Simpson here.

Description: A pair of radical Columbia University professors by the name of Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven wrote an article in the radical magazine known as The Nation. The article was published on May 2, 1966 and laid out what is now known as the "Cloward-Piven Strategy". The plan calls for the destruction of capitalism in America by swelling the welfare rolls to the point of collapsing our economy and then implementing socialism by nationalizing many private institutions.

Cloward and Piven studied Saul Alinsky just like Hillary Clinton and President Obama. Listen as Brannon and his guest James Simpson explain how Cloward and Piven inspired the creation of ACORN that Obama worked for as a community organizer. This interview must be e-mailed all over the country. Americans must awaken and understand the goal of these radicals and what is to come if they succeed. Time is of the essence. Obama is not over his head as some have claimed; he knows exactly what he is doing. Understand the Cloward-Piven Strategy, the rules of Saul Alinsky and their Cultural Marxist worldview and you will understand that what is occurring is not by mistake.


Craig and Heather said...

Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say that President Obama is "personally" responsible. Our country has been going this way for years. Most people have just been so distracted with living the "American Dream" to notice. We have been fed the message that as long as we have our jobs and health, life is good. We've also been groomed to believe that there is such thing as "good" human government. However, when the Israelites demanded a human king, God warned that it would not be a happy thing for them.

Now, when jobs and health care are threatened, many are looking to the supposed benevolent government for help. Many give no thought as to what will be required in exchange for the implementation of the government's promised solutions.

Jesus warned that we cannot serve both God and mammon. It divides our loyalties and causes us to build our lives on an unstable foundation.

Psalm 2 is a good place for me to go to refresh my memory that even though circumstances look terrible, God is still in control.


Debbie said...

Not only does he know what he is doing, he is in fact acting in every way consistent with who he is and what he believes. Anyone who is surprised by this must not have been paying attention all along. And yet, I am amazed almost daily at how many people I know who voted for him are getting a little more than nervous because they didn't really think he would go "this far". Unbelieveable ....

Deb_B said...
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Deb_B said...
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Strong Tower said...

Obama: "I Would Hang The Dumass In The White House"

Deb_B said...

Typo delete - X2 - but of course, coupled with addenda!

From my observations, which of course should be digested alongside the proverbial sack o' salt, I don't particularly think he's bright or dedicated enough to follow a carefully crafted Socialist (synonymous with Communist) plan.

However, I do believe he's falling back on, and thus trying to follow the only real frame of reference he has: socialism ... if only because he hasn't a clue otherwise of what to do now that he has a job he's actually supposed to work at for a whole four years, the longest time he's ever held any kind of employment in his entire life.

(Apparently, no one explained to him that this particular job doesn't come with "banker's hours".)

To use a tired old aphorism, he's really not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. I honestly don't think he has a clue. Look how many of his nominees have (and two more just did already this week) removed their names from consideration. This latest batch of "bowee outees" don't seem to have any pressing unpaid taxes, etc., so it's beginning to look like the sound of a distant drumbeat of discomfort with the apparent growing chaos within his administration, methinks. But as usual I digress, back to point...

I believe insomuch as he managed to glean of socialism/communism from his mentors, he's trying to implement as swiftly as possible, if only because he doesn't have a clue what to do otherwise.

I mean, I know he's getting all his payback in, or trying to where abortuaries (and exportation thereof) is concerned, the removal of private ballot from union votes, etc. But, nevertheless, he appears to have a very, very short attention span when it doesn't directly concern himself, a hallmark of NPD.

However, I think his vanity and narcissism [NPD] (alright, I haven't practiced clinically except to occasionally call cover in years, but I can't help but make an observation upon occasion), will drive him to change course if only to protect his perceived "legacy" ... strange as that may read to some of you. (Which is likely to lead to only more chaos in something akin to yet another aphorism: "grasping at straws".)

With Romans 13 (and other appropriate passages in clear view), I don't want to cross the line in my commentary.

donsands said...

There's no way to be sure what is really happening. However, Obama is surely a socialist. He said he was going to change America, AND the world.

If Obama isn't a socialist, then what would it look like, and what would he sound like if he WAS? That's my question.

And the truth is that the USA could surely become just as Europe has. Will we? I hope not. ot so much for my sake, but for my children, and children's children.

I like Patrick Henry. He said this: "Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!"

God's gift of liberty is worth fighting for, don't you think. But it's difficult to fight as a Christian isn't it? How does one do that?
I suppose we may find out. May the Lord give us the grace and courage to do His will. Amen.

Tony Hicks said...

I have little doubt that Obama is a socialist, if not a neo-Marxist. I also do not doubt that Cloward-Piven concocted a strategy to subvert American democracy as Simpson alleges. However, his conspiracy theory is too neat and pays too little attention to sinful man's propensity to lay aside any "grand design" for his own goals and selfish advancement.

Obama is a committed liberal but he threw in with Ayers and Jeremiah Wright for primarily one reason...because they offered him an entre' into politics where he could pursue his own agenda.

I also have a hard time believing that the incredibly inexperienced Obama would have such a grand plan and would be the puppet master in pulling it off.

In short, Obama scares me. I think he is a committed leftist with socialist visions for this country. I just don't think he is implementing the grand strategy of Cloward-Piven to bring down the country for the sake of the "grand cause." I think he is committed first and foremost to promoting himself and hopes to be seen and adored as the savior of the nation. He wants to use radical socialist policies to bring this about but I don't think he wants the epitaph of America written on this watch. That is bad for history (his own).

Just my take.

Anonymous said...

Read your interesting article. Have a question: Isn't that TREASON? Can what is said be proven so we can charge Obama with treason? What is the result of proof of treason? Is it still that you will be SHOT? And this would send a message to Hillary and her cronies!

Psalm said...

All is running on the tracks and in the order as peronsaly directed by John in Revelation. It is Johns train and Johns tracks because Gods people do not want HIS rule or HIS Son SO, He gave you John, 6:66.

Yes, Psalm 2, God is always in control and Directs the ways of HIS own. He will not force any to choose what they do not want but, He gives what is required. The Jews did not want Jesus, the Christians do not want HIS Son.

Blue Collar Todd said...

Now you can get ready for someone from ACORN or other Obama Youth to come to your door. I think Christians are not going to have so easy in America and that will be a good thing. Time to radically focus on Jesus as the exclusive Savior of mankind and the only Lord we ought to obey.

Tuke said...

“Obama, he is the American Gorbachev, he will destroy America, it will not be rebuilt,”

read this;

fredlu33 said...

It would seem to me everything of consequence being proposed is severaly negative, could he actually think these things are "good"
i.e. new Black Panthers, Gulf Moratoriam, Gov, of Ill & he w/ friends,spending Trillions w/ the current state of affairs( everyone knows about SS & medicare unsustainable & he forces through the biggest ever entitlement ,Health Care while we are in the greatest contraction since the depression,nationalizing autos,banks, ins. co ,student loans. I've got to stop here I'm wasting my time.