Thursday, July 03, 2008

...the "godfather" of talk radio talks candidly about the upcoming Presidential election, the state of the nation, and drive-by media

For you cigar aficionados... 
that is a La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Maduro Chisel
Spurgeon would approve and be proud

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littlegal_66 said...

“On Aug. 1, Limbaugh will celebrate the 20th anniversary of his national radio program."

Has it really been 20 years? I first tuned into El Rushbo when I was about 24 (a little before the launch of Desert Storm).....being a young, cocky little conservative at the time, I took great delight in annoying my liberal co-workers with his broadcast. (Even to the point that one of the drafters I worked with asked to be moved to a cubicle out of earshot of my radio). :-D That was 18 years ago, and he’s made me think, laugh, and then think again ever since.

A $400 mil contract? You go, Rusty.

From the article....
Rush (referring to Bill O’Reilly): “The man is Ted Baxter.”
LOL.....he kills me.

P.S. La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel.....would've loved a sniff of that cigar. (Not a draw, mind you, but a whiff....I don't smoke 'em, but I love to smell 'em). :-)

gigantor1231 said...


I used to be a regular listener of Rush, I still tune in on occasion. I would have to say, though, that, from what I have heard, Rush does not bare any fruit giving evidence that He is born again! While he is a wonderful orator for the political right I would much rather hear him glorifying God than exposing and impugning the liberal left.
So, call me a party pooper but My prayer for 'El Rushbo' is that he would come face to face today with the living savior and accept the grace that is offered to all men such as him.

SJ Camp said...

Rush does cause us all to think - I agree. His influence on the political landscape is profound and almost impossible to measure. I am glad he is a conservative.


SJ Camp said...

I don't know if Rush is a truly regenerated man or not. I know that he speaks highly of the Lord and the Christian faith; but I know no more than that.

I posted this here because his wisdom, insight and influence on the politics of our nation are second to none. He also, being a conservative, is going to connect the dots for many believers concerning this election as well.

I think that is important today.

As we are seeing many young Christians (I mean in terms of age; 18-30) being lured by the emerging/emergent church and a pragmatics form of faith, that same demographic is also being targeted and potentially lured by the Obama campaign as well. They are dissatisfied with the Bush administration to the point of just jumping ship and "trying" a new party or a candidate that is trumpeting change though is an empty suit on substance.

The Lord is sovereign and will have His way in setting up in power who He wants for His purposes (Romans 13:1-3); but we should also be informed believers on these things so that we can make wise choices in casting our votes.

Rush is THE source (but not the only one) to read to garner such political information.


SJ Camp said...

What are you talking about?

Can you provide me with some links of news articles to support this 1971 issue? Please don't do a drive-by here, but provide some context and corroboration.

Thank you,

Michele Rayburn said...


Do you have any reliable source for your accusation, and if so what is it?


Rick Frueh said...

There are multiple sources on google that say he was, and multiple sources who do not mention it. He went by the name of Jeff Christie back then so in light of this I retract the arrest incident as uncooberated and apologize as well.

But it is no secret that Limbaugh used the name of God lightheartedly, he parodied Bill Clinton for 8 years mercifully in disobedience to the New Testament, he has many documented personal problems, but his main thrust of his wing of the "conservative" movement is money.

He barely mentions abortion or other moral issues and I feel he instill in his listeners a hatred for liberals which of course we as believers should desire to come to Christ. I have many Christian friends who are duplicitous (politics and religion) because of Rush and others.

Again, we can and should do better.

I again apologize and will ask someone who is better at authentication than am I to let me know if the arrest thing is true. As it stands it is not. I will e-mail you, Steve< if I get some concrete information.

SJ Camp said...

You offered no proof of anything, just personal commentary. I don't allow that here. If there are "multiple sources" then produce them - don't just say there are.

The spreading of falsehood to the magnitude that you did here is called libel and will not be tolerated. I don't mind people saying what they want or taking me to task on any issue; but you can't drive-by and think it is solid journalism or justified invective.

As to Rush taking on Clinton for 8 years... please. You gotta do better than that my brother.

I will await you producing solid evidence of anything you have suggested by opinion here only.

Do the homework,

Rick Frueh said...

I e-mailed you the sites about the Pittsburgh insident. I cannot understand how we can overlook someone showing abject mockery to leaders when the New testament says to do otherwise.

When Rush says "On loan from God" he is using God carelessly. He is hardly a voice for traditional family values. My point remains, he is not a voice for Christianity.

Dave Algie said...

I never thought I would see the reputations of Rush Limbaugh, Steve Camp and Charles Spurgeon combined in an advertisement on COT for Big Tobacco!

Rush Limbaugh is an incredibly witty speaker and a gifted orator. I just wish we'd hear more from Bo Snerdley. He's hilarious.

However, I don't think Rush's program is designed to "make people think." Rather I feel it is quite the opposite. He makes sweeping statements over and over that it seems his adoring audience often accepts blindly without subjecting to much scrutiny; "Liberals are hypocrites and liars. Liberals hate America. Liberals want to take away our freedoms." In this way, thoughtfulness and critical thinking are actually discouraged. You're not going to engage in a reasoned debate with someone you've already decided is lying to you, are you?

I believe this is common across the political spectrum. Someone announces that their stance is based on "reason" before launching into a tirade of ad hominem attacks and sweeping generalizations.

I'm not saying Rush is always wrong. That would be a sweeping generalization, wouldn't it? He's certainly right about one thing. He says liberals are jealous of his $400 million contract. This liberal certainly is! My pittance of a high school teacher's salary has me turning green with envy at Rush's windfall.

SJ Camp said...

Thanks for your post here. I can identify also. My small wages pale in comparison to Rush's 400M advance and 38M a year for the next eight years. But I am content...

You are a teacher? You are doing important and valuable work. I think our teachers today deserve so much admiration and thanks from parents all over our nation.

Keep on...

SJ Camp said...

Thank you for your continued comments here. The email you sent me doesn't pull up any articles; it just gives me a blank google page. Check it out and resend it to me.

Two quick other things:

1. Rush saying that he has talent on loan from God can be interpreted as being he is attributing his giftedness from the Lord; or mockery. I have always assumed it is the former and not the later.

2. Challenging leadership is proper within the bounds of Scripture, Rush was always challenging Clinton on his ethics; personal antics; immorality and his abject lying as our Commander in Chief. Now I didn't vote for Clinton, but he was my President and I did pray for him as much as I have President Bush.

When politicians act against the law, the constitution, the fidelity of their oaths to family or country, they should be confronted and in our day, discussed. They are not untouchable figures.

But making false charges against someone is wrong too. Calling say someone you disagree with in the blogosphere a "bottom feeder" is also wrong. Agreed?

Currently on Rush's website at the top of this homepage is a link to understand more fully Christian persecution that is going on around the world from Voice of the Martyr's. That isn't proof of Rush knowing Christ as his Lord and Savior, but it is rare to see someone in his position identify himself with that cause directly related to believers in Christ being persecuted for their faith.

Rush has a lot to offer in the political realm. I pray he knows Christ as his Lord, and that the things you have hinted at on this blog are not true of him. In the meantime, may I encourage each of us to pray for Rush and that the Lord would give him godly and biblically solid men of God to speak into his life.

Grace and peace to you,
1 Tim. 2:1-4

Rick Frueh said...

Thank you for your response, Steve. I again apologize for referencing something that cannot be fully substantiated. I reject that in others, and I reject it when I succomb as well. Let me have a couple of days for some of my friends to give me their best effort in the issue. I promise to get back to you.

I love your blog as it pertains to the gospel, revival, Spurgeon, and a host of other things. Politics, not so much.

We will disagree on Rush and agree on Jesus. I will e-mail you soon.

littlegal_66 said...

"I never thought I would see the reputations of Rush Limbaugh, Steve Camp and Charles Spurgeon combined in an advertisement on COT for Big Tobacco!

Oh, I've always figured it was inevitable.:-)

Dave Algie said...

Thanks Steve, for your kind and encouraging words.

I am actually a New Zealander living and teaching in Japan.

However, I have taught many U.S. citizens in my ten year career and continue to do so at my present school.

And as an English teacher the curriculum I teach reflects my great love for American literature.

As an outsider and a liberal I do not think highly of American foreign policy of recent years.

But the richness of the literature (and music) the U.S.A has given the world and the stirring and inspiring purity of its stated ideals makes me see the U.S. in a very positive light. Most of all, it is the hundreds of Americans I have met in my travels around the world and within the U.S. that are the best advertisement for America. I know it is inconsistent of me now to use a generalization, but I have always found Americans to be the most generous, decent and open people to meet and get to know.

I hope you and your family have, or have had, a great Independence Day.

SJ Camp said...

To All
I had to delete a previous comment by Rick Frueh due to the unsubstantiated libelous nature of the comment.

Thank you,

SJ Camp said...

Thank you for sharing a bit of your story here. I too have been discouraged the past four years of American foreign policy and some of our national trends.

But we do live in a great country; and even within the political structure there are noble men and women that are strict constitutionalists who embrace honorably the rule of law and do protect the rule of faith by constitutional statute.

You teach in a country that is very open to the gospel. My prayers are with you in your service to the Lord.

Grace and peace,
Romans 15:20

Dave Algie said...


I am not so sure that Japan is open to the gospel. In fact the Japanese seem to be one of the most secular people in Asia. Perhaps you are thinking of Korea.

Also, I must be honest and confess that I am not a believer in the way that you would consider me to be doing “service to the Lord.” I am what my father (and you I suspect) would describe derisively as being a “Christmas Eve” Christian, attending church once a year and having discarded many of the Christian beliefs of my upbringing.

Hope this doesn’t disqualify me as a sometime contributor of my perspectives to Camp On This.

Sorry for taking this well-off topic now.