Thursday, June 05, 2008

...this is some really great behind the scenes tech-info

Enjoy this fast paced and very informative behind the scenes look at these wonderful monster video screens that light up Times Square. This is some pretty impressive stuff-- I want one. :-)


to my Reformed brothers: there is nothing biblical about this or remotely linked to the Reformation so chill and just be entertained; 
to my Emerging brothers: you can't afford it, you're not smart enough to program it, so don't even think about it; 
to my Baptist brothers: no mega church ceiling is tall enough to house one so youth night is out; 
to my Charismatic/Pentecostal brothers: 2 1/2 million flickering lights of Benny Hinn or T.D. Jakes won't cure your ailments or bad hair with any more efficiency; 
and to my CCM brothers: you might actually be able to score some space on one of these tech-no Goliaths if the label will pony up the 300K per month to rent the real estate.
Now, relax, put the feet up, and appreciate this masterful tour by John Woods for the next 4:05.


littlegal_66 said...

sj camp said: "This is some pretty impressive stuff-- I want one. :-)"


I'll make this solemn pledge to you:
When I make my fortune (by subscribing to the prosperity gospel), the very first thing I'll do will be to make some calls and get one for you. ;-)


DaWildBoar said...

Very informative.