Tuesday, April 01, 2008


This is an important announcement
that needs your immediate attention:

After much careful study, prayer and thought, I have finally decided that:
  • the Pope is infallible
  • I'm an emerging/emergent believer
  • I read The Message every day
  • our methods and gimmicks really are the key to successful evangelism
  • the Bible is a good book but not inspired and has a few flaws
  • political legislation is our hope; hope to be reviving the Moral Majority in 2008
  • moving to Seattle to join Mars Hill Church
  • I recant the 107 THESES
  • firmly believe in contextualizing the gospel
  • am helping to sponsor Pagitt, McLaren, Bell, Schuller, Young Jr, Jakes, and Jones in a conference on church leadership
  • global warming isn't a myth: Rick Warren, Bono and I are teaming up this year to try and save the planet - going green y'all
  • starting a new TV show on TBN called: "CampFire"
  • starting to use scatological speech in my songs and sermons (it's very freeing - you all should try it)
  • I'm now asking five figure honorariums to come to your church to minister,
  • joined ECT and ETS
  • Going to start to charge tickets again for all concerts beginning at $40.00 each
  • NT Wright is now a must read
  • Chevrolet has agreed to sponsor my "come back tour"
  • I owe Frank and Dan an apology; the Chan video IS great
  • I'm trying to get my contract back with Warner Bros.
  • I LOVE the Dove Awards
  • JT and Challies were right... Vintage Jesus is an incredible modern day systematic theology
  • and I plan on voting for Barack Obama (sorry Hill)

April Fool's!
"Puff Campi"


S.J. Walker said...

Funny. No, really. I can't stop laughing. Somebody put me back in my chair.

So apparently Texas CAN freeze over and pigs do fly on occasion. What a day.

A Lion Has Roared!

SJ Camp said...

Thanks my brother!

cyd said...
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bluewoad said...

It's about time!

[blue puts a few checkmarks on his 'things to pray for campi about' list]

Thanks, Steve. Brought a smile to my face.

cyd said...


How wonderful of you to put up a picture of your senior pastor, Paula. It's great to know that there really is no male or female here. But did you have to show her in curlers?

Funny stuff here - thanks for the laugh!


ann_in_grace said...

Yeah right ;)
Thanks for the laughs, Steve!

John said...

CAMPFIRE--I can picture it in my mind. The camera fades in showing Steve and Joel O sitting in big gold chairs with big smiles and big hair singing, "It only takes a spark to get a fire going..."

As they end the song Steve says he is happy to introduce his next guest, Schuller who is going to be sharing the truth of the atonement and how to share the Gospel without making anyone made.

As they break for commercial Barney sings, "I'm Ok, You're Ok, we're just one happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you..."

Debbie said...

I'm sitting here on the sofa recuperating from knee surgery when up pops this picture on my laptop LOL -- then I read your list! I'm still laughing! It REALLY is the best medicine ... Thanks :)

littlegal_66 said...

You know, the buzz down on Music Row today is that you've purchased the entire Apple catalog, and in celebration of 30 years of ministry, you will be releasing a boxed set of Beatle worship tunes entitled, "Compleat Worship," later this year, (along with companion Bible studies based on "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and "Lady Madonna")..........
..........well, I guess it's just hearsay. (Bit of a shame though, I was kinda looking forward to your rendition of "I am the Walrus").

Now is there any substance to the rumor that you're changing your name to "Puff Campi" and are re-recording "Why, Why, Why" with a hip-hop groove?

SJ Camp said...

This is really great stuff you all! Thank you.

Get well and thanks for the post.

If I ever get a TV show - will you be my director?

John said...

Puff Campi,
You have got a deal!

Gage Browning said...

Don't forget doing something like promoting a cruise featuring Steve Camp leading worship, and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright preaching on unity.

The Unity 08' cruise

SJ Camp said...

The Unity Cruise... Really great!!!
Thanks man,

PS - If loving you is Wright, I wanna be wrong. :-)

SJ Camp said...

"Puff Campi"
Name change done.
Really good....

Also, the Beatles praise CD: would have to be called "Rubber Soul"

Thanks for the really creative comment.

That's not Paul White :-).

I did a few of those just for you big guy...

Where have you been? We have all missed you here at COT. Thanks for the comment.

Puff Campi

Michele Rayburn said...


I don't know about "Puff Campi", but I have noticed that he has recently referred to himself as a "Reformed Baptist Cream Puff". So "Cream Puff Campi" might work.

FWIW :) But alas, I see the name change is already done.

Uh, oh...I think I'm catching whatever Littlegal has.


glip said...

Shake me to wake me..say it aint so Steve!

Grizzle McBoom said...

I think your comback should incude a duet with Jimmy Swaggart (I'm a little bit country, your a little bit R & R.....) although yo gotta get him to concede that R& R is only a little bit of the devil!!!

Anonymous said...

political legislation is our hope; hope to be reviving the Moral Majority in 2008

I plan on voting for Barack Obama (sorry Hill)

Yo Puff!!

I think these are the two most consistant items on your list. Obama believes in hope, and the future filled with hope.

Hoping that this "different gospel" goes well for you:)

In jest
Paul C. Quillman

SJ Camp said...

Definitely "shake me to wake me" if any of those things were actually true.

Thanks for the CD plug!

SJ Camp said...

Swaggart? Now you've gone too far :-).

He mentioned me on a broadcast he did twenty-five or so years ago when talking about CCM music as being from the devil. And then he proceeded to sing one of my songs (Revive Us Oh Lord) not knowing I had written it. Our mutual Carman was the connection.

Thanks for the laugh this morning...

Puff Campi

SJ Camp said...

Yo Paul C.
Politics... it's almost too painful to watch these days isn't it?

Hillary can't recall her trip to Bosnia correctly; Barack can't bowl and has real pastoral problems; and McCain doesn't understand the economy.

What's a conservative to do?


S.J. Walker said...


"Why should the devil have all the good music?"

littlegal_66 said...

"P. Campi:"
Great. Now I’ve raised my bar and I’ll have to put some major thought into what I come up with on the thirteenth. (As a heads up, two words to keep in mind: “creative roasting.”) :-D

(“Uh, oh...I think I'm catching whatever Littlegal has.”)

Well, Tuesday of last week I was running a temp of 102.5.....
.....maybe what you’re witnessing is residual delirium from the fever.....

(cue “Jeopardy” theme song as LG mulls this over)

…………Nah, that’d be a good scapegoat, but it has nothing to do with the fever.....ya’ll know I’m always this way. :-)

The Seeking Disciple said...

Emergent Village has posted over at their site: Our prayers have been answered as Steve Camp repents!

Michele Rayburn said...


"It has nothing to do with the fever". I agree. This kind does not come out except by prayer and fasting. Only kidding! We love you just the way you are. (That would make a good song, wouldn't it?...oops, there I go again!)

I think we're getting a little off topic here, so to get back on topic let me just say "April Fool's...a little late".

Forgive me, Cream Puff!

By the way, I do hope you are feeling better now, Littlegal. I have been feeling a bit under the weather for several weeks myself. So, maybe I did catch what you got! Oops, there I go again, again.

Anonymous said...

"What's a conservative to do?"

All I can say to answer that is to say vote your conscience, grab your wallets, and run for the hills. The Gospel is our only hope, not any candidate (and espicially not this current crop).

Grizzle McBoom said...

Umm, in fear of judging from a distance,(Australia) are any of the presidential candidates any worse than current or previous incumbents?? George and Bill sent shivers up my spine at various times. Sorry. probably being too serious for the tone of this blog, will get off now.............