Saturday, April 26, 2008

...just play the black notes

Here is a stirring story about one of the most beloved
songs of the faith, as told by the one and only Wintley Phipps.
This will bring you tears of joy and merciful godly sorrow.
It will take you down to the depths of God's grace
and then lift you up to the heights of His praise;
something only "slaves of the Lord Jesus Christ" can truly know.

I appreciate my dear brother; but more, I genuinely admire 
his uncompromised devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ!

This is the message of Amazing Grace:
"I am a great sinner, He is a greater Savior"

In His Undeserved
Fathomless Grace,
Romans 5:1-2


Brian said...


rosemarie said...


Only Look said...

Yes that is a wonderful summation of praise to God for His grace and emancipation from slavery.

Carla said...

Absolutely beautiful.

SJ Camp said...

To All
I really believe that this is one of the most powerful messages in song I have heard. What a great testimony of God's sovereign electing love and irresistible grace from the pen of John Newton.

SDG that it has been an encouragement to you here.
Gal. 6:14

Mitch said...


Are you going to the Nashville symphony to hear him sing tonight, Sunday April 27th?

Debbie said...

My 13 yr. old daughter recently interpreted “Amazing Grace” in American Sign Language as part of a Fine Arts ministries program. She spent hours perfecting her interpretation. So I knew this clip would have a lot of meaning to her. It must have because I’ve heard her a couple of times in the other room playing it on the piano -- using just the black keys. :-) I’m thrilled that she has been immersed in the beauty and truth of this hymn on so many different and unexpected levels. What can I say but “Thank you, Steve” for sharing this story with us. Discovering what lies behind songs like this makes them all the more meaningful for believers of all ages!

littlegal_66 said...

Oh, this is awesome on so many levels. If there had never been the darkness of sin, there would be no need of His grace. This is aptly titled.....the beauty of His amazing grace is reflected in our "black notes."

Typing through a flood of grateful tears,


Bart said...

Unfortunately, he got his facts wrong. Newton never sung Amazing Grace to the tune we know today.

Amazing Grace was first published in 1779. It was first linked to the tune "New Britain" in 1835 - 56 years later, and 28 years after Newton's death.

And that tune was just one of many for another century. The song only became famous when it hit the pop charts in the 1960s. (See this link for more details.)

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