Wednesday, March 05, 2008

...couldn't attend? listen live online and it's free!

If you couldn't attend the 2008 Shepherds Conference this year, there is still a way to enjoy the great hymn singing in worship and powerful expositions from God's Word by Pastor John and the guest speakers he has invited this year: LIVE STREAM IT!. And here is the best part - it's FREE!.

Simply click on the icon above and follow instructions. The conference schedule will be listed as well. I am looking forward to being ministered to greatly by these times in God's Word.

Grace and Truth,
2 Cor. 4:5


Hayden said...


Wow! is all I can say about Pastor John's first message. A real shot across the bough. I imagine there will be much written about this sermon as there was last year!


S.J. Walker said...

Thanks my fellow "S.J."

Keep it coming.

A Lion Has Roared!

SJ Camp said...

I missed most of the opening message today due to some school related things for my kids.

If the rest of the message was anything like the brief introduction I heard, then the Mac-Attack was spot on in full force!

Any MP3's available yet?

S.J. Walker said...

That good ol' Mac-truthinator (wish I had come up with that).

Michele Rayburn said...

Thanks, Steve, for reminding us about the conference and making it available to us. It was really good.

We missed some of it so we'll look forward to when it comes out in MP3's, which they said should be available shortly after the conference ends.