Saturday, February 23, 2008

...a humble cry for biblical pastoral leadership within the church


Detoured By Travel said...

Steve -

THANKS so much for this. It is right on. While it specifically directed to Pastors, I believe that it also applies to all lay believers too, as we are all called to serve on His behalf (the best job I've EVER had).

As an aside, I've been a musician for 40 years now so I am now wired to listen to music not only to catch what the Spirit would say to me, but also from a musician's of view. I particularly enjoyed the intro/outro to this tune and the piano work which sounds very reminiscent of Keith Green's "Asleep In The Light."

Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents with the Body here.

littlegal_66 said...

"Oh, speak not one cold or careless word about so great a business as heaven or hell. Whatever you do, let the people see that you are in good earnest. . . . You cannot break men's hearts by jesting with them, or telling them a smooth tale, or pronouncing a gaudy oration."
------Richard Baxter

"If you can be content with showing your wit, and gaining the laugh on your side, you have an easy task; but I hope you have a far nobler aim, and that, sensible of the solemn importance of gospel truths, and the compassion due to the souls of men, you would rather be a means of removing prejudices in a single instance, than obtain the empty applause of thousands. Go forth, therefore, in the name and strength of the Lord of hosts, speaking the truth in love; and may He give you a witness in many hearts that you are taught of God, and favored with the unction of His Holy Spirit."
------John Newton

Anonymous said...

great song. i love it! however, this song can better be titled "ode to Pastor Mark"

littlegal_66 said...

And lastly, this:

"I am bound to say, also, that our object certainly is not to please our clients, nor to preach to the times, nor to be in touch with modern progress, nor to gratify the cultured few. Our life-work cannot be answered by the utmost acceptance on earth; our record is on high, or it will be written in the sand. There is no need whatever that you and I should be chaplains of the modern spirit, for it is well supplied with busy advocates. . . . With such eminently cultured persons for ever hurrying on with their new doctrines, the world may be content to let our little company keep to the old-fashioned faith, which we still believe to have been once for all delivered to the saints. Those superior persons, who are so wonderfully advanced, may be annoyed that we cannot consort with them; but, nevertheless, so it is that it is not now, and never will be, any design of ours to be in harmony with the spirit of the age, or in the least to conciliate the demon of doubt which rules the present moment.

Brethren, we shall not adjust our Bible to the age; but before we have done with it, by God’s grace, we shall adjust the age to the Bible. We make no mistake here; we shall not watch our congregation to take our cue from it, but we shall keep our eye on the infallible Word, and preach according to its instructions."

------CH Spurgeon