Saturday, September 01, 2007

How to Have a Great Saturday
...don't get all blogged down!

Option "A." - You could be spending your Saturday reading and commenting about stuff like this: Who's Kung Fu is Better? Good clean fun; nice to vent about nothing every now and again; and better than mowing your lawn.

Option "B." - You could be spending your Saturday taking a nice drive through the countryside with family and friends; afterwards enjoy a great cup of coffee at your favorite beanery; then maybe run the dogs, take a walk through the park, or play a short round of golf; go for a nice brisk bike ride; even head to the "Y" for a little pool time; then on your way home you can go to a road side veggie stand and buy some great produce for dinner tonight. Then light the coals and "grill" some franks and dans (sorry: meant to say "dogs and burgers") and enjoy a great home cooked simple supper. All of which sounds so much better than just mowing your lawn... don't you think?

OR option "C" - you could also spend some of your Saturday reading wonderfully rich stuff like this:

"Blessed are the Poor in Spirit"
by Thomas Watson

"He that is poor in spirit is lowly in heart. Rich men are commonly proud and scornful, but the poor are submissive. The poor in spirit roll themselves in the dust in the sense of their unworthiness. 'I abhor myself in dust' (Job 42:6). He that is poor in spirit looks at another's excellencies and his own infirmities. He denies not only his sins but his duties.

The more grace he has, the more humble he is, because he now sees himself a greater debtor to God. If he can do any duty, he acknowledges it is Christ's strength more than his own. As the ship gets to the haven more by the benefit of the wind than the sail, so when a Christian makes swift progress, it is more by wind of God's Spirit than the sail of his own endeavour. The poor in spirit, when he acts most like a saint, confesses himself to be 'the chief of sinners'. He blushes more at the defect of his graces than others do at the excess of their sins. He dares not say he has prayed or wept. He lives, yet not he, but Christ lives in him. He labours, yet not he, but the grace of God."

I personally like options "B" and "C."
Get out and get some exercise [something option "A" won't accomplish unless you consider typing on a blog "exercise" - I know these guys do :-)]; enjoy your family and close friends; then hunker down, read a great excerpt like the one above from Dr. Watson, meditate on it, talk about, and encourage each other in the Lord with some vibrant, stimulating, thought-provoking conversation.

Yeah--that sounds like a pretty good Saturday. And the cool thing is this: after doing both those options, you'll feel so good and refreshed that just when the sun is beginning to set you won't mind going out and mowing the lawn.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Psalm 119


Carla Rolfe said...

• Nuns are not allowed to have fun - I checked: it's in the Nuns for Protestant Dummies guide book (coming soon to a hack-job Christian crookstore near you)

• Grilled pork & beans are tricky, the wee little beans tend to slip between the grill & burst into flame over the hot coals. Plus you have to use very small tongs to turn them & those wee little tongs are awfully hard to find at the local hardware store.

• I get all the Saturday exercise I need, dodging gray-haired grannies taking their sweet time in the center of the aisle at WalMart or the grocery store. I'm half convinced they've been hired by a twisted, liberal social sciences government run program, and placed in strategic locations as the able bodied shoppers are secretly videotaped to record their reactions. They then sell their findings to pharmacuetical companies who advertise to us via prime time tv, the cure-in-a-pill that we eagerly ingest for trillions of dollars a year. Which, ironically enough, once we get hooked on the pill they're peddling, we eventually turn into gray-haired grannies.

You do the math...


Sam said...

Hey man,

I chose a round of golf to enjoy the day. Sorry if my comments over a pyro were out of line. I was just trying to make sure things were on the up and up. Obviously I should have gained more info.


SJ Camp said...

No worries... What do you mean though?

Really funny--thank you!

Off to church...

Sam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam said...

I did not know if things were ever resolved from the Chan Video, so I simply asked if they had, Frank didn't really respond to that question until much later in the conversation. I may have misread things but when the disagreement over the Chan video initially arose, Frank came across as nasty and condescending. I asked about resolution because I didn't think it was kind to start taking shots if there was an unresolved issue between you guys. My intentions were good, my execution was not as clear as it should have been.
The guys at teampyro were gracious though.

SJ Camp said...

"The guys at teampyro were gracious though."

Really... where? I don't think they are gracious at all. I think they are rude, arrogant and snarky in how they treat people in the meta.

Just calling a spade a spade...

I appreciate you Sam - keep on.
2 Cor. 3:5

Sam said...

Thanks Steve. For my part I know there were a couple of instances where my pride reared it's ugly head so I apologized for that privately. Beyond that I think I'll stick to reading and affirming solid teaching.

In His Grace,

BTW is it ok if I link to Camp on This from my site?

SJ Camp said...

Yes that's great... I am honored.