Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Your Weekly Dose of Gospel
...John MacArthur defends the gospel - excellent

This is text book apologetics by one of our champions of the faith. How thankful I am for this friend, mentor, pastor, and ambassador of Christ. If you have not seen this, it is a must view.

Grace and peace,
2 Cor. 4:5-7


donsands said...

Here's a man of God, "full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom".

Encouraging to see such a confident and bold stance for Christ and His truth.

Thanks for the video.

jen elslager said...

Wow. I love when he tells it like it is. I'd love to see the rest of that show, too. We don't have cable.

Thanks for posting this.

Only Look said...

Amen! Stick John on the tube in front of these philosophers and every time he's gonna shoot it straight. It seems like even many evangelicals today walk around the horse shed on this, but never John. Its always, "we dont want to Judge" but clearly Gods word leaves no room for doubt here and John scores with the bottom line. Even evangelicals today seem to be approaching it like that Bishop or that Catholic Priest who always want to water it down and then make the absurd claim of, "I live it." How can you live it if you don't believe it, but he may be a well disciplined clergy but it maketh no matter. What is right it right and clearly John is not confused as the rest are. Another thing is he never taunts or hatefully says it in a "nanny nanny boo boo" type of way. He just says it and often you will hear compassion seep out of his voice, but he is always firm. Praise the Lord.