Friday, July 27, 2007

Immigration Protection: Prosecute the Boarder Agents?
...listen to this powerful interview by Laura Ingraham


Laura is one of the most insightful, politically astute, smart, and gutsy conservative commentators today. This recent interview is a must listen to as she respectfully, but with razor sharp precision holds prosecutor Johnny Sutton accountable for his prosecution of two border agents (Ramos and Compean serving 11 and 12 years respectfully) while drug runner and illegal alien, Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila of Mexico. was given immunity and set free. KSEV radio talk show host, Ed Hendee, also weighs in and gives valuable perspective on this highly charged issue.

Prepare yourself for some necessary righteous indignation.

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donsands said...

Very interesting. So much politics in everything.

Bureaucracy rules. I think Laura makes some fine points.

Only the Lord can clean up our governments lack of Biblical principles. A government that is without the Bible is in big time trouble.
And when the puplits are proclaiming a humanist gospel, then that's what we deserve.

Lord help us turn from "Man" to the Son of Man.

Michele Rayburn said...

It should concern us that Laura Ingraham is making the charge that the White House (which would would include our Christian President) and Homeland Security have been lying about this case. Everyone, including Rush, is wondering what their agenda really is, because we are all baffled.

These 2 men have been wrongly imprisoned for at least 6 months now and need our prayers to be set free. They are the brave ones protecting our borders, and without them, our country would be much more vulnerable to terrorism, among other things.

It seems like this Administration wants to discourage Border Security for some reason.

President Bush emphasized that Johnny Sutton is his good friend, as if that should impress us. Instead, it suggests that there is some kind of bias in favor of Johnny Sutton that we should find disarming.

Jay said...

Months after conservatives were outraged over this subject, now the main stream media has awakened to discover the indefensibility of prosecuting those who protect our borders against drug runners, criminal border crossers, terrorist and contraband of all kinds.