Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Please Help Find Kelsey

I saw this at Carla Rolfe's blog today and thought this is the necessary and right post for today.

I am a single dad with five kids (three boys, two girls - ages 18-12). My youngest had her 12th birthday yesterday; and so this story was ringing in my heart all day. I cannot begin to imagine the desperate pain I would feel if something like this happened to any of my kids.

Please read the complete story and visit frequently the family's web page. If you know anything, or know of anyone that might know anything, or saw anything, or even think you might of seen something - speak up.

From the family's website:

PLEASE, please let the police know any information you might have. The slightest detail may turn out to be critical to helping Kelsey return home. If you were at the Target store, or at Oak Park Mall any time late on Saturday 6/2/07 - and can think of *anything at all* that would help the investigation, please call the TIPS hotline with *any* information at 816-474-8477, or the Overland Park Police at 913-895-6300.

If you have something to communicate with us via the internet, please send an email message to one of these 2 email addresses:

info@findkelsey.com or anonymous@findkelsey.com

As a Christian blogger and minister of the gospel, it is imperative that we use these blogs to help others in this time of crucial family need. May I encourage you today that have blogs to copy this information and post it on your website and blog or even your churches website and blog as well.

Be praying beloved for Kelsey's safe return; and may we continue to pray for the safety and protection of all our children. We live in uncertain and violent times; remember to encourage others in the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ today.

In His unfailing love,
Romans 8:28ff


Michele Rayburn said...


Belated wishes to Mary Morris for a very Happy Birthday.

I watch Fox News Channel on cable, and just about every week, they alert us to one or two missing persons. But the problem is a lot worse than that. I looked up some stats on missing persons and found the following:

"Reports of missing persons have increased sixfold in the past 25 years, from roughly 150,000 in 1980 to about 900,000 this year...
An astounding 2,300 Americans are reported missing every day, including both adults and children."

See the following link for more information and statistics:


So, it is a huge problem. I often think that it would be really worthwhile if a cable network would be created just to devote 24 hour rolling blogs of missing persons with all the information on them and a way for the viewing public to contribute any clues or additional information they can give in order to find these people.

Our prayers are with all these missing persons and their families.

In His Love,

+++ leo +++ said...

FYI, the www.findKelsey.com web site was built and is maintained by the IT staff at Church of the Resurrection in Kansas (site). They don't even know the family - but had to pull the trigger to get the word out. Thanks for your help getting the word out as well!!

+++ leo +++ said...
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Joel said...

Looks like it's time to pray for her family instead. My oldest is about that age; I can't even imagine what they're going through. May God give them strength now, and peace when it's time to.