Thursday, June 18, 2009

...Geese in Their Hoods

by C.H. Spurgeon

N the frequent quarrels between the priests and monks of the Church of Rome, the two parties of rogues were silly enough to expose each other's villainies. On the edifices belonging to monasteries, priests were caricatured in the stonework; and on the churches built by priests, the monks and friars were held up to ridicule. A great deal of real truth was thus brought out by their mutual recriminations. The ancient carving above is a specimen of a common caricature representing the clergy as foxes with geese in their hoods; a very admirable picture whether monks or priests were intended. Popery, with its secret confessional and priestly interference at dying beds, is essentially a fox. Puseyism, pretending to be Protestant, and gradually bringing in all the foolery of Rome, is a deep fox indeed. Yet there are geese silly enough to be deceived by priests in this nineteenth century; and so long as the supply of such geese is kept up, the foxes will never cease to prowl.

Reader, do you believe that men like yourself have priestly power? Do you think that they can regenerate infants by sprinkling them, and turn bread and wine into the very body and blood of Jesus Christ? Do you think that a bishop can bestow the Holy Ghost, and that a parish clergyman can forgive sins ? If so, your head can be seen in the picture peeping out from the cowl of the fox. You are the victim of crafty deceivers. Your soul will be their prey in life and in death. They cajole you with soft words, fine vestments, loud pretensions, and cunning smiles, but they will conduct you down to the chambers of death, and lead you to the gates of hell. Silly goose, may grace make thee wise!

Jesus Christ is the true Priest who can forgive all your sins; go to him at once, without the intervention of these pretenders. Make confession to him! Seek absolution from him! The Holy Ghost alone can cause you to be born again, and the grace of God alone can bring you to glory. Avoid Puseyite and Romish foxes, for they seek to make a gain of you, and lead you not to Jesus, but to their Church and all its mummeries.

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and not in these deceivers.


Grosey's Messages said...

Thanks Steve for the great articles from the Sword and Trowell. Its the best compendium of theology.

donsands said...

Baptism as a sacrament that regenerates is very deceiving.

Pastor Spurgeon was incredibly unique with his words, but his message was the same as all those who preached the truth.

I always enjoy, and am encouraged, to read his messages and sermons and teachings.

gigantor1231 said...


So what is the end of this thing for those that are in the body of Christ? What should our response be when we encounter these sly foxes and silly geese? Perhaps these are men like Jakes that hold to salvation by baptism, another gospel and his modalism. Even Young and Driscoll, inspite of the sound doctrine they may have, choose to be like silly geese and compromise by associating with men like Jakes. So, what does one do?
The same that has written has answered that and I think this would be consistent with the word of God!

From Another word concerning the downgrade, (The Sword and Trowel, Aug. 1887)

"It now becomes a serious question how far those who abide by the faith once delivered to the saints should fraternize with those who have turned aside to another gospel. Christian love has its claims, and divisions are to be shunned as grievous evils; but how far are we justified in being in confederacy with those who are departing from the truth? It is a difficult question to answer so as to keep the balance of the duties. For the present it behooves believers to be cautious, lest they lend their support and countenance to the betrayers of the Lord.
It is one thing to overleap all boundaries of denominational restriction for the truth's sake: this we hope all godly men will do more and more. It is quite another policy which would urge us to subordinate the maintenance of truth to denominational prosperity and unity. Numbers of easy-minded people wink at error so long as it is committed by a clever man and a good-natured brother, who has so many fine points about him. Let each believer judge for himself; but, for our part, we have put on a few fresh bolts to our door, and we have given orders to keep the chain up; for, under colour of begging the friendship of the servant, there are those about who aim at robbing the Master."

Joel said...

Do you think that they can regenerate infants by sprinkling them, and turn bread and wine into the very body and blood of Jesus Christ?

I believe that God can, not that the priests can. I doubt Mr. Spurgeon would deny God's power to do those things, either; he's setting up a strawman there.

brian said...

This may be off topic and it is most assuredly emotional, basically that makes it useless. Having spent the vast majority of my adult life, and a good deal of my childhood either in Hospitals as a patient or as a "care provider". I have seen "priests", "nuns" and many fine evangelicals at the "death beds" of people.
From what I observed few words were spoken, hand holding, wiping of foreheads, counseling families etc. As an outsider for most of my "Christian life" I can say, I saw no difference in the grief, the compassion, or the words spoken. The clothes were different.
I do admit this is just my experience, and it is anecdotal and "emotional". I tend to operate more on the emotional and that is a personal, even a moral failing. I can say a nun offered my dying sister great comfort, she read the bible, prayed, and there was no pressure to "convert" or "absolution" just a kind old lady that would come to the hospital at the drop of a hat, or phone call and just be there. I do not think she was trying to rack up any souls for "Rome". I was touched that she cared and did this.
I am a guest and this may well be off topic, do feel free to delete it and I do apologize if it comes across as offensive.