Friday, February 23, 2007

BlogCast for February 23
...the glory and sufficiency of Christ

Today is also my daughter Jordan Ruth's 15th birthday.

Happy Birthday Jordan!!
Love, Dad (that's Campi to the rest of you :-). )

Have a great weekend y'all.
(2 Cor. 4:5-7)


donsands said...

Steve, that's was inspiring. Thanks.

"Jesus Christ was never, ever, ever, less than God, and He was never, ever more than Man." -Ian Thomas
Jesus was the Almighty Creator, and He was the perfect Man.

4given said...

She is SO beautiful. Ummmm... what's it like to have a teenage girl????? (grin)

I have had fun with my teenaged son. and I have another teen boy around the corner... but I won't experience the JOYS of a teen girl for another 7 years.

Carla Rolfe said...

Happy birthday to Jordan Ruth :-)

Great blogcast to end off the week. Very encouraging indeed.

Bhedr said...

Happy birthday sister Jordan!!

Michele Rayburn said...

Happy Birthday Jordan Ruth!!!
Didn't realize that when we went out to dinner tonight we were having your birthday dinner! Hope you had a great day in the Lord.

With all our love,
Terry, Michele and Michael

ann_in_grace said...

"Come Let Us Worship The Lord".


Thank You, Steve.
And Happy Birthday to Jordan.

MARW Woman said...

What way wonderful way to start the weekend. Thanks and blessings to you

Anonymous said...

It is truly amazing how much there is in Scripture to learn about the Lord.

It is also truly amazing and humbling and sobering to watch the undeserved blessings we call our children as they grow.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I wrote "Happy Birthday, Jordan," at the end of that last post, but somehow deleted it before posting.


Innocent sweetness pours from that countenance!

By the way, Steve, how can I get my hands on copies of those vocal-less soundtracks you feature in the background of your blogcasts?