Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My First BlogCast at COT
...your daily morning audio update

This is my very first "blogcast" today (patience please). I hope that eventually it will develop into a daily morning audio update and that you will find this beneficial and helpful. As always, please let me know your thoughts...

Grace and peace,


donsands said...

That was really nice. Thanks. I dig the background music. Nice touch.

I watched Osteen the other night a little.
I can not, and will never understand, how all these people go to hear him speak.

It's error-filled teaching, empty, or shallow preaching at best.

Marcia said...

This may become one of my "flavorite" broadcasts. : )

Carla Rolfe said...

Good job. :-) I'll be looking forward to these BlogCasts.

SWilson said...

Hey brother! Great feature ... now you can mix your insights into the Word with your talent for communication. Whodathunkit?!

Ann'Re said...

I like it! Looking forward to more. :D

Thank you for your ministry Steve! It's been a blessing.


cyd said...

This is terrific!

It's always helpful to hear the writer's voice; it clarifies any misconstrued 'tone' in the articles.

Nice work Campi.

ann_in_grace said...

The blue one is definitely better than the black one :)
Seriously -- great idea. Now I am really parked here.

SJ Camp said...

Thanks y'all for your kind words so far. I promise, the music won't sound like "the love boat" in the future :-).


4given said...

FUN!!! I did something similar to this awhile back with excerpts I posted on my blog of the Christian radio broadcast of a pro-life speech I did for an annual fund raising event for a pregnancy center. I was so techno impaired that I couldn't figure out how to do more than 2 minute excerpts even though the speech was 35 minutes long. I got so tired of dealing with finding natural stopping points within a 2 min. span that I only got about 8 minutes of the broadcast up. This looks more user friendly.

I am SO looking forward to these broadcasts! Great stuff Campi.

4given said...

Oh... by the way... you said "ya'll". I'm from Texas so that is my language.. You are originally from Chicago and I thought ya'll said "you all" in them there parts? :-D

Arthur Sido said...

Liked it a lot, there is always more power in the spoke word than can be conveyed in the written.

Gotta change the background music, sounds like the stuff you would hear on an elevator or in a department store!

candleman said...

Greetings Steve,

Very good first time around… how about some intro music like hhhmmm “Run to the Battle” or something…. Or has the rights to that intro already been grabbed up;)


SJ Camp said...

Run to the Battle will be coming--I like how you think :-).

I started the blogcast for the 22nd with "If I Were a Singer." This was one of my first songs that I ever wrote; Larry Norman helped me finish it.

Good to hear from you Candleman.

candleman said...

...AAhhhh Lary Norman, he was my first Blog Post. I just recently read somewhere that Larry co-wrote that song with you.

Ssssoo, you did say you are planning some interviews.... a Steve Camp / Larry Norman interview would be awesome.

Also I know it is not the thrust of your blog, but blogging from time to time, from a historical perspective about the CCM scene when you started out and the personalities that were there and stories about your interactions with Larry and Keith Green ect. would be a pretty cool feature too.

Take care and God Bless


Calvinist Gadfly said...


The next thing they will come up with is, "CommentCasts."

Trademark it bro!

btw, nice addition to the blog.


donsands said...

This isn't a suggestion, nor theme that i would like, but I was hoping you might have some knowledge of Carman's theology.

I know his pastor Carlton Pearson has gone out from the Charismatic Church, and is preaching all people will go to heaven, and hell is not a literal place, and I was womdering if Carman has gone with him.

Michele Rayburn said...

May God bless you in this new endeavor to communicate the truth of God's other words, nice BlogCast!

Michele and Terry

Michele Rayburn said...

Regarding T.D. Jakes, we are all concerned that he does not believe in the Trinity, which is considered an essential of the faith. But what also concerns me is how too many Christians are following Preachers and teachers who, though they may seem correct on the essentials of the faith, are wrong on the so-called non-essentials of the faith.

It is no wonder that we have so many of these churches and mega-churches too, because Christians will actually go to these churches even though they are not accurately teaching the non-essentials. No church is perfect, of course, but I do not think that we should knowingly go to a church if we know it to be in serious error, even if those errors are not considered essentials of the faith.

If truth matters, then the non-essentials of the faith may really be essential after all. Does all truth matter to a Christian, or just some of it? Just the essentials? And we don't think that error in the non-essentials will do us any harm spiritually?

I think that God calls us to be discerning about all things, not just some things, for a reason. Tolerance seems to be the "spirit of the age" these days. But I don't think God calls us to be tolerant of error within the church. He calls us to be discerning.

If we tolerate the little lies and errors, they will, and often do, give birth to larger lies and errors. I think that's how people like T.D. Jakes grow in popularity. Christians are willing to tolerate error in the local church unchecked until someone the likes of T.D. Jakes makes his claim to fame, and then there seems to be no stopping him and others like him from growing in popularity.

Bhedr said...

Excellent point Michelle.

Great to see you going on this. man I am waiting on DSL. Put in an application a few days ago and they are having trouble in our local area on this. It takes me forever to get going on this stuff, but I will try to download and it will probably be worth the wait.

Bhedr said...

Remember also that music with especially rythmic tones and nuances that scientifically induce our pituary glands break down our inhibitions and open our emotions to receiving these little errors as well and make us feel good when we take small doses of poison. Some of you will laugh but it is true. Its the little foxes that spoil the vine, and our culture is obsessed and addicted to these nuances.

"It's whispered that soon, if we all call the tune, then the Piper will lead us to reason and a new day will dawn for those who stand long and the forest will echo with laughter." Led Zepplin

Michele Rayburn said...


You're tripping me out with the words to that old Led Zeppelin song. You know what secular music does to me! On a more serious "note", I wouldn't want to be judgmental about "the sound of music" (no pun intended). That would be a matter of conscience. And your point is well taken. But where the Scriptures are silent, we should be silent. Call it "The Sound Of Silence"!

I had a Pastor many years ago who thought that music written in the Minor key was sin. Now, the Scriptures are silent about that, but he called it sin. I later found out that though he preached quite well by day, at night he was preaching heresy. A moonlighting heretic! Those of us who wanted to spend more time in the Word with him got to find out what he was really about in those evening services.

The point is that if we begin to make moral judgments apart from Scripture, it could become a practice that will adversely affect our ability to interpret God's Word. We just need to be careful about that.


Sully said...

Great idea! Looking forward to more. Greetings from Illinois.

Bhedr said...

Hey sister Michele,

I am always excited to read yours and Terrys comments and both of you are a tremendous blessing.
You said:

>You're tripping me out with the words to that old Led Zeppelin song<

Jesus once said that the children of darkness are wiser in this world than the children of light. Jesus also once used the means of this world to enlighten men about payment to Ceasar when they approached him with his own truth.

You also mentioned the minor chords and yes the seventh chord was taboo as well.

Music is the universal language and the only thing Satan really has as a universal tool to try to build his babylon again. While there is truth to what you say the downgrade arguments concern me as its kind of like; That little Cuban guy was bluffing about nukes so we shouldn't freak out to much about that Iranian fella:-)


I once knew a Catholic priest that believed in grace so not to worry to much about the Monolithic organization in Rome.

MacArthur notes that his music would not square with Spurgeon as he did not believe in organs but I think it is remiss to consider Spurgeons concerns to be legalistic. I may not agree with Spurgeon there, but I do think that what he was concerned about should have considerable warrant.

Man swings on a pendulum of to much caution to anything goes and yahoo the Lord is blessing so don't be second guessin'

We have to ask ourselves why Phillips Craig and Dean has so much impact without much question in the Christian community and alot of it has to do with what is proven in scientific info and born out in the intensity of some forms of music that produce secreation of fluids from the pituary glands that break down barriers and inhibitions...along with the money. Why is that? I just wish we could all take an honest look at that without living in denial.

Why does our youth gravitate to certain forms that are mainstream? Am I trying to blanket brush? No, I don't agree with everything the music police preach, but some of the concerns they have should not be tossed out.

Why is it that on the news a couple years ago I saw Mormons and Christains arm in arm holding hands and shaking hands like in the end of "Fat Albert" and singing "Friends are friends forever if the Lords the Lord of them..."?

What I am trying to say is that Rock and hip hop are breeding grounds right now for Dr Feelgood and the end result may be the teenage wasteland that the Who sang about.

You certainley don't see kids rushing in droves to the tune of the hymns nor are they serious about scriptural content in norm.

This is all I am saying sister Michele. I am not saying I have all the answers but I do think there is enough evidence to give reasonable concern. The funny thing about music is that its kind of like theology. If you sincerely start studying it, you will discover you know less and less about it the more you study it.

Steve Camp weilds an incredible power in his hand and I think he knows that much right now.

As far as Led Zepplin? Well it was actually Larry Norman wasn't it that asked why the devil had all the good music?

In truth I don't think Steve Camp believes in that pragmatic philosophy anymore and Keith Green was walking away from it. Larry did have some keen insight, but inevitably I saw Keith wanting to walk away from the impact he was having entertainmentwise as does Steve. I think it did breed some good songs.

Quite frankly it may be something for Steve to consider in the future maybe to be creative in some of his next recordings perhaps by using some Jewish sounds or some orchestration and maybe even some folk or Irish melody that walks away from the redundancy that seems to impact the youth. I like some of Steves stuff. I love that song he sings with the kids...we worship him because he is God and some others. There is a newness about some of Keith and Steves stuff. I don't claim to have the answers but some concerns and insights I have read should not be ignored. If we do, we do it at our own expense and the expense of our children.

candleman said...


Speaking of music, when I read your ramblings on it, the theme from the twilight zone comes to mind. Where exactly are you getting this information from: ...“and alot of it has to do with what is proven in scientific info and born out in the intensity of some forms of music that produce secreation of fluids from the pituary glands that break down barriers and inhibitions...”

It always gives me pause when someone states, “what is proven in scientific info”, without providing any.

And for the record, Larry’s song is entitled, “Why should the devil have all the good music”? He is not stating in question form “why the devil had all the good music.” He was making a bold statement for that time in history, and questioning why we (the Church) are going to allow this new music and beat to only be used by the devil with secular lyrics, when in fact it can be used as genera of music for good. Listen to Steve’s “Run to the Battle”, or “Whittenburg Door” …. That’s not your grandma’s Lawrence Welk … it is good old fashion rock and roll married to lyrics speaking truth. My pituary gland seems to understand this just fine.


Michele Rayburn said...

wHi Brian,

I really do think you make an interesting point about the effects of music on the brain. It may very well be true. But you could say, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” A person exercises “choice”, and the result is the effect of that choice on the brain, which in turn has an effect on that person’s behavior. So, I think that the real issue is the choice, because you can’t stop music from being heard. And I think that the issue is conscience. Each person must decide if the music they are listening to is spiritually edifying or not.

As for the sound quality inducing a certain effect on the brain, not only is it hard to separate it from our social experiences, but I can also negatively associate some very fine Christian music with past social experiences. And I think that those Christian songs may very likely have had a certain chemical effect on my brain, so that the negative association becomes a powerful one. So, what is the solution? Do we put all music through a filter to make sure we have only the “right” kind of music? I don’t think that is possible because I really do think that every person has a different reaction to the same music, both biologically and socially. So, who can really determine what the “right” music is for all of us?

I think that is why it all comes full circle back to “What do the Scriptures say?” I think the Scriptures are silent about the sound of the music and whether it is sinful or not. But the Scriptures talk profusely about getting wisdom and understanding, being discerning, and about conscience.

We can look at all these studies on the effects of music on the brain, but it would be an arduous task to be “the music police”. Jesus said that His yoke is easy. So, He gave us His Spirit to teach us all things. He *is* wisdom and understanding. The best that we can hope for is that Christians will become sensitive to their own consciences about what is good and true and pure and lovely, and about what is right and wrong and then choose to do what is right because they believe God.

Terry said that people harden their hearts so that they can do what they want. That really struck me...that we would deliberately harden our own hearts as an act of rebellion against God, because we want what we want. How much better to soften our hearts out of love for God, because we want what He wants, because we love Him.


Bhedr said...

Thank you brother and sister Candleman and Michele. May the Lord be with you this day and may he draw us all closer to ourselves to live for others and their needs. May you be blessed.

Say did you know that there are over 500 passages on music in the scriptures?

As I say, I don't have all the answers but the more I study the more I realize how much I don't know and see a need to see how God views things and what his interests and desires are in how he wants to be worshiped.

Say Steve. Maybe you could impliment the flute into much of your music as the saints understood it to give the feeling of love to God and life and it does indeed breath beauty and life into music with a joyful sound.

May you be blessed this day brothers and sister. We are his needy sheep and he knows what is best for us and it is in that spirit I have written. We are all learning still more each day as we go. I will consider what you have stated. Please consider some of what has been layed on my heart. I don't have all the answers but I have written out of concern I believe and if it is not so I pray God will reveal it to me as only he knows my motives and he knows me better than I know myself.

In Christ,