Saturday, January 06, 2007

Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace to Find Help in Time of Need
...pray for Dr. Al Mohler

Following a surgery from December 29th where Dr. Mohler was admitted to the Baptist East Hospital after experiencing abdominal pain and underwent a three-hour procedure where surgeons removed scar tissue from a 1980s operation, his health has sustained a setback. Dr. Mohler has suffered from unrelenting pain. This unusual degree of pain signaled concern for the attending physicians and prompted additional tests yesterday afternoon. These tests revealed that Dr. Mohler is suffering from pulmonary emboli in both lungs. His condition is quite serious and he has been moved to the intensive care unit of Baptist East Hospital in Louisville, KY for immediate treatment.

However, the latest reports from Russell Moore, now offer some promising news that his condition is improving. Dr. Moore said, "While his situation is still very serious, it seems that the doctors have his treatment well underway and he is recuperating well." To God be the glory! You can read updates on Al's condition posted here.

Please fast and pray, beloved, for this dear brother in Christ. May the Lord grant the doctors wisdom as they treat Al; may he grant Al renewed strength, hope, and a complete recovery so that he may continue to faithfully serve the Lord Jesus Christ and His gospel. Our God still heals... amen? May we come to the throne of grace this hour on behalf of our brother. Please continue to also remember to pray for his wife and children.

In His Sustaining Grace,
Steve Camp
Psalm 103


gigantor1231 said...

I will remember to pray for Mr. Mohler.
If you do not mind, could you please explain who he is to you?
I have also heard that D. James Kennedy had a heart attack on 12/28/2006.


Terry Rayburn said...

We've been praying for Dr. Mohler, and will continue to do so. Looks like he is doing better, according to his blog, but we will keep praying until he is in the clear.

Terry and Michele

Bhedr said...

Yes we have been praying as well and in our Sunday School class this morning.