Monday, December 18, 2006

A Great Christmas Gift Idea for Your Favorite Emergent Pastor
have a "clean mouth" just like Mom would want

Say Merry Christmas by giving the gift that keeps on giving!
This is a special holiday gift pack for your favorite Emergent Pastor.
Help keep the pulpit speech clean, wholesome, edifying and seasoned with grace.


Carla said...

And minty fresh, too.

Thanks for the gift giving tip, that finishes off my list!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Camp,

You are a gifted teacher and preacher as evidenced by your other entries. Why sully them with this kind of tasteless humor? This is not edifying. I would simply pray that you continue to preach and teach the Gospel, and let this trash alone.

In Christ,

Timotheos said...

Calm down, brother. If we can't laugh every now and then we take ourselves toooo seriously.

In fact, one could just as easily comment on our own shortcomings in a humorous manner.

thanks for the Monday morning smile!

In the Grip of His Grace,


Anonymous said...


I am all for a good laugh (I laugh at myself daily), but not at the expense of a brother in Christ. That is the point I was trying to get across.

Andrew said...

i think its great! love the humor. love the graphics (who did it???) and i think this conversation needs creativity and humor.
and this is from someone who gets lumped in with the emerging church crowd . . .

SJ Camp said...


I was only trying to lighten the load a bit with some humor. And I do thank you for your encouragement about some of the other posts here. Point taken...


PS - My mom used Lava soap on me... Even seeing the picture here reminds me of how terrible the taste was. But it worked! Maybe some of the EC mom's could do the same with their sons? :-).

littlegal_66 said...


john said...

That's funny. And here are some fun gift ideas for fundamentalists:

- Prayer of Jabez coozie (so God can expand your Kingdom while you enjoy a refreshing Tab)

- A "God Picked Me So NANY-NANY-BOO-BOO!" sticker (great for all those Calvinists you know)

- A "No Such Thing as Global Warming" t-shirt (made out of baby seal skin and delivered in a fully disposable, limited edition rain forest wood box)

- The 32nd book in the Left Behind series

- A molded plastic "Get a Job" sign that can be flashed at beggars and homeless people to remind them how much God disdains them

- A thong autographed by The Three Bills (Gaither, Gothard and Graham)

Anonymous said...


I will take two of the "A "God Picked Me So NANY-NANY-BOO-BOO!" stickers. Plus one of the "Get a Job" signs. Very funny!! :-D


Again, no problem with good clean humor. Keep up the good work!

P.S. My mom didn't use Lava soap, just plain old Ivory soap. If that didn't work, dad's belt was enough of a deterrent.

In Christ,


MTR said...

Umm... Whatever dude. Thanks for enlightening us, since I guess we're all too potty mouthed.

4given said...

THere were no specific names here so those wo are offended will likely be the ones that need the soap. Just a guess.

Good job on the graphics Littlegal!!!

I personally use "Tiger Sauce" or "Habanero sauce." THey are spicy food sources that don't cause an allergic reaction like soap can. Either that or breath strips do the trick.... really. They aren't sweet, they burn, plus they make ones breathe fresh.

jjenison said...

If you were a non-christian who had only seen fighting and bitterness in the church and logged into this site, would you believe anything was different about these people that you would want to learn more about Christ?

Bhedr said...

Thats good Dr Camp.

gigantor1231 said...

From what I have heard and seen the one individual that this is directed at concedes that the monicer "Mark The Cussing Pastor" is a appropriate title for him (Driscoll’s unique style and idiom might aptly be labeled “post-grunge.” His language—even in his sermons—is deliberately crude. He is so well known for using profane language that in Blue Like Jazz (p. 133), Donald Miller (popular author and icon of the “Emerging Church” movement, who speaks of Driscoll with the utmost admiration) nicknamed him “Mark the Cussing Pastor.”) See Macarthur's article "Grunge Christianity". I just wonder what he does with the passages in the word of God that exhort us to be pure in speech Titus 2:6-8, 1Tim 4:11,12, Col. 4:5,6, Col. 3:6-8 and these are just a few passages with regards to pure speech! I think that perhaps some of these products would be of momentary usefulness if they were real, and yes this is humorous, but what I really wonder, having heard and seen some of what Mr. Driscoll produces,is if 2tim. 3:5 applies to him? Check out his church's web site,, and test your discernment and see what you think, perhaps a good spot to start looking would be how he plans to ring in the new year

gigantor1231 said...

Hmmmm, perhaps I was not supposed to name names here, sorry! My first time to post, it was just so obvious and I think that the one this is directed at would most likely laugh at the satire but perhaps not the criticisms at him. I guess that you should not become a teacher though if you do not want to be scrutinized and or judged! James 3

SJ Camp said...

Names are OK to mention if they are presented truthfully and fairly; quoted accurately; used with charity; and without partiality.

Character assignations are not permitted here and don't benefit anyone.

Col. 4:5-6

gigantor1231 said...

I agree with regards to character assignations being taboo, I hope that it was not taken that I disparaged Mr. Driscoll in any way. I believe he is sincere in what he is doing, I just wonder if his presentation and methods are syncretistic. I see and hear the gospel preached but I also see the types of things that I have seen in fraternal organisations, or even with Gene Scott, although Gene seems to be in a league of his own. Seems to be some hedonism, a love of the things of the world. It is very easy for one to be caught up in pragmatism when they see the product and what we need to do is focus on the word. We are in a perilous time for the church and it seems that the false ones are becoming more pervasive than ever, knowing the Word of God, the unadulterated truth is the only safe haven and guide.

cyd said...

Dear Steve:

funny pictures...funny humor. Thanks for not naming the guilty.

I've noticed that over the last several months the overall tone of this blog has changed; You have passed over numerous chances to publicly repromand scandals & scoundrels, and there is much less sarcasm. You have really been biting your tongue! (Is it bleeding?)

Just wanted you to know that the graciousness has been noted and is greatly appreciated. And thanks for the increased focus on solid biblical teaching. It's so refreshing!


SJ Camp said...

Thanks Cyd. I have to admit that excessive sarcasm is something I must constantly guard against in the blogosphere. The blogosphere lends itself to that breed or angel of writing, but the Lord has been gracious in His sanctification of my life. I thank Him for His restraining grace while sitting at my Power Book.

I do spend a lot of time on these articles (though today I was doing my best Purgatorio - lots of pictures, little or no commentary:-)). Cutting straight God's Word is very important to me and it is a calling I don't take lightly.

Thank you for your kind words...
2 Tim. 2:15

Anonymous said...

Does the CB crowd have ties to the EC crowd, or are they just different sides of the bad penny that always seem to clutter my pockets?

Paul C. Quillman

gracevet said...

Disappointed to say the least.

This kind of gutter blogg ie what you have written here Steve, is not worthy of one naming the name of Christ. I do not believe your action here is adorning the gospel.

I live in Australia and so am a bit removed from what is happening in USA, so am not supporting or otherwise, others in ministry.

I repeat - so disappointed.... I hope you remove this from your site.

SJ Camp said...

I appreciate you writing to me and commenting here.

I must ask you why you consider this post gutter-blog? I didn't write any commentary to speak of--but posted pictures done in a parity format to drive home the point that scatological speech should not be the norm for EC pastors when expositing Scripture.

Are you not more outraged that EC pastors use degrading language, debasing humor, and insipid nomenclature even treating our Lord and His name as a punch line for their jokes, while occupying the sacred desk as an under-shepherd of Christ than the content of this post?

Help me understand here brother, for if you have read much of this blog at all, I hope you would know that I spend a tremendous amount of time teaching the Word of God and doctrine/theology on many issues.

I am very sorry you were disappointed. But from time to time, I do think there is a place for this kind of satire that drives home a needed message.

Grace and peace,
2 Tim. 2:15

PS - Australia is one of favorite countries and Sydney one of my favorite cities anywhere in the world. May I ask you, are you in ministry there? If so, in what capacity and what church are you affiliated with?

gigantor1231 said...

Wow, and I thought it was tactful satire!

gracevet said...

Dear Steve

Yes Sydney is home for some fine theological teaching and God is doing great things amongst various parts of his vineyard. It is home of some sound theological college such as Moore College and Sydney Missionary and Bible College.(Although I don't actually reside in Sydney).

Personally I think you are reaching down to the level of those who use gutter language when you publicly admonish those whom may have strayed pragmatically off the straight and narrow. Maybe you should be addressing your concerns one on one with those whom you seek to expose here.

If you are after credentials for me daring to comment - no I don't hold any formal degrees - only a lifetime of sitting under sound presbyterian and reformed teachers.

I note I'm not the only one who finds your approach here less than edifying. As ricky jr. says "Why sully your entries with tasteless humour"? You acknowledged that ricky had a point in your reply... I presume you agreed that your posting sullied your own good reputation as someone who speaks the truth with grace. Why not put the record straight? Your post has encouraged others to add their own spiteful comments about others whom they have theological differences (see John's reply about fundamentalists). What is your intention?

SJ Camp said...


You said, "Maybe you should be addressing your concerns one on one with those whom you seek to expose here."

I have done this as well. I am not seeking to expose anyone--they have done that themselves in numerous public forums of their own.

You said, "If you are after credentials for me daring to comment - no I don't hold any formal degrees"

Not in the slightest. I was wanting context to your comment--that's all. Anyone is welcome at my blog even if we disagree. I have rules here for engagement and all that I ask is people respect those rules enough to honor them so that a meaningful exchange can occur.

You said, "I presume you agreed that your posting sullied your own good reputation as someone who speaks the truth with grace."

Not at all. I have engaged in countless hours of personal and public dialogue with those in the EC movement. You might be new to this area of discussion with those in the EC movement, I am not certain, but sometimes truth can be communicated in powerful way in satirical pictures like these.

Here is my question and challenge for you:

1. Read through the virtual hundreds of pages I have written on this subject before pontificating. It will give you proper context and a depth of biblical foundation that has already taken place on this issue.

2. I repeat my question to you from yesterday, why are you seemingly more outraged about this simple post and the truth it portrays, than what some of the EC leadership is actually saying in regards to scatological speech?

Have you written anything on this subject? Have you confronted them personally and publicly on these same issues? Have you spoken out biblically on this issue so that myself and others can read how you have handled this same kind of practice?

That would be helpful to know...

Thank you again for your comment.

Grace and peace,
2 Cor. 4:5-7

PS - rule #4 states the following, "No anonymous posting allowed. For those who are "confused" about what "no anonymous posting" means let me help you: you must fill out and complete the Blogger bio form on all the essential categories completely (email, blogs, city, state, vocation, etc.) in regards to name: first name only is acceptable-last name can be included at your own discretion. AND, you may only post under one name at a time--no multiple "nicks."

I noticed you have not filled out a blogger bio/profile. As you know who you are speaking too, I only ask the same courtesy in return. Please fill out the blogger profile information and you may continue to post here.

Otherwise, please refrain until you have done so.

Thank you

donsands said...

I remember my dad fixing me a tabasco, mustard, and hot water toddy.

He was a good dad.

I pray the leaders in the Church would speak the Word of God, salted with grace. Col 4:6

SJ Camp said...


Your facts are not correct and your dating completely erroneous.

BUT, you have the right here to say whatever you wish keeping within the rules of this blog.

Rule #4 specifically states that I don't allow anonymous posting here. I want to know who I am speaking to. You failed to fill out any blogger profile whatsoever. Therefore your comment has been deleted until you comply with the rules of engagement here.

When you complete the entire blogger profile then you can comment here once again. Until then, you are not allowed part of the dialogue here.

Thank you,

Robbymac said...


Blogger profiles have been attempted by me, but because I have a different server than Blogger's, if I use their profile, my blog gets messed up completely. I'm not trying to "break the rules".

I have to say, I'm disappointed that you're simply denying what I originally commented on. It was a big discussion item at our Christian college back in the day. I remember it well.

SJ Camp said...


1. The server (or did you mean browser) should not be an issue. Have you tried using Firefox? It is very good. You shouldn't have any problems with completing the blogger profile--it is mandatory here.

2. I did not deny saying an explitive; I said your facts were not correct and your dating of the article was incorrect.

For the Record: the interview that It was quoted in took place in 1987 (Fire and Ice came out in 1982).

I was quoted out of context and it was said "off the record." That particular publication had never printed any expletive in the history of their publication--even when words used by other artists were said on the record.

The decision to print an expletive was made by a first time editor who wanted to be known for being cutting edge, radical and a Christian version of Rolling Stone. It was out of line what he did. The owner of the publication called me personally at home before the issue was released and deeply apologized for that editor's actions. I also immediately printed an apology and a retraction with that publication in the following issue.

What I take exception with Robby is your characterization of one word spoken off the record by me in private and printed without my knowledge as being equal with what Driscoll does on an ongoing basis.

I'm not a legalist.

But when a pastor is in the pulpit (and that is the context here--a pastor preaching God's Word in a church) and still uses scatological speech, degrading humor at the Lord's expense and from time to time cursing - and this is so much a pattern that his own emerging peers refer to him as the cussing pastor, then that is a bit different.

I did repent (even though it was said off the record) and have never used that kind of language publicly in any interview, concert or preaching--ever... Venue does matter and propriety of words is important in ministry.

I hope that clarifies.

Now, fill out the blogger profile or all future comments will be deleted. You have the technology--you can do it.

Roderick_E said...

Good stuff -- & hey Rick, you might want to read Elijah's exchange with the prophets of Baal sometime where he certainly ridiculed them & their beliefs. The postmoderns make a mockery of faith & should be ridiculed.