Friday, October 31, 2008

...a song of reform: Jesus is Our Cornerstone

When I was touring through Europe eleven years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Lutherstadt at Wiitenberg to see the birthplace of the Reformation. I was so moved by all that I saw and read, I penned these words of this song while standing outside Luther's church.

I pray they are a blessing to you today.

Yours for the Master's use,
Col. 1:9-14


You do your best and nothing less
To be blessed - and try to save your soul from death
But it's all work's righteousness you know
You cannot manufacture grace
By self-denial in a religious place, weeping hard upon your face
Or saying prayers to some dead saints you know

It's not through creeds or liturgy
Self-flagellation 'til you bleed, making vows that you can't keep
By mysteries and visions when you dream
It's a narrow way that you must come
To the Father - through the Son, loving Him more than other loves. Family, friends, yourself or anyone


You can not add one thing to Him
To save your soul from the curse of sin
You must loose your life so you may win salvation
Empty-handed, cling to Him

Suffering Servant, Prince of Peace
Lamb of God, Incarnate Deity
Christ died for God at Calvary
Once for all we've been redeemed


The Son of Man gave His life for His own
The Just for the unjust no greater love was ever shown
Our Champion forever now reigns from heaven's throne
And the true gift of salvation is by grace through faith alone


ann_in_grace said...

This was the first song by Steve Camp I heard... I did not know then who was singing it, the only thing I knew was the powerful impact of the message.
Thank you :)

Renee said...

My 7 year old and I have just spent the entire morning studying the Reformation (as much as a 7 year old can understand).

This was a beautiful song to conclude our special study day with.

Thank you for sharing - the words are powerful and so very true.

SJ Camp said...

thank you for your kind remarks. Sola fide IS the gospel. Amen?

We are sinners; but He is a greater Savior!


Carla said...

It is indeed a beautiful song. Thanks for posting this today.

littlegal_66 said...


I love the:
"'Empty-handed,'" cling to Him..."

That's it in a nutshell, isn't it? Throw away your candles, throw away your beads...throw away your crucifix...throw away your filthy al...(you can't really cling to Him if your hands are full of your works, now can you?)
Thanks, bro..

Happy Reformation Day,

P.S. Was "Campo"
a typo? :-)

Anonymous said...


That voice sounds suspiciously familiar!

Happy Reformation Day!

In Christ,


Arthur Sido said...

Amen Steve. I wonder how many Christian have no idea of the significance of October 31 outside of a day to dress up and get candy.

What is that they say about the fate of those who forget history?

Darrin said...

Steve and all,
What saddens me is that, for many of our Protestant churches, celebrating the Protestant Reformation today would likely prove more controversial than Halloween!

Christ's peace to you.

SJ Camp said...

Thank you my brother! I love belting out the doctrines of grace.

SJ Camp said...

Good to have you weigh in on this my friend.

I agree. It's interesting the looks i got tonight with the myriad of kids coming by the house trick or treating when I wished them "Happy Reformation Day..."

Some of the parents got it right away and returned the gesture of faith. Others were a bit perplexed.


SJ Camp said...

What saddens me is that, for many of our Protestant churches, celebrating the Protestant Reformation today would likely prove more controversial than Halloween!


Michele Rayburn said...

This song touches my heart like no other because every one of my relatives are Roman Catholic.

And when I came to know the Lord, it alienated me from my family (except for my Dad), and some of my relatives won't talk to me anymore.

When I go home to New York to visit, I still don't feel welcome there. But I go anyway, because I try to show my love for them, and hope to have an opportunity to share Christ with them.

I led my sister to the Lord, and I may have led my Dad also. And my cousin, when he was dying, I made a special trip to his home in N.Y. and shared the gospel with him. And he believed and was saved.

It was a very special moment. His mom and sisters were in tears. And then his sister asked us to pray for her to be saved too.

Then my cousin asked me to pray for his two young sons to be saved. I remember how they began laughing a little as we prayed for them.

I never saw my cousin again. But about 15 years later, one of his sons wrote me a letter, and said that he remembered my prayers for him that day, and that he now knew the Lord. And so did his new wife.

I may have led a few other relatives to the Lord. But please pray for them. Where they live the gospel is rarely heard.

This beautiful song, Cornerstone, is like an anthem to me that defines the call that I believe the Lord has put on my life as a Christian who was raised in a Roman Catholic home.

The Heretic said...

Hey Steve, great song. I absolutely LOVED Abandoned To God. As a matter of fact I listened to it yesterday. My favorite song (can't remember the title) "Woe to the shepherd who care not for the sheep, who starve us, amuse us, and lul us to sleep."

What powerful words to those who have been called to ministry. Thanks for all your faithfulness to the gospel in teaching and music.

SJ Camp said...

Thank you kindly H-Man!
The song is called The Shepherd.


Susan said...

Great song Steve!!!!


Jessica said...

Thank you for this beautiful song. We call it the sola's song :-)
I am the music director for our church, and I have a soloist who is wanting to perform this, but I am having trouble finding it in CCLI. Is the copyright still owned by Ministry Music? They do not appear to have a contract with CCLI. If you have time, could you please let me know?
Thank you so much.

Tony AbernathySr said...

I have looked everywhere for a recording or video of the song "Cornerstone". can you send me a link? Tony here: I will use this in a youth Bible study class to challenge the youth to not get caught up in the doing but the surrendering. Amen.

Russell Yount said...

There came a time in my life when I knew I had to reject the traditions of man and embrace the Gospel in its fullness. I left Protestantism and became a Roman Catholic. I can't begin to thank God enough for leading me to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. (Russell in Iowa)