Tuesday, September 12, 2006


There is no commentary needed about our remembering of the tragic events of 9/11/01. Here is a heart-wrenching, stirring and impactful four "as it was happening" set of videos/news reports courtesy of CNN from Michelle Malkin and all the incredibly gifted people at Hot Air.com. To view this historic footage, click here.

May I urge you today to pray for the families, especially the children, who suffered tremendous loss during the 9/11 terrorists attacks of five years ago.

Pray also for President Bush and his entire cabinet, members of Congress from both parties, and all of the troops from the various branches of the armed forces for continued wisdom and courage as they faithfully serve a just cause in Iraq and other parts of the world fighting against terror.

In the Sovereignty of God and His Unchanging Truth,
Steve Camp
1 Timothy 2:1-4


Vicki said...

Definitely praying! Thank you for the reminder, and for a blog that faithfully guards the Trust.

donsands said...

Thanks for sharing these videos. I sat with my wife and watched. It's like being in a dream, really. But it's real.
I have a good brother in Christ who has just left for Iraq. He is a marine, and is going to a hot spot.
His name is Sam. If the Lord leads anyone to pray, it would be aprreciated.

candleman said...

Thanks for posting this Steve, there seemed to be not much mentioned of this 5th anniversary of 9/11 in the Christian blogesphere, which saddens me. I thought we would be all over it. We can never forget that horrific day, I am glad you have linked to videos you did, and remembered the victims of September 11, 2001 with this post. I also have written about my feelings five years later at this post Remembering Nine Eleven.

Grace and Peace,


mjbeasley said...

Steve -

I'm thankful for your post here. I've already seen some callous views being presented over the weekend concerning the 9/11 memorial of our nation - but the doctrine of God's sovereignty must never incline us towards a cold-hearted & passive fatalism that fails to show compassion for others. When we weep with those who weep, we show the love, grace, and mercy of the Savior Himself. Again, thanks.

4given said...

Well said, mjbeasley.


Michael Gallaugher said...

It's good to see you address this appropriate topic, Steve. I for one HAVE seen quite a few Christian bloggers (to include myself) post briefly about 9/11 five years later, dispite what others here have seen.

Bhedr said...

We will pray for Sam.

Michele Rayburn said...

Some thoughts about that day.

I’m from Farmingdale, Long Island, New York. I remember as a young girl, about 12 years of age, standing on the sidewalk and looking out on the horizon on a beautiful blue-sky day, and thinking about what a blessed country I lived in where it was so safe and free.

But at the same time I was also wondering why we weren’t a country in turmoil like so many others around the world. And I wondered if our country would become vulnerable someday. I was actually concerned about the type of terrorism we are seeing today.

I came to know the Lord in 1979. And in the early 1990’s, either just before or just after the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, the Lord put it on my heart to continually pray for the Muslim people, for the terrorists, and for the safety of our country.

Several years later I began receiving mail from various ministries from around the world involved in evangelizing the Muslim people. They told me of how the Muslim people were turning to Christ, and that their primary tool to reach them was the “Jesus” movie in their own language. I was amazed at the move of God on these people. It was profound and unprecedented to my knowledge.

I always go to visit my family in New York, and I was making plans to see them in September of 2001, but this time I was filled with anxiety. I never felt like this before. I was going to set the date for September 11, because my Mom and Dad’s anniversary would have been September 12, and so I wanted to be with my Mom that day. But I really felt the Lord pulling me away from that day. So I kept changing the date over and over again, until I settled for August 15 (I believe it was). I finally had some peace.

Back in 1981, Terry and I went to the World Trade Center. We took the elevator to the top of the South Tower, to the roof. I guess they call it the observation deck, took some pictures of us there, and looked out on the magnificent view. It was another beautiful blue-sky day.

My son Michael wanted very much to go to the World Trade Center during our stay in New York. But I told him that we were not going there because of what happened there in 1993, and I was afraid that the terrorists would try again. He was extremely disappointed, but I felt very strongly about it. I felt that it was too soon to be going back there. We saw the Towers for the very last time across the river as we drove into New York. I wanted to take a video of it, but my camera was out of reach and so it was too late. In less than a month from that day, they were gone.

My cousin knew a girl from high school who died there. And when I looked at the names on the internet of those that perished, so many of them were from Long Island, including from my home town. Some names sounded familiar to me. So many Long Islanders commute to Manhattan for work, and so many of the policemen and firemen were from there.

I just thank the Lord for changing our plans for that week. Words cannot express what I feel.

I know now more than ever that we as Christians can minister to the Muslims right where we are, with our fervent prayers. And we can take heart in knowing that the Lord is in control.

donsands said...

"Our fathers' God, to Thee
Author of liberty,
To Thee we sing;
Long may our land be bright
With freedom's holy light,
Protect us by Thy might
Great God, our King."

bhedr, thanks.

4given said...

Thank you for the opportunity to pray for Sam.

donsands said...

Thanks Lisa. I let Sam, and his wife know.
They'll be blessed to know.