Monday, August 15, 2005

Mulligan Monday - Justice Sunday 2
...the cross waves lower than the flag

No long commentary needed today folks. The ECBoys gave the "politically driven life" seminar last night in Nashville, TN at Two Rivers Baptist Church. Grandstanding was the mode of the hour with the Word of God playing second fiddle to "Hill" concerns. This is the expected fruit when Christians playing political advocates allow their passion for combating "judiciary activism" to eclipse the message of God's sovereign authority over the affairs of government and men. Was there prayer offered for those in governing authority (1 Tim. 2:1-4)--no. Was there biblical instruction on this issue and how the church should respond (1 Peter 2:11-17)--no. Was there the presentation of the gospel at the conclusion of the broadcast to repent and come to Christ (Phil. 3:1-10)--no. It was God bless the USA--not "when will the USA bless God?"

Politics is a good vocation for most of these that participated last evening--for faithfulness to the gospel means carrying a cross; but faithfulness to politics means the ability to compromise. And that is what they've become good at; and that is what exactly took place.

Pastor Jerry Sutton of the host church Two Rivers did have some clever and effective quips last evening about liberals and liberalism. One very witty technique he employed was coming up with a series of "short phrase one-liners"—sound bites if you please—answering the sound bites of liberal campaigns and ideology that they have launched as an attack against conservatism. In that spirit, here are a few short one-liners that didn't get shared last evening that I would like to dedicate to "our ecumenical JS2 friends" as a gentle reminder of their duty as Christians: preach the Word; contend for the faith; pray for those in authority; worship the living God; affirm the supremacy and sovereignty of God in government; proclaim the gospel of sola fide; it's the biblical worldview..."stupid;" Romans 13:1-7; 1 Peter 2:11-17; Jeremiah 29:4-9; 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1; and 1 Corinthians 2:2.

Mulligans in generous supply for years to come (I'm afraid) are in order for our JS2 evangelical friends. But wait; usually you only get one mulligan each nine holes? OK, they've used up their share as of today.

There’s a famous saying in golf: “You drive for show, but putt for dough.” Translation: style over substance never wins the day. We only hope and pray that those associated with JS2 would learn it’s not about the rally; it’s about faithfulness to His gospel.

Learning to read the break of the greens…
Grace and peace,
1 Peter 4:15


Bhedr said...

Yes usually you get one mulligan per hole but since when have our Co-be brethren played by the rules.

Perhaps you could invent a ticker that gives a little shock everytime they try to seize extra biblical mulligans.

Bhedr said...

Exqueese me! per nine hole.

Jeremy Weaver said...

That picture reminds me of Miller at the Republican National Convention.
But now he's behind a pulpit, and quite frankly, can probably outpreach a lot of the preachers I know. If you take preaching to mean, screaming at the top of your lungs about how bad America's become, that is.

Reformer said...

Campi... again I cannot believe that any evangelical church would willingly turn the pulpit over to a Catholic activist! What would Martin Luther say? Wha would Christ say? Oh Yeah, they already have spoken on the subject. "Preach the Word" "Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers"

Why are evangelicals so silent on this issue? JS2 is not making any strides politically, people are not embracing it as a whole. But neither is there a great uproar and outcry over the blatant denial and blindness to the clear biblical role of the church and the individual in society!

Thanks for your voice in the wilderness, Campi...

littlegal_66 said...


You are quickly becoming (if not already) America's foremost authority on the ECB movement(especially since you coined the phrase yourself). You're written enough articles, including this one, on the topic to fill a book. So, how 'bout it, Campi? When can we expect your book on the dangers of Evangelical Co-Belligerence to be published? :D

Shawn L said...

I saw some of this on TV,

I totally see the concerns more deeply as Steve Camp had said and seeing it directly has sharpened my concerns.

It is rapidly becoming in the category of the "health and wealth" gospel or "prosperity gospel" in my understanding of the theology of it.

The point is that the faith seemed to be used to gain something other than Christ and His Glory. It's a constant appeal to our rights as Christians.

That's exactly the same as the prosperity gospel which teaches you if you follow Christ you can have what you really want.

I would like to hear other opinions because I could have misunderstood some statements as I was tired and so surprised.

Some other impressions of the event is the constant appeal from the speakers about our "rights" as Christians and the thunderous applause from the audience each time that was brought up. These are appeals to the flesh. I have the rights to take up MY CROSS and follow Him in the path of suffering for the sake of the gospel.

I was so surprised.

GeneMBridges said...

"Out-of-control judges are the biggest threat facing America today,"

Phyllis Schlafly @ 7:06 pm, Two Rivers Baptist Church, Aug.14, 2005

There we have it folks, there's one of the key spokespersons for this movement, in an SBC church, during a worship service telling the people of God what the biggest threat facing America is today.

It's not a church that's lost the gospel. It's not the utter absence of church discipline. It's not the fact that the SBC is actually at a point that when the regeneracy of the denomination's members (or rather the lack thereof) is discussed in Baptist Press people either don't flitch at all or get upset you'd even mention such a thing. It's not the lack biblical literacy and the rampant spiritual immaturity in the Body of Christ being bred by the seeker-sensitive's out of control judges!

We need look no further for what some of these folks really believe. From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Unchained Slave said...

"Those that do not Learn from History - are doomed to Repeat History"

It was Pope John Paul the II, the 'Vicar of Christ on Earth' who in a 1999 ceremony in the Vatican - kissed a copy of the Quaran - a Catholic blessing.

The ECBs are starting down the same road...How long before they too, embrace Rome, and bow to the Quaran?

SJ Camp said...

1 Timothy 2:1-4 should have led the way at JS2. Judges are not the issue here--in fact, their appointment is not determined by polls or the citizenry. They are appointed by the incumbent President and Bush has that right.

But Ann Coulter among many, are concerned about the track record that conservatives have in the appointment of Supreme Court Judges. It is miserable (seven out of nine current justices were appointed by Republican Presidents, but only three have consistently represented conservative opinions in the Court.

How are we as Christians to respond to Judicial Activism from the Supreme Court? Biblically, we are to pray for them that the Lord will direct them to act righteously and justly in their God-appointed position (Prov. 21:1; Rom. 13:1-3). We are to submit to their authority as faithful citizens and as Christians until they command us to do something God prohibits or prohibit us from doing something God commands--then we obey God rather than man. Our duty to the Law of God--the Word of God must not be compromised by acting in an unruly manner against the judges; or by acting cowardly by not obeying the Word of the Lord.

May I encourage all of us this day to pray for these current judges; for the confirmation or not of Judge Roberts; for wisdom for our President and the confirmation hearings; and pray that the church will be the church in doing her duty in serving the Lord once again.

SJ Camp
1 Cor. 9:16