Thursday, July 24, 2008

...where faith and culture collide

In the highly charged, politically sensitive environment affecting the church today, "an ecumenical movement" has gradually surfaced within Christianity, crossing all denominational lines, advocating political remedies to correct the moral maladies facing our nation. This is an effort in futility. Well-meaning, but confused, evangelical leaders are attempting to accomplish this societal moral sea-change absent of the gospel of Jesus Christ (sola fide, sola gratia, solus Christus) and the authority of God's Word (sola scriptura). Because of the biblical vacuum that exists within ECB, here is how The Ten Commandments could be rewritten for today to champion their philosophy of co-belligerence. (Though written in a "tongue in cheek" manner, it is a sad - heartrending reality that Christianity is now known in government circles by political policy, rather than by the preaching and ministry of the gospel--"Jesus Christ and Him crucified.")

1. Thou shalt keep all family values and moral/social causes continually before you
2. Thou shalt not let the Word of God, doctrine, theology, truth, or the gospel of Jesus Christ keep you from “standing together” with anyone to reach our goal of impacting our culture by returning it back to moral traditional values through legislation, judicial process, and co-belligerent partnerships
3. Thou shalt remember the Lord's Day and keep it political; rename it by changing it from the Lord's Day to "Justice Sunday." Be sure to substitute the worship of God; the preaching of His Word; prayer; the heralding of the gospel, turning the Sunday evening worship service into a political rally; making certain you feature non-Christians from different faith-based groups to share the pulpit and platform to insure a wide tolerant political religious ideological appeal
4. Thou shalt not take the name of family value/moral causes in vain; but use every social cultural political co-belligerent means necessary to strong arm politicians to win the day
5. Thou shalt honor thy senator and thy congressman as long as they stand for what we tell them to stand for (this is the first commandment with a vote)
6. Thou shalt boycott, protest and petition against all who act immorally and who try to filibuster judicial Presidential appointees
7. Thou shalt fault, criticize and belittle unsaved people for living like unsaved people given every opportunity possible. It’s OK for them to remain unsaved people, but they just can’t live like they're "too unsaved."  (They can be unsaved, but just can’t be outwardly gay; they can be unsaved, but just can’t be vocally pro-choice; they can be unsaved, but just can’t believe in euthanasia; they can even remain unsaved, but must be for a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage)
8. Thou shalt faithfully turn the body of Christ into The Pope’s Political Action Committee (TPPAC): The Lord's Lobbyists; Value Voters, Patriot Pastors; the Largest Special Interest Group in America; and most importantly, Christocrats.
9. Thou shalt not do anything to shrink the mailing list of any Para-church ministry for three things are always necessary for success: donations, donations, donations.
10. Thou shalt always remember to keep your primary focus on the family and not on the faith


The Man said...

That was awesome. You really nailed it.

Lucas Defalco said...


Talk like that is only going to help Barack Obama get elected! Who's side are you on?

*wink wink* *nudge nudge*

Lucas Defalco

SJ Camp said...

Here is a clue: his middle name isn't Hussein.

BUT, Obama might win if enough evangelicals stop thinking and vote with their emotions and not with their minds.

This election matters. But the ultimate hope for anyone is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The solution for all moral maladies within our culture is regeneration through Christ. And at the same time, may we as responsible citizens operating from a biblical worldview, vote for the candidate that represents what is good, moral , right and true.

And that isn't B. Hussein Obama.

J. K. Jones said...

Good post, Mr. Camp.

The Christian Church has larger issues to contend with than political reform. We are fighting the “war” for the earthly rule of the country more so that the real war for the souls of the nation.

I a real sense, the winner of the next presidential election does not matter. What does? The conquest of the hearts of men through the sharing of the gospel in God’s Word.


Brian said...


Arthur Sido said...

Excellent brother.

A funny list but sobering as well, living in a world where the Gospel is used as a marketing opportunity by some and as a political action committee by others. Number 7 is especially pertinent, as it is always easier to rail against "those sinners out there" rather than to call to repent "these sinners in here".

Deb_B said...

Thank you, SJC, as always, for boldly putting forth these points.

While in many quarters here the church is becoming more known for her political activism and voting block, etc., flying almost under the proverbial radar is the fact that it goes not so well for our brothers and sisters in the modern day "Smyrna" type situations.

China is sweeping and imprisoning home pastors/teachers ahead of the Olympics there next month.

Though he is appealing, Chinese Pastor Zhang Zhongxin has been arrested and sentenced to two years of "re-education through labor".

A Chinese home church leader, Hau, and all his family, including a 90 year old relative, along with all possessions, were recently literally thrown out of their apartment into the street with zero warning by the Chinese government. Hau will be detained until at least September 30th, or, until well after the Olympics are concluded and related visitors and athletes are gone.

As the family, some of whom were severely beaten during the forced eviction, search for housing, a Christian family has taken them in.

The list goes on and on in far corners of our globe. Because He first loved me, I love my brothers and sisters in the collective Body of Christ here in America, but I am growing more and more troubled at the contrast.

Thanks again, Campi, and to all my brothers and sisters who stand firm as unto the Lord, for His glory.