Tuesday, July 15, 2008

...priests on wheels


"Fleets of CC-Mobiles, new roving confession and Communion trucks, are plying neighborhoods in Mexico and the U.S. "When I heard the tinkling music, I thought it was the ice cream man, so I sent the kids out with money," says Maria Gonzalez. "Then I saw a priest at the wheel. He invited us into the truck to have brightly-colored Communion wafers and confess anything we needed to confess. I have to admit, it was convenient." This is where faith's "rubber meets the road."

Church growth experts are way behind the curve on this new innovation for pastoral ministry. Maybe groups like the ECM will soon adopt this as well?

Hope this puts a little levity in your day :-).

-this has been an encore presentation-


Bhedr said...


Bhedr said...

Still LOL

AuthenticTruth said...

I wonder if they are going to sell franchises?

Joe L. said...

Campi said:

"PS - Hope this puts a little levity in your day :-). -campi."

You, sir, have succeeded! :)


ephphatha said...

LOL! This is the funniest thing I've seen all day!

Phil Johnson said...

I think they stole this idea from our old friend, Pastor Hugh:

Church of the Open Road

Paula said...
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Paula said...

Funny but scary. Can you imagine a pedophile priest roaming the neighborhood in what looks like an ice cream truck!?!

Jus Divinum said...

OK, I agree: this is the mulligan to end all mulligans :-)

DYEGYE1000 said...

Nice... Priestmobile anybody? It now comes standard with a handy dandy holy water dispenser. Ideal for the priest on the go, be the job baptism or excorcism. Nice one Campi.

Anonymous said...

Since it was communion wafers should that be putting a little UNlevity in our day?

Anonymous said...

Didn't see that one coming.

Imagine how the blind athiest jonesing for some ice cream must feel.

SJ Camp said...

Since it was communion wafers should that be putting a little UNlevity in our day?


Line of the day man... Really great!

SJ Camp said...

Imagine how the blind athiest jonesing for some ice cream must feel.

Didn't see this before commenting to JM.

Another incredible line!!! OK, tied for comment of the day. If we have a sudden death comment overtime, the winner will get a free round trip to Rome to visit the Vatican... (Just Kidding).

You guys are too quick-witted.

Great stuff... thanks for making my day.

Believing Thomas said...

Maybe I'm a little sensitive to this, but I see this and it makes me think of the pedophilia problem the RCC has... kids running outside, thinking it's ice cream time?


Anonymous said...

"A 95 Theses??? No but we have a 99 flake with raspberry topping"

(u may have to be english)

gigantor1231 said...


Tetzel would have loved this!

littlegal_66 said...

Anyone remember McCartney's "Helen Wheels?" ;-)

Sorry--(I'm putting myself in "time-out" for that one).

SJ Camp said...

Very good LOL!

39 flavors OR; 39 hail Mary's. :-).

Tetzel would have charged you more... before the truck actually pulled up. :-)

Good pun. Glad you didn't choose Let It Be or Hells Bells or anything Sinad O'Conner :-).

littlegal_66 said...

All "Larknews levity" aside, check out this "ministry" link.......who knew?

Michele Rayburn said...

I was just reminded of how when I was a young girl, and a Roman Catholic at the time, when I had to go to Confession, sometimes I wouldn't have any sins to confess for that week (or at least, so I thought!). So I would have to think up sins to tell the Priest, sins that I didn't commit, just so I'd have something to tell him.


Anonymous said...

I hate to rain on everyone's parade, but this news story is actually satirical. You can check out the disclaimer of the site putting out the parody news piece here:

- The Pilgrim

SJ Camp said...

The Pilgrim
Yes... I know. All of LarkNews is a tongue and cheek satirical approach to news. I really like those guys.

Sorry to anyone here who took me literally or didn't realize it was a spoof.

Truth in jest,

Joel said...

I'm kind of sorry it IS a spoof, at least as far as the rolling confessional idea. Maybe people would actually go to confession if it came to them.

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