Thursday, January 02, 2014

...when the applause of hell becomes the blind delight of evangelicalism

1. When men of God abandon the preaching of the gospel to become "social engineers and would be politicians" consumed with the temporary affairs of society

When the preaching of God's Word is substituted with relational anecdotal experience, personal happiness programs, health and wealth gospel, and human potentiality makeovers

When pastors no longer shepherd God's people and the pulpits become playgrounds

When psychology replaces biblical discipleship

When men of God are flattered to become "late night talk show guests" on cultural and spiritual issues, but never once open up the Bible to develop their answers; or call the nation, other guests, or the talk show host to repentance by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation; they've simply become culturally acceptable biblical motivational speakers thinking that access to mainstream media means they are making an impact

When the vicar of Rome is acknowledged as the vicar of Christ

When sin is called sickness; when disobedience is called disease; and when adultery is called addiction

When money becomes a prerequisite for ministry by charging people for the gospel, worship, discipleship, counseling, evangelism, etc.

When we are liked by all people; when the world is not offended by the message we represent and flatters us for being "relevant and nice"

When church becomes something we only do one hour a week on one day a week

When prayer becomes the seldom thing we do

When brothers and sisters hold ought against each other in bitterness and unforgiveness

When church discipline of sin ceases

When irreconcilable differences becomes an acceptable reason to break the covenant of marriage

When the goal of faith is no longer holiness, but happiness

When the object of faith is no longer Christ, but self

When the foundation of faith is no longer the Scriptures, but my personal experience

When error is tolerated and accepted as truth

When Christians partner with nonbelievers in the work of the ministry

When ministries are enticed to give up their autonomy and become owned by the world for just a little more money and a little more personal promotion

When the worship and glory of God is treated as entertainment

When the church bows the knee to the seminaries and surrenders her God-given duty of primary authority to train men for pastoral ministry (2 Tim. 2:1-2). Academic schools of religious learning make students - but not men of God.

When men personally profit from the sale of God's Word

When repentance from sin, justification by faith, the law, the active and passive obedience of Christ, penal substitutionary atonement, are no longer considered part of the gospel

When salvation is no longer proclaimed as being by grace alone, through faith alone, because of Christ alone, on the Word alone, to the glory of God alone

When partnering with Romanism, Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses, Church of Christ (Bostonian), Seventh Day Adventists, Islamic moralists, Atheists, Agnostics, etc., by divorcing the centrality of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ from their burden for social change, and therefore, indirectly legitimize them as being "morally sound and culturally chaste" by naive evangelical leaders who have forgotten their heritage, sold their spiritual birthright, and have abandoned sound doctrine for the sole purpose of establishing politically-correct alliances in order to try and turn back the tide of moral decay through cultural co-belligerence.

When the offense of the cross is removed for cultural acceptance, media accessibility and endorsement

28. When the gospel is contextualized rather than being contended for, proclaimed and heralded

29. When the sacred desk is no longer used for biblical exposition, but for comedic stand up by ribald raconteurs who delight in smutty humor, foul language, graphic sensuality, and using the Lord's name as a punchline for their jokes

30. When the Word of God is not clearly taught, explained, exegeted, exposited, or preached from the pulpits of every true gospel church around the world

31. When picketing sinners is more acceptable than loving sinners

32. When "God is my girlfriend" songs are considered expressions of biblical worship; and the use of secular music defines our praise

33. When the denial of the One Triune God of the Bible in three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - coequal, coeternal and coexisting from all eternity is considered orthodox teaching

34. And when the certainty of hell, eternal judgment, divine wrath, and everlasting perdition is considered myth


Jeremy Weaver said...

I just had to comment on this post. You are like John the Baptist (Bible Fellowshipist?) in your willingness and unreserve in the proclamation of truth. Thank you. To the rest of you who read this blog I must say, 'Don't just read over these posts and go to the next. Think about what Steve is saying and then be a Berean. I think you'll find that 97.64785638% (I've done the math) of the time he's right.

Jeremy Weaver said...

Oh yeah, is that a picture of a Pyromaniac?

SJ Camp said...

NO "Pyromaniac" in that photo... Pretty good line though Jeremy :-).

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement! I do not take them lightly. May the Lord be glorified in all we do for His name sake.

Guard the Trust...
Grace and peace,

Unknown said...

You know, it does kind of look like a cross between the DividingLiner & the Pyromaniac. Campi's been having too much fun with PhotoShop. :-)

Chris Meirose said...

That's sooo funny, I thought of Phil J right away too!

Big Chris

Carla Rolfe said...


I've read this before, and nodded silently in affirmation. Earlier today I was a church's website and scanned every page, every link, every resource, and found not 1 mention of the name of Christ, nor the gospel. Not one. A few mentions of God, a few mentions of the Bible, but not a single mention of Jesus. Not a single mention of why He came, how He suffered, what it all means, and/or what is expected of us, as a result. Nothing about that on their webpage at all.

Instead, I found a description of the "engaging" worship services, being compared in ways to a vibrant rock concert. Weekly meetings designed to help seekers grow. Art galleries, 'gatherings' and very cool music & drama presentations.

Some of the most self-absorbed garbage I've run across in a while.

And Christian(?) people keep embracing it.

It, being of course, the emerging church movement.

Timely article - thank you. I'll be running along now to be culturally relevant. Ugh.

SDG - Carla

BlackCalvinist aka G.R.A.C.E. Preecha said...

As usual.... thanks for being Elijah, Steve.

*cutting and pasting onto secular message boards I frequent*

Don't worry, I'll include a link back here. :)

Nathan White said...

Right on Mr. Camp. Thanks for the discernment.
But unfortunately you just indicted the vast majority of the visible church. Is the end near? Or will all this apathy and neglect of the scriptures stimulate us to “contend for the faith” with greater urgency than in recent history? I pray that through faithful men like you the Lord will bring about the latter.

(P.S. #9 is mentioned very bluntly by our Lord in Luke 6:26).


Anonymous said...

Wow, I totally agree with your list of things that bring Satan pleasure. I am on a mission to grow and use my site to plant seeds for the kingdom. I recently wrote a post on my site relating to #5 on your list. Check it out by copying and pasting the following in your address bar:

I got alot of response from my readers on this topic. Drop by and leave a comment sometime! I'm adding you to my blogroll! Keep bloggin' for Jesus!

Your Sister In Christ,

Efrayim said...

Jeremy is right. Look carefully at what is presented here. And then find out what Scripture says about it. And, most importantly, not what someone has told you Scripture says, but what is actually written.
Unqualified sentences compel us to fill in the missing information for ourselves. And we will do that based on our understanding, wherever that may have come from.
Consider the following statement:

"18. When error is tolerated and finally accepted as truth"

This should bring up some questions. Like,
What error(s)? Where did they come from? Who tolerated these errors and for how long? Who accepted them as truth and then taught others that they were true? And when and why did those "others" accept these errors as truth?

Thinking of the non-Christian cults and their bizarre beliefs? Why? Perhaps we should look closer to home since those bizarre cult people aren't the target audience for this blog.

Have errors been mixed into the body of Christ? Who brought and taught them? Who accepted them and why? Are we living with them today and are unaware of their presence and influence?
Something to think about.

Hi Jeremy! Good to see you again.



dlytle said...

WOW! That hits the very center of the bullseye. I thank God for your boldness in being faithful to the truth.

Unknown said...

35. When man-made furniture is called a "sacred desk." (For that matter, when a building is called a "house of God.") I'm sure Satan takes joy at that sort of idolatry.

SJ Camp said...

"35. When man-made furniture is called a "sacred desk." (For that matter, when a building is called a "house of God.") I'm sure Satan takes joy at that sort of idolatry."

Idolatry only happens when something supplants the worship of the One Triune God; and God is replaced by an object of their own vain imagination and design (i.e. the golden calf). Idolatry occurs then when one worships the creation rather than the Creator (Roms. 1:18-23).

That is clearly not the case here.

The reason that the Puritans referred to the pulpit as the "sacred desk," it was the place where the Word of God was expounded. They had a very high view of Scripture and gave it the honor it deserved. IOW, they took the preaching of the Word seriously and not casually as many do today.

Unknown said...


Excellent insight as always. God Bless.

In Christ,

Ricky Rickard, Jr.

glip said...

16 and
Can you say "Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen"? Totally what came to mind there. I feel sick to my stomach for those that depend on these folks for their "spiritual bread" and feel they've found their heroes that are going to make themselves feel better..not realizing they're just further being taken advantage of; not to mention being totally deceived in the process. Please God rescue those swearing allegiance to Joel, Joyce, and Jakes!

rosemarie said...

So well put. I was emailing a prayer from Valley of Vision to a friend, and it occurs to me the closing of the prayer fits this post.

Lord, grant that my religion may not be occasional and partial,
but universal, influential, effective and may I always continue in thy words as well as they works,
so that I may reach my end in peace.

Unknown said...

Those 34 points were awesome Steve!However I need some clarity on
no.22.Isn't Bible seminary good
for pastoral training?

Gunnar said...

"gccossio said...
Those 34 points were awesome Steve! However I need some clarity on
no.22.Isn't Bible seminary good for pastoral training?"

Teachers can only make students/disciples. That is a part of the "Great Commission" given to all believers (Mat. 28:19,20). It is the Holy Spirit who makes pastors (Romans 12, Ephesians 4, 1Corinthians 12), and it is only in the sheepfold that He can truly teach a man how to be a shepherd.

SJ Camp said...

gccosio and gunnar

I should clarify a bit more.

Seminaries can provide good education (especially in the languages); but becoming a pastor takes more than just academic training. In fact, I would argue that the crucible in which men of God are truly "born" to serve the Lord and His people in pastoral ministry IS the local church (2 Tim. 2:1-2).

Does that mean that we should chuck the seminaries into the nearest lake and avoid them entirely? Of course not. But it does mean that the pastors and elders at the local church level should be the ones mentoring and training future leaders for their church with the seminaries being viewed as supplemental in the process and not primary.

Thanks for your comment and I will rewrite #22 to reflect that balance with a bit more clarity.

Grace and truth,

Speaking Truth said...

What an awesome post. This should be required reading for every member in the Body today.

God's Word is being "pimped" and twisted for selfish gain - if we stand up to them, then how can we stand up for Him.

Keep Preaching!

Speaking Truth,

Speaking Truth said...

I meant to say "if we don't stand up to them..."

Dawg Doc said...

35. When we leave the poor, the sick, and the elderly to fend for themselves as we pursue pleasure and riches rather than the truth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

BTW Steve, I love your insights, have all your CD's and really miss hearing you. May God bless you richly as you serve Him.



The Seeking Disciple said...

Amen, Amen, and Amen! How this must break the heart of God as he watches the Church trying to keep up with the world instead of preaching the gospel to the world.

christianbookworm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keith said...

Quick question: I was just asked if Satan can take pleasure in anything since he is separated from fellowship with God.

Unknown said...

It is so wonderful that you are continuing to contend for the faith!
I read a thesis you did years ago on contemporary Christian music and it too, was "right on the ball!"

As a youtuber (cavies4ever), I leave numerous comments on youtube vids to warn wayward Christians of the dangers of emergent church, soaking prayer, etc. etc., but only to have it fall on deaf ears.
I feel like I have to "witness to Christians" if you can believe it!

Making disciples of the nations is our mandate, not emotionalism and "new revelations" of "open heavens". It is unbelievable what is infiltrating the church before our very eyes! (But Jesus told us this would all happen.)

Be blessed, Steve.

Mary said...

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donsands said...

Satan is powerful to deceive. He and all his devils are liars, and fathers of liars.
They can tell you snow is black and they can make souls believe it.
Paul tells us to on guard; be watchful. Put the armour on for this warfare. If I could i would climb in a tank and fight this prince of the powers of the air.
And though all this is true, he has power over a Christian who is the sovereign grip of the Almighty Abba Father, and clothed in the robe of Christ our brother.

Great post my good brother. Keep on!

donsands said...

"He has NO power" I meant to type.

He can bruise us, but his head is crushed.68626328

PuritanD said...


Thank you for the post and the challenge it presents. Your desire to battle co-belligerence is exemplary and I must say that many have no idea what that is and why it is so important.

I had a discussion with a fellow believer once on that issue and he was up in arms that I would think it is such a problem. Yet, I do believe that it is a prominent problem that needs to be repeated over and over again.

And I do appreciate your help in this area when I and others have asked for guidance on it.

Great post and wonderful reminder.

PuritanD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
oldbaldguy said...

Dear Steve: Well said, my friend. My wife and I pastor a small country church here in southern Ontario. Even in smaller communities, it is a never-ending challenge to motivate people to take the high road of integrity and boldness summed up so well in this blog. It is so refreshing to see and hear this stand by so prominent a spokesperson! As you know, when we get weary, there is nothing like the Word to encourage us...and unflinching and unbending words from others in the faith! May the Lord richly bless you, your family and ministry. Thanks also for so many years of wonderful music! Doug Torrance husband of the prettiest Sr. Pastor in the County!

oldbaldguy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve Finnell said...


The thought process of some Christians is puzzling to say the least. Why do some believers in Christ question that God has the power to guide men to translate Bibles that are inerrant, trustworthy, accurate, faultless, reliable, infallible.

Some of the same Christians who believe the following miracles of the Bible, doubt that God can produce an inerrant translation of the Bible.

They believe that Aaron's staff became a serpent. (Exodus 7:10-12) However they do not believe that translations of the Bible are trustworthy.

They believe Jesus was resurrected from the dead. (John 21:14) However they do not agree that Bible translations are inerrant.

They believe that the dead man Elisha stood up on his feet. (2 Kings 13:20-21) However they doubt that Bible translations are infallible.

They believe Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead. (John 11:37-44) However they do not affirm that Bible translations are reliable.

They believe that God turned Lots wife into a pillar of salt. (Genesis 19:26) However they are not convince that God has given us a translation of the Bible that is accurate.

Even those who state that the King James translation is the only accurate translation, believe that Mark 16:16 does mean what is says: They say "Has been baptized shall be saved" actually means, "Has already been saved before they were baptized." The assert that Acts 2:38 actually means "Be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ because your sins have already been forgiven." They really do not trust the KJV either.

Ninety-nine percent of the Bible translations are accurate, trustworthy, inerrant translations of God's word.

A few of my favorites are New American Standard Bible, King James Version, New King James Version, English Standard Version, and New International Version. There are also many other reliable translations.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for this great article. I will pass it on to others.

Sadly, the poisonous rot of false teaching and ungodly worship has seeped into many (if not most) churches here in Australia. It would seem that no denomination has been spared! Thankfully there is much evidence of the Holy Spirit's awesome work, regardless of the abysmal state of the visible church.

Just a heads up... I can't seem to access the 107 Thesis links on your web page.Not sure if it's me or the site.

Blessings in Christ, Sherryn

Anonymous said...

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